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Beautiful Museums to Visit in Houston

Beautiful Museums to Visit in Houston

As an adult, we would think that there are fewer ways to rediscover our creative side – but fortunately, we are mistaken.

Museums, for one, are one of the best places to renew our perspectives, and ignite our appreciation for the arts. Also, they’re one of the best places to take photos (Row27 – photographers houston Houston), or simply visit with a couple of friends.

It may even be a great place to go for a day date or spend some family time.

There are a good number of beautiful museums to visit in Houston, so let’s go over the best ones today.

Museum of Fine Art

If you’re looking for an expansive collection of art work from various eras and continents, then it’s high time you pay a visit to the Museum of Fine Art. 

On display are paintings and sculptures from the Renaissance and those with modern styles. It even features African, European, and Pre-Columbian pieces, furniture, and decorative art. 

The complex consists of two buildings, so there is so much to explore and learn about. If it’s your first time visiting, we recommend you sign up for their gallery tours.

The Menil Collection

Another wonderful place you can visit for free is The Menil Collection, whose building was designed by renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano.

Not only is this a great work of architecture showcasing the beauty of well-lighted museum interiors, but it also houses antique art pieces for various styles. This includes Byzantine, Surrealist, Abstract, Contemporary, and Modern Art.

Furthermore, its collection includes many works of Max Ernst. Its campus also includes the well-known Rothko Chapel, which is definitely a must-see.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

An ultimate crowd-favorite, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is not only the most visited and most popular; it also contains a great collection of bones, artifacts, jewelry, and fossils from prehistoric times.

Through their guided tour, enjoy the best that the curated past has to offer. Our particular favorite is the Hall of Paleontology, where dinosaur skeletons are well-assembled and displayed.

This is a great place to bring family and friends too, and is a great hit with kids.

Space Center Houston

For all lovers of space travel and science fiction, the official visitor center of the NASA in Houston is once again inviting for tours.

Witness great feats of science and engineering as you explore replicas of shuttle carriers, old rockets, and space stations like the Skylab in this museum. Visitors can also learn more about future space travel plans for the future. 

This place will totally have you geeking out.

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

One of the best displayed collections of art pieces representing the times, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston is worth the visit.

Including regional, national, and international art, this museum continues to host exhibitions with the participation of educational programs and scholarly publications. If you want to renew your perspective on creativity, you should spend the weekend strolling its halls.

We think this is definitely a great place to bring your artsy significant other

Holocaust Museum Houston

Art is not only a reflection of humanity, but also of all the struggles that brought us to where we are. That said, the Holocaust Museum is a good display of remembrance and grief over the plight of the jews during WW2.

A quick visit remains free to both members and visitors, but once you exceed the 30 minute time, a small fee is required. This is the fourth largest museum in the country, so we do suggest paying the fee and taking your time with the exhibitions.

Also, prepare to have your heart wrenched when joining the tour and learning about the different stories during this time.

The Children’s Museum of Houston

The last on our list is the Disney world counterpart for clever and bright children with their equally curious parents. This children’s museum is open to people of all ages, and babies under the age of one can get in for free.

A weekend at the Children’s Museum of Houston spent with family is most ideal. This postmodernist beacon of learning and creativity has a lot of activities to engage visitors all day long, so you’re in for a fun ride.

This is also a top pick for field trips and outreach programs. If you have tickets reserved at 9:00am on Monday, you’re secured with a free tour every thursday!

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