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Watching Batting Practice at Minute Maid Park — What You Need to Know

Watching Batting Practice at Minute Maid Park — What You Need to Know

The opportunity for any sports fan to watch batting practice of their favorite team is a memory worthy of videography

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment for some to get autographs of their favorite baseball player and even show off their baseball tattoos to the people who inspired them. 

Fortunately for you baseball fans, Minute Maid Park has batting practice for its home team, The Astros, where fans can create priceless memories. Let’s talk about how to watch them practice!

Can I watch the batting practice at Minute Maid Park?

Anyone can watch batting practice at Minute Maid Park. However, because batting practice begins before the stadium gates even open, fans can only see a part of batting practice.

Don’t break your back trying to jump over the gates, though, because if you do, you might have to go to the chiropractor

In general, batting practice typically lasts 45 to 50 minutes per team, so there’s still time for you to capture the perfect photo of your favorite baseball player making a hit. 

What time do the Minute Maid Park stadium gates open?

The stadium gates at Minute Maid Park open two hours before the scheduled game.  Even though batting practice usually begins two and a half hours before the game starts, the home team will be on the field by the time the stadium gates open. 

So, cut your trip to the barber shop or hair salon short if you don’t want to miss batting practice. 

Where can I park for Minute Maid Park?

Minute Maid Park offers a variety of parking options with different prices ranging from $9.00 to even $50.00 on the day of the game. 

Diamond Lot is considered one of the closest parking lots and cheapest. If purchasing on game day, the parking tickets are $10.00. 

Who goes first at Minute Maid Park’s batting practice?

Typically, the home team takes batting practice first. Afterward, the visiting team will do their batting practice. 

Most of the time, the teams stick to a routine, but sometimes the length of batting practice varies day-to-day. 

Do I need a ticket to watch the batting practice?

To enter Minute Maid Park, you do need a baseball game ticket. However, you do not need an additional ticket to watch batting practice.

Where is the best place to sit and watch the batting practice?

The deep right field is a great place to sit to get a bird’s eye view of batting practice. 

Walk up the stairs towards the right field. There should be a spacious standing area with a bar next to Killen’s BBQ. Watching from here would give you a perfect 20/20 vision view. 

If I get hungry during batting practice, Is there food available to purchase?

Yes, there are various delicious meals to try at Minute Maid Park. From their house-smoked turkey to their fried bread pudding–there is something to suit everyone’s taste buds.

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