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The 5 Best Car Wraps in Houston

The 5 Best Car Wraps in Houston
  • Services - We selected car wrap companies that offer a broad range of services with a focus on convenience.
  • Experience - We based this on how many years the company has been in business, the combined experience of its staff, and other certifications.
  • Costs - We chose car wrap companies that offer value for their services.

1. Rocket Wraps and Signs

Rocket Wraps and Signs' Homepage
From the Rocket Wraps and Signs website
Address4808 Dacoma St, Houston
Contact Number+1 832-979-6805
Total Reviews4.83/5
Score Consistency4.83/5
Services 5/5


  • In-house design team
  • Excellent service 
  • Premium prints 


  • Closed on weekends
  • Long turnaround time

Rocket Wraps and Signs is a great overall choice for those who are looking for excellent car wrap services that feature a variety of custom prints. It’s generally a good choice if you’re also looking to have high-end vehicles wrapped. 

We love that its services feature a dedicated in-house design team. This is somewhat rare to see among car wrap services so we’re quite happy to enjoy this service. We feel that if you want custom designs for your vehicle, Rocket Wraps is a good choice.

We also loved the exceptional full service we received for our car wrap. We felt that everything went smoothly and it was convenient to meet all our decal needs in a single place. 

We disliked that the turnaround time for the car wrap was much longer than expected. However, upon seeing the quality of the job, it wasn’t much of a problem for us. This makes us feel like it takes its time on every detail of your car. 

We also disliked that its services weren’t available on the weekends, so this meant that turnaround times took significantly longer. We also found that it was mildly more difficult to book an appointment towards the end of the week.

2. Bayou Graphics

Bayou Graphics' Homepage
From the Bayou Graphics website
Address11321 Neeshaw Dr, Houston
Contact Number+1 832-912-8200
Total Reviews4.4/5
Score Consistency4.4/5
Services 4/5


  • Offers services to oversized vehicles
  • Certified services
  • Financing options


  • Limited operating time
  • Limited car wrap services

Bayou Graphic is a great choice for those who are looking for a professional car wrap company that does commercial wrapping at a good price. It’s especially a good choice if you’re looking to invest in fleet graphics for your business. 

We love that its services are 3M certified and have experience working with major brands. This makes us feel confident about its ability to deliver high-quality services efficiently. 

We disliked that its car wrap services were somewhat limited in variety, even though they did offer custom car wraps. It appeared that most of its focus was on commercial wraps and didn’t have the same level of quality as its custom car wraps. 

We appreciate that it provides wrap services to oversized vehicles as well, which greatly helps with its commercial wrapping services. It’s also one of the few services that professionally services such vehicles which is a welcomed addition.

We also disliked that its services had limited operating hours which can be a cause for concern for those who have busy schedules. This also meant that its services had some of the slowest turnaround times because of this. 

Overall, we were delighted by its commercial car wrapping services and think that this is its biggest selling point. So if you’re looking for commercial car wraps in Houston, Bayou Graphic is a great choice. 

3. Clutch City Customs

Clutch City Customs' Homepage
From the Clutch City Customs website
Address9405 Kerrwood Ln, Houston
Contact Number+1 346-329-0087
Total Reviews4.87/5
Score Consistency4.87/5
Services 5/5


  • Specializes in BMWs
  • Offers warranty on all services
  • High-quality products


  • Expensive

Clutch City Customs is one of the best places for those who are looking for high-quality services and don’t mind spending more for that. It’s especially ideal if you have high-end cars like BMWs and only want high-quality products on your prized cars.

We love that its car wrap services offer a broad range of wraps that help you customize your car in different ways. This makes us feel confident in its ability to provide a full wrapping service to your vehicles with ease. 

We also like that its service extends to other quality-of-life and vanity services for your car. We feel that this enhanced our experience of its services even further and allowed us to get everything we wanted in one place.

We appreciated that its services were committed to providing a warranty on all labor and services. This is a welcomed sight at any service because it helps build trust with its services and brand. 

One of the few things we disliked about Clutch City Customs was that all of its exceptional services and products made this service significantly more expensive. This can be a major deal breaker if you’re looking for car wraps on a budget. 

4. Creative Wraps & Graphics

Creative Wraps & Graphics's Homepage
From the Creative Wraps & Graphics website
Address220 Barren Springs Dr. Suite 3, Houston
Contact Number+1 281-231-2817
Google 5/5
Total Reviews4.87/5
Score Consistency4.87/5
Services 5/5


  • Exceptional service
  • Professional team


  • Limited experience
  • Limited resources

Creative Wraps & Graphics is a great overall choice for those who are looking for car wraps on a budget. It’s especially a good choice if you’re just looking for great service from a professional team.

One of the main reasons why Creative Wraps & Graphics made our list is because of its impressive display of past projects with other clients. Not only do they look like it was done professionally and looked stunning but they also rated the service quite highly. 

We love that its services provide everything you’d expect from a car wrapping service and more. This makes us feel confident in its ability to efficiently deliver high-quality products in a reasonable timeframe. 

Unlike the other car wrap companies on our list, however, Creative Wraps & Graphics has the least amount of overall experience. This makes us feel like it isn’t an immediate go-to for us because sometimes you’d want a company with the most experience.  

We also disliked that it provided hardly any information and resources about its car wrapping process, the materials used, and any other information. While they do explain it well enough when asked, we feel not displaying these transparently is a problem. 

5. Got Wraps?

Address3806 S Shepherd Dr, Houston
Contact Number+1 713-526-2828
Total Reviews4.57/5
Score Consistency4.57/5
Services 5/5


  • Selection of vehicle wraps
  • Professional service
  • Open on Saturdays
  • Experienced with different materials
  • Full 2-year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Provides fleet graphics 


  • Long turnaround time

We feel that Got Wraps is one of the best choices for those who want high-quality car wraps that are worth the time and investment. It’s especially great if you’re also in the market for fleet graphics and need a service that can deliver commercial car wrapping. 

We love that its services feature a broad selection of wraps to choose from if you’re looking for something specific or just want a full car wrap service. This flexibility makes us feel like its service is comprehensive and understand how to leverage that. 

We were delighted to find out that its staff are experienced in working with a wide range of materials and car brands. This is especially beneficial since you can rest easy knowing that your car is in good, experienced hands. 

We appreciate the 2-year warranty they place on any products applied to your car during its service. This not only builds trust in its business but also allows you to take advantage of your newly wrapped car as soon as possible.  

One of the few things that we somewhat disliked about its service is the rather long turnaround time. However, this isn’t a deal breaker unless you’re searching for a quick in-and-out service. 

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