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The Top 5 Car Auctions in Houston

The Top 5 Car Auctions in Houston

How We Picked

Services – This is based on the services each place offers. We chose the ones with the best quality and range of services.
Range – This one is based on the range of models, makes, and brands they deal with. We chose the ones with the most diverse and high quality selections.
Convenience – This is based on the things they offer that make transactions with them smoother for you. This includes location, special deals, and frequency of events.
Customer Satisfaction – Finally, we reached out to customers and attendees for their experience at the auctions. We chose ones that were enjoyable, comfortable, and professional.

    1. America’s Auto Auction

    America’s Auto Auction Homepage

    Services: Selling New Car Trade-Ins, Aged Inventory, Lease, Bank Vehicles, Boats, RV’s

    Website: https://www.americasautoauction.com/files/index.aspx 

    Address: 1826 Almeda Genoa Rd, Houston, TX 77047, United States

    Contact Information: +1 281-819-3600

    Operating Hours: M-F 9AM-5PM

    Google Reviews Score4.3/5
    Facebook Reviews4.2/5
    Total Reviews4/5
    Score Consistency4/5
    Customer Satisfaction4/5


    • Good range of vehicles
    • Online access benefits


    • Occasional poor organization and miscommunication

    America’s Auto Auction, together with XLerate Group, has a total of 39 auction sites across 18 states. One of these locations is in Houston, Texas.

    They work with both buyers and sellers for new car trade-ins, aged inventory, and lease. This applies to bank vehicles, boats, RV’s, and other vehicles as well.

    They do local pick-up, and their drop-off service is 24 hours. We love this because it’s a secure way to ensure the vehicles are delivered at any time they are needed.

    Their auctioneers and staff are experienced and very friendly, which is very important to us. According to their clients, they are kind, professional, and able to entertain guests.

    We should note, however, that some clients experienced troubles with communication and organization. A few of these buyers were left confused after paying for their vehicles.

    The common complaint was that when it was time for pick-up, the cars were not where they were supposed to be. We took points off for this because it definitely inconveniences the buyers.

    We do like that they have benefits for those with online access. These include access to the pre-sale inventory and no-sale listings.

    We think this can be really beneficial, so we gave them points for that. It can definitely give buyers an advantage, seeing which models will be available for sale soon.

    2. Manheim Texas Hobby

    Manheim Texas Hobby Homepage

    Services: Consignment sales, GM Financial closed sales, Chase Auto sales, TRA Sales

    Website: https://publish.manheim.com/en/locations/us-locations/manheim-texas-hobby.html 

    Address: 8215 Kopman Dr, Houston, TX 77061, United States

    Contact Information: +1 713-649-8233

    Operating Hours: MTW 9AM-4PM, Th 8AM-5PM, F 9AM-12PM

    Google Reviews Score4/5
    Chamber of Commerce Reviews Score4/5
    Total Reviews5/5
    Score Consistency4/5
    Customer Satisfaction4/5


    • Local partners for transportation
    • Informative website


    • Place gets very crowded
    • Some inaccurate inspection reports

    Manheim Texas Hobby holds sales every Thursday. These include consignment sales, GM Financial closed sales, Chase Auto sales, and TRA Sales.

    They have set hours for vehicle pick-up, which we think is fair. Most lots are open 7 days a week and for most of the day, so we can’t really complain.

    They have three local partners for transportation, which we like. They work with Texas Autocarriers, United Road, and JMN Logistics.

    We like that they have the contact information for these partners on their website, so you can readily make arrangements. They also have links for Ready Logistics and CentralDispatch, which is a plus.

    The place does get crowded pretty fast, because a lot of people trust in their service. It may be in your best interest to go early if you want best picks and less of a crowd.

    We should also note that the quality of the vehicles vary, according to their clients. Some buyers get really top-of-the-line vehicles, which we think is awesome.

    However, a handful complained that the condition reports were inaccurate. This means that they lost money to low quality vehicles, which we obviously do not like.

    They have their policies up on their site, which include a 30-day Title Absent Policy. They also have deadlines for forklift and towing assistance, reconditioning, and inspection.

    3. Apple Towing Co.

    Apple Towing Co. Homepage

    Services: Towing, storage, and auctions

    Website: https://www.appleauctioneeringco.com/ 

    Address: 2030 Holmes Rd, Houston, TX 77045, United States

    Contact Information: +1 713-383-6200

    Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours

    Google Reviews Score4.9/5
    Facebook Reviews Score5/5
    Total Reviews5/5
    Score Consistency5/5
    Customer Satisfaction5/5


    • Online auctions
    • High rate of customer satisfaction


    • Issues with communication and scheduling

    Apple Towing Co. is most known for their recovery specialists and tow truck operators. However, they also have public auctions held every week.

    According to their website, they specialize in the “liquidation of seized assets from government agencies.” They operate in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and Guam.

    Aside from their live auctions, they also have online auctions. The schedules for both are detailed on their website together with other important information.

    We like this a lot because it makes these auctions accessible to more people. If you’re busy, or out of town, you can still get a good look at the available cars for sale.

    They have a gallery of previously sold assets, which all seem to be in good condition. There’s a good range of models and makes available, which we always like.

    Their clients say that they have a very professional and friendly staff. They are easy to talk to about any concerns and questions you might have.

    However, some buyers encountered problems when it came to receiving the vehicle. Some of these issues were caused by US Customs and Border Control.

    Some also experienced delays in communication and scheduling. We took points off for this because it’s frustrating to be kept waiting!

    Still, Apple Towing Co. is widely known and trusted all over the country. They have a high rate of satisfaction and are open 24 hours, which could be more convenient for you.

    4. Adesa Houston

    Adesa Houston Homepage

    Services: 8 sale lanes, reconditioning facility, high tech locksmiths, full service mechanical shop, post-sale inspections, transportation services, body shop

    Website: https://www.adesa.com/auction_location/adesa-houston/ 

    Address: 4526 North Sam Houston Pkwy W, Houston, TX 77086, United States

    Contact Information: +1 281-580-1800

    Operating Hours: M, T, Th 9AM-5PM, W 8AM-5PM, F 9AM-12:30PM

    Google Reviews Score3.9/5
    Zaubee Reviews Score3.9/5
    Total Reviews5/5
    Score Consistency3/5
    Customer Satisfaction3/5


    • In-lane bidding
    • Great range of on-site services


    • Issues with customer service

    Adesa Houston holds buyer vehicle previews on Tuesdays from 9AM-5PM. These previews are by appointment only, which means you have to schedule with them.

    We like this because it means you don’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle of a crowd. You don’t have to show up super early either, which can take up a lot of your day.

    They have in-lane bidding available, which we like. You have to contact the auction for further details regarding that, which is reasonable.

    They have services available, including eight sale lanes, a reconditioning facility, and high tech locksmiths. They also have a full service mechanical shop, post-sale inspections, transportation services, and a body shop.

    We like the fact that customers have access to all these on-site. This can make the entire transaction a lot smoother because everything you might need is right there.

    The customers we reached out to said that the place is nice and the work goes smoothly. However, some of them did have difficulties with customer service.

    Some customers had to wait almost an hour despite showing up for their appointment on time. Some made calls that were never returned or messages that were never responded to.

    We took points off for that because your time shouldn’t be wasted. As paying customers, you should be their priority.

    5. AutoNation Auto Auction Houston

    AutoNation Auto Auction Houston Homepage

    Services: Live and online auctions

    Website: https://www.autonationautoauction.com/components/location/view/anaahouston 

    Address: 608 Mitchell Rd, Houston, TX 77037, United States

    Contact Information: +1 281-506-3220

    Operating Hours: M-F 8AM-5PM

    Google Reviews Score3.8/5
    Cars.com Reviews Score4.2/5
    Total Reviews4/5
    Score Consistency4/5
    Customer Satisfaction4/5


    • Online bidding
    • DealShield 360 Guarantee


    • Some inaccurate inspection reports

    AutoNation Auto Auction has four locations coast to coast, one being in Houston, Texas. They also offer the possibility of bidding online.

    We like that a lot because it means you can participate in the auction from anywhere in the country. This could make it convenient for those of you who may be busy traveling.

    They are open for preview from 8AM to 4:30PM on Thursdays. You can also preview before the weekly general consignment sale starts on Fridays at 9:15am.

    They’ve partnered with DealShield and now accept their 360 Guarantee program. We like this a lot because it offers buyers more peace of mind when it comes to making a purchase.

    We should note that some of the customers we reached out to had bad experiences with their purchases. Some of the cars are not in great condition, with bad transmission or missing keys.

    These cars are supposed to have gone through thorough inspection, so we don’t like that. If you plan on buying, we recommend double-checking and making sure the quality is up to scratch.

    People who are looking to sell their cars say that the management and staff there are very helpful and professional. You can even end up selling your car for more than what competitors offer.

    We like this a lot because we understand that parting with a car can be a hard decision. It’s only right that you get your money’s worth when you finally decide to let it go.

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