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Top 7 Picks for Best Botox Clinics in Houston

Top 5 Picks for Best Botox Clinics in Houston

How We Picked the Best Botox Clinics in Houston

Good Reviews and Reputation – Whether it’s through online commentary or recommendations, it is essential to choose a Botox clinic with a good record of satisfied patients and clients.
Certified and Licensed – Given the rise of the beauty industry, many cosmetic clinics have started to offer botox services. Make sure that you choose a clinic with licensed professionals to conduct the procedure properly.
Effective Care Methods – Don’t hesitate to inquire about before and after care methods needed when you do get your Botox treatment, and if your chosen clinic provides them.
Sanitation and Comfort – A clean and comfortable clinic can not only make you feel secured and safe, but is also a guarantee that you are with a clinician that keeps your welfare at top priority.
Responsiveness and Amenability – Deciding to get Botox is rarely an impulsive decision, so choose a Botox clinic that is kind enough to accommodate your inquiries and quell your worries.

1. DermaTouch RN

DermaTouch RN' Homepage

Services: Health and Wellness Services, Medical Spa Services, Laser Treatments, Injectables and Fillers, Skin Rejuvenation Treatments, and Face and Body Contouring

Website: https://www.dermatouchrn.com/

Address: 13725 Falba Rd, Houston, TX 77070, United States

Contact Details: +1 281-206-0013

Operating Hours: 

Weekdays: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Saturdays: 9:00am – 2:00pm

Sundays: CLOSED  

Google Reviews Score4.9/5
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.8/5
Total Reviews4.7/5
Score Consistency4.7/5
Good Reviews and Reputation4.8/5
Certified and Licensed5/5
Effective Care Methods5/5
Sanitation and Comfort4.8/5
Responsiveness and Amenability4.5/5


  • Offers Botox and DySport
  • Has flexible repayment and financing options
  • Competitive rates and up-to-date treatments
  • Licensed practitioners
  • Effective before and aftercare practices


  • Closed on Sundays
  • Relatively pricey rates
  • Not as responsive to inquiries

Derma Touch RN is a laser and skin care clinic specializing in minimal to non-invasive treatments that improve beauty, and in turn, boost self esteem.

Their practices are in tune with the trends of the times, as well as the current market for aesthetics. They offer competitive rates and also ensure that their facility is maintained at a high sanitation standard.

They are a Botox clinic in Houston that also offers Dysport as an alternative. These treatments are closely monitored by their licensed practitioners, ensuring the effectiveness.

What we see that sets this clinic apart is how they include the before and after images in their marketing. This shows us that they aim to show results, and have their clients observe good after-care practices.

We also appreciate how DermaTouch reaches for a compromise with their clients in need of financial assistance. They have financing options like flexible repayment, making their rates more affordable.

If you are thinking of getting aesthetic services regularly, this clinic offers a membership that comes with exclusive perks and discounts. Given that their clinic also has a shop, you also save up on their retail items.

We do note that their rates can get expensive without the membership discount. Still, reviews show that many of their clients get the bang for their buck when they chose DermaTouch RN.

2. Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine

Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine' Homepage

Services: Body Contouring, Botox and Fillers, Facials, Weight Loss, Laser Treatments

Website: https://www.antiageinstitute.com/

Address: 3120 SW Freeway Service Rd Suite 400, Houston, TX 77098, United States

Contact Details: +1 713-807-1000

Operating Hours: 

Weekdays: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Weekends: CLOSED

Google Reviews Score4.9/5
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.6/5
Total Reviews4.6/5
Score Consistency4.6/5
Good Reviews and Reputation5/5
Certified and Licensed5/5
Effective Care Methods4.5/5
Sanitation and Comfort5/5
Responsiveness and Amenability4.8/5


  • Offers a guide on what treatment to get
  • Many alternatives to Botox; a good number of services
  • Consistently positive reputation and feedback
  • Unique skin care items; trendy procedures
  • Well-sanitised facility


  • Early booking to secure a spot
  • Closed during weekends
  • Relatively expensive rates

Among the most established skin medicine clinics is the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa. Given the clinic’s good reputation, this is certainly one of the best places to go for a botox treatment.

The clinic requires an early booking to secure an appointment, and their staff can guide you through the various services they offer. 

The establishment offers a number of procedures from non-invasive to invasive treatments. If you’re not sure what to get, they have an accessible treatment guide on how to resolve certain skin problems.

But, if you’re affixed to only getting a Botox filler, then this place is a reliable choice. They also offer Juvederm, Juvederm Voluma, and other facials and injectables.

The Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa is owned by a registered and licensed physician. They maintain the sanitation of their facility at a premium standard, thus keeping clients comfortable and safe.

Given that the clinic is among the most established Botox clinics in Houston, we cannot deny that their rates are relatively expensive. However, the quality of their work guarantees clients’ get the value of their money.

Furthermore, their shop also sells exclusive and unique skin care items. So this can be quite the haven if you like to shop for these types of things.

That said, feel free to make your inquiries during the weekdays.

3. Basu Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery

Services: Health and Wellness Services, Plastic Surgery, and (Nonsurgical)

Website: https://www.basuplasticsurgery.com/


Basu Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery: C. Bob Basu, MD
9899 Towne Lake Parkway, Suite 100
Cypress, Texas 77433
(713) 799-2278

Basu Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery: C. Bob Basu, MD
1700 Post Oak BLVD, Suite 1-280
Houston, Texas 77056
(713) 799-2278

Contact Details: (713) 799-2278

Operating Hours: 

Weekdays: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Saturdays to Sundays: Closed

Google Reviews Score4.9/5
Birdeye Reviews Score5/5
Aedit Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews4.7/5
Score Consistency4.9/5
Good Reviews and Reputation5/5
Certified and Licensed5/5
Effective Care Methods4.5/5
Sanitation and Comfort5/5
Responsiveness and Amenability5/5


  • Wide range of services offered
  • Convenient and luxurious facilities
  • Excellent reputation in the industry
  • Reasonable and affordable pricing


  • Closed on weekends

We just had the most fabulous experience at Basu Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery. This high-end cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic is an absolute game-changer, and we’re impressed.

Whether we’re yearning for a nose that slays, a jawline that could cut through glass, or those dreamy curves we’ve always desired, Basu Aesthetics has got us covered. 

They offer a vast range of procedures, from liposuction to breast augmentations, all delivered by a team of talented and skilled professionals. It’s like walking into a candy store for body transformations.

From the moment we stepped through their elegant doors, we were treated like royalty. The staff members were warm, friendly, and oh-so-helpful.

They guided us through every step of the process, ensuring our comfort and peace of mind. Plus, the clinic itself is a luxurious haven with state-of-the-art facilities.

We practically had to pinch ourselves to believe we weren’t on a glamorous vacation.

Reputation? Basu Aesthetics has got it in spades.

The clinic is renowned for its stellar results and satisfied clients. Their team of top-notch surgeons is backed by years of experience and a track record of delivering stunning transformations.

With their expert guidance, we felt like we were in the safest hands possible, and we love it about them. Trust us, when it comes to enhancing your beauty, Basu Aesthetics is a name you can rely on.

Additionally, Basu Aesthetics delivers bang for your buck. While they offer premium services, their prices are surprisingly reasonable, which blew us away.

However, they’re busy during peak seasons. So be sure to book an appointment with them as soon as you can

4. Skin 101 Medical Spa

Skin 101 Medical Spa' Homepage

Services: Medical Aesthetics, Skin Treatments, Injectables and Fillers

Website: https://skin101houston.com/

Address: 9774 Katy Fwy Suite 200, Houston, TX 77055, United States

Contact Details: +1 832-649-7939

Operating Hours: 

Tuesdays to Fridays: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Saturdays: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Sundays to Mondays: CLOSED   

Google Reviews Score4.9/5
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5
TrustAnalytica Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews4.7/5
Score Consistency4.7/5
Good Reviews and Reputation4.5/5
Certified and Licensed4.8/5
Effective Care Methods4.5/5
Sanitation and Comfort5/5
Responsiveness and Amenability5/5


  • Accommodating staff
  • Clean and comfortable facility
  • Seasonal promotions and discounts
  • Experts in Medical Aesthetics


  • Expensive membership rate
  • Closed on Sundays and Mondays
  • No flexible payments and financing plans

If you’re looking for medical aesthetics experts offering Botox in Houston, then the Skin 101 Medical Spa is a great option to consider.

We particularly love the promotions that come with their services. That means holiday specials, discounts, and other freebies.

Their services are quite limited, only focusing on skin treatments, injectables and fillers. However, their procedures are up-to-date with the trends and standards, thus giving a guarantee of quality service.

However, members get more perks through their program. The Club 101 membership is a good option to consider if you’re thinking of getting monthly procedures done, and members get generous discounts, too!

The clinic offers Botox and may occasionally add a complementary blue light therapy upon client request. Other brands they offer include Restylane, Voluma, Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra, and DySport.

In fact, they are among the very few clinics handling cosmetic fillers, thus giving clients as many options as possible. 

The Skin 101 Medical Spa also happens to have a shop carrying exclusive skincare lines. This includes Neocutis, SkinCeuticals, Skin Better Science, EltaMD and Topix.

While they can accommodate walk-ins, they recommend you fill out an appointment form to save time for every visit. We also love going on a visit in their clean and comfortable facility.

4. ZO Skin Center Houston

ZO Skin Center Houston' Homepage

Services: Skin Health Assessment, Facials, Skin Treatments, Injectables and Spa Packages

Website: https://houstonskinhealth.com/

Address: 810 Waugh Dr Suite 101, Houston, TX 77019, United States

Contact Details: +1 832-924-6800

Operating Hours: 

Weekdays: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Saturdays: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Sundays: CLOSED

Google Reviews Score5/5
Yelp Reviews Score5/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.1/5
Total Reviews4.7/5
Score Consistency4.7/5
Good Reviews and Reputation5/5
Certified and Licensed5/5
Effective Care Methods4.8/5
Sanitation and Comfort5/5
Responsiveness and Amenability4.9/5


  • Upscale and impressive facility interiors
  • Great list of services
  • Run by board-certified surgeons
  • Seasonal discount packages and promotions
  • Good repute in industry


  • Expensive rates
  • Closed on Sundays
  • Requires appointments

A good thing about the ZO Skin Centre is how upscale their facility in River Oaks is. Their well-decorated and consistently sanitised interiors keep clients looking forward to their appointments, and it shows in the reviews.

Furthermore, what made us include this entry in our list is the team that comprises the clinic. The ZO Skin Centre is run by board-certified surgeons, which is incredibly impressive.

We can also expect a renowned dermatologist, certified aestheticians, and nurse practitioners as part of their team. They are led by Dr. Chris and Dr. Mark Khorsandi, who are both of good repute as experts in the industry.

The ZO SKin Centre is also one of those Botox clinics in Houston offering seasonal promotions to keep their clients’ hooked. They offer great discounts and packages for different procedures during holidays, too!

The clinic is like many others – offering membership packages and exclusive skin care products from the shop. What sets them apart their network, and the prestige that comes with working with them.

If you do indeed choose them to help you with skin problems, rest assured that their doctors will do everything to help you out. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions because their staff is quite friendly and accommodating.

5. Dream Aesthetics Medspa

Dream Aesthetics Medspa' Homepage

Services: Skin Treatments, Facials, Body Sculpting, Laser Treatments, Injectables, IV Drips, AviClear Acne Treatment

Website: http://www.dreamhoustonmedspa.com/

Address: 5151 Katy Fwy Suite 300, Houston, TX 77007, United States

Contact Details: +1 281-846-6454

Operating Hours: 

Tuesday to Friday: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Sunday and Monday: CLOSED

Google Reviews Score5/5
Yelp Reviews Score5/5
Trust Analytica Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency5/5
Good Reviews and Reputation4.5/5
Certified and Licensed5/5
Effective Care Methods4.8/5
Sanitation and Comfort4.7/5
Responsiveness and Amenability4.7/5


  • 15 years of experience
  • Highly trained medical team
  • Prepares a customized treatment plan
  • Offers exclusive treatments


  • Accommodates by appointment only
  • No flexible payment plans
  • Closed on Mondays and Sundays

If you’re getting Botox for the first time, getting it at Dream Aesthetics is a good choice. Not only are their staff keen on guiding you throughout the process, they also inform clients about before and aftercare procedures.

You can check out their before and after portfolio as well for inspiration.

Having worked for 15 years in the Medical Aesthetic industry, the Dream Aesthetics aim to improve clients’ looks and outlook. They do so with the help of reputable and highly trained medical professionals.

What sets this clinic apart is that here, clients are prepared a customised treatment plan after their initial appointment to ensure the best results. So you know you’re not getting a generic treatment.

The Dream Aesthetics team personalises their approach using the latest non-invasive methods. They are also among the few clinics offering the AviClear Acne Clearing Treatment.

In the case of Botox and filler procedures, our best bet is to acquire the services under a membership program. This guarantees good discounts compared to the normal purchase.

While they don’t have flexible payments or financing plans, they do offer seasonal discounts and gift cards. They also have membership programs for clients looking to have procedures done regularly.

6. Memorial Plastic Surgery

Services: Breast Treatments, Body Treatments, Face Treatments, Medspa

Website: https://www.memorialplasticsurgery.com/

Address: 8731 Katy Fwy Suite 500, Houston, TX 77024, United States

Contact Details: +1 713-633-4411

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Sundays: CLOSED  

Google Reviews Score4.8/5
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.8/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4/5
Good Reviews and Reputation4/5
Certified and Licensed5/5
Effective Care Methods5/5
Sanitation and Comfort5/5
Responsiveness and Amenability4/5


  • Responsive and proactive staff
  • Excellent follow-up services and support offered
  • Efficient and exemplary procedures


  • Slight complaints on customer service and communications
  • Closed on weekends

Memorial Plastic Surgery is a clinic that accommodates a wide range of plastic surgery practices for various purposes such as reconstructive, cosmetic, and medical spa procedures to parts of the body such as face and breasts among others.

Housing some of the top Houston plastic surgeons, clients can be sure that they are able to properly execute and give proper and practical advice when it comes to various treatments and conditions clients may need.

Furthermore, they also have state-of-the-art facilities that ensure that all treatments are thorough, professional, accurate, and effective so that clients can get optimal results that can last for long periods of time.

Note though that their services may need a preliminary consultation to help them have a proper and thorough treatment or surgery that is according to their preferences and intended outcomes.

Overall, with their comprehensive and professional facilities, recognized and certified experts on the field, and comfortable and inclusive environment, we highly recommend them to clients in the area looking for such services.

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