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Top 5 Computer Repair Shops in Houston

Top 5 Computer Repair Shops in Houston

How We Picked

Services – We selected stores with the best range and quality of service. Familiarity with different platforms, form-factors, and the like were all considered.
Cost – We compared the starting rates of each store. We chose the ones that offer services at the best value.
Convenience – These are based on factors that make the experience smoother for you:

Location – We looked into the address, parking situation, and store facilities.

Customer Service – We chose the stores where customer service was prompt, responsive, and professional.

Deals and Promos – We also looked into what kind of deals and benefits they offer to their customers. We love a chance to save a little money.
Customer Satisfaction – Finally, we reached out to their customers to see what they have to say. We chose the ones with happy and loyal customers!

    1. AJ Computer Repair

    AJ Computer Repair Homepage

    Services: Desktop repair, laptop repair, system install or upgrade, computer hardware upgrades, malware and virus removal, data backup and recovery, DC jack repair services, laptop screen repair

    Website: http://www.pcsupporthouston.com/ 

    Address: 13948 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077, United States

    Contact Information: +1 281-597-9999

    Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM

    Google Reviews Score4.9/5
    Top Rated Local Reviews Score4.7/5
    Total Reviews5/5
    Score Consistency5/5
    Customer Services4/5
    Deals and Promos4/5
    Customer Satisfaction5/5


    • All brands of laptop and desktop repair
    • 30-day hardware, 7-day software guarantee


    • No consoles
    • No home services

    AJ Computer Repair guarantees their work for 30 days for hardware and 7 days for software. If you encounter any issues during that period, they will happily work on it for free.

    We love this because it means you can rest easy knowing your service is guaranteed. It’s also always great to know you won’t be charged more if the item needs a bit more tweaking.

    Anyway, they work with all brands of laptop and desktop computers, which is great. This means that you won’t have a hard time getting new parts for your device if needed.

    They also have a pretty good range of services, from repair to upgrades to installation. They also do malware removal and data recovery, which are really important services to have.

    However, they do not service gaming consoles like Nintendo, XBox, and PlayStation consoles. It’s a bummer, but their services are focused solely on computers.

    They also currently do not offer home services. We think this is a shame, because we know how helpful that can be for a lot of people.

    Their prices are definitely reasonable, which we like. They say most problems can be solved at around $59.

    2. Cell and Computer Geeks

    Cell and Computer Geeks Homepage

    Services: iPhone, Samsung, tablet, and computer repair

    Website: https://cellncomputergeeks.com/ 

    Address: 2635 Gessner Rd, Houston, TX 77080, United States

    Contact Information: +1 281-759-0885

    Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM

    Google Reviews Score4.8/5
    Angi Reviews Score4.9/5
    Total Reviews5/5
    Score Consistency5/5
    Customer Services5/5
    Deals and Promos4/5
    Customer Satisfaction5/5


    • In-store and at-home appointments
    • Services for a good variety of devices


    • Required diagnostic fee

    Cell and Computer Geeks offers services for many different devices. For computers, this includes Apple MacBooks, desktops, and other laptop brands.

    They can also replace dead laptop batteries for you. Finally, they do malware and virus removal, and antivirus installation.

    It’s not the widest range of services, but it covers the basics. Aside from this, they work with a lot of cell phones and tablets as well.

    One thing we really like is that they offer both in-store and at-home scheduled appointments. If it’s more convenient for you to have them come over, you can ask for that.

    However, this means that it may be harder to accommodate walk-ins. If you don’t have an appointment, there’s no guarantee they’ll have a slot for you.

    They charge a diagnostic fee of anywhere from $25 to $49. This unfortunately means that even if you don’t choose to have repairs done, you’ll still have to pay.

    Their repaired and replaced items come with a 30-day warranty, which is all right in our books. It’s not the longest, but it should be enough to know everything’s in good shape.

    Customers say their services are professional, friendly, and quick. A lot of them are really grateful that they can do emergency services if you really need your device back ASAP.

    3. Experimax West Houston

    Experimax West Houston Homepage

    Services: Screen repairs, iPhone repairs, iPad repairs, Macbook Air and Pro Repairs, iMac repairs, upgrades and updates, other services

    Website: https://www.experimax.com/locations/west-houston-tx/ 

    Address: 9930 Katy Fwy #150a, Houston, TX 77055, United States

    Contact Information: +1 832-426-4337

    Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12NN-5PM

    Google Reviews Score4.9/5
    Facebook Reviews Score4.8/5
    Total Reviews4/5
    Score Consistency5/5
    Customer Services5/5
    Deals and Promos4/5
    Customer Satisfaction5/5


    • 3-month warranty
    • Quick service


    • Only Apple products

    Experimax West Houston specialize in the servicing of Apple products. These include MacBooks, iMacs, iPads, iPhones, and their accessories.

    This is great for customers looking for local Apple expertise. However, we did take points off for the lack of range in the brands they service.

    Their services come with a 3-month warranty, which is pretty good. We also love that most devices can also be repaired on the same day, so you don’t have to wait too long.

    This is actually a common compliment we heard from their clients. Their service is quick, and you don’t need an appointment to get the service you want.

    Aside from repairs and upgrades, they work with cloud storage access, data recovery, and touch sensitivity. They can also help you with password and email issues.

    Their customer service is prompt and professional, which we love. They also make an effort to communicate with rare customers who are unhappy with their services so that they can improve.

    4. Micro Center

    Micro Center Homepage

    Services: Computer Repair, Apple Repair, laptop battery replacement, laptop screen replacement, virus removal, data recovery, custom built PC

    Website: https://www.microcenter.com/site/stores/houston.aspx?storeid=155 

    Address: 5305 S Rice Ave, Houston, TX 77081, United States

    Contact Information:

    Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM

    Google Reviews Score4.5/5
    Glass Door Reviews Score4.4/5
    Total Reviews5/5
    Score Consistency4.5/5
    Customer Services4.5/5
    Deals and Promos4/5
    Customer Satisfaction4.5/5


    • Work with a huge variety of computer brands
    • Generally prices repair parts at MSRP 
    • Very knowledgeable staff


    • Occasional delays in updates and shipping for parts

    Micro Center is chiefly a PC parts store, but it also offers technical support, PC upgrades, and PC repair services. They have a good range of services and work with a huge variety of computer brands.

    They do diagnostics and troubleshooting, hardware repair and installation, and laptop battery replacement. They also do data backup and recovery and software support.

    They also do authorized Apple repair services, which is awesome (since you can get both PC and Apple devices fixed at one place this way). We know how hard it is to get your products the expertise they need.

    They offer walk-in services, so you don’t need to have an appointment. However, if you’d feel better with one, you can very easily set one up on their website.

    You can also check the status of your device on their website. This could be a really convenient feature, but some people say the online chat is not helpful.

    We should note that some of their customers are unsatisfied with their customer service. You could be waiting for weeks for an update, which we don’t love.

    Sometimes you also have to wait quite a while for parts to be shipped to their location, but this is usually a function of which part you need.

    5. uBreakiFix

    uBreakiFix Homepage

    Services: Phone repair, laptop repair, game console repair, tablet repair, other

    Website: https://www.ubreakifix.com/locations/ricevillage?utm_source=google&utm_medium=gmb&utm_campaign=ricevillage 

    Address: 5318 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77005, United States

    Contact Information: 1 281-888-6838

    Operating Hours:  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM

    Google Reviews Score4.7/5
    Yelp Reviews Score4/5
    Total Reviews5/5
    Score Consistency4/5
    Customer Services3/5
    Deals and Promos4/5
    Customer Satisfaction4/5


    • Great range of device types and brands covered
    • Walk-ins, appointments, and home services
    • Lowest rate guaranteed


    • Issues with customer services
    • Delays with parts

    uBreakiFix does repairs for phones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. They work with a variety of the most used brands.

    We like this range because they’re not limited to a single brand or type of device. They’re likely to be able to help you even if it isn’t the most common device.

    They accommodate walk-ins, appointments, and even home services. We absolutely love this because it can be really inconvenient for a lot of people to have to go bring their device out.

    uBreakiFix also guarantees lowest rates for their services. They will match any printed price lower than theirs for the same work, and even take $5 off.

    We think this is great because it means you’re sure to save a little bit of cash with them.

    We should note that, though, that some of their customers had a difficult time with their customer service. They did not receive updates and had to wait pretty long for their devices.

    Some people would also be told that the necessary parts are available, only to head out there and find out that wasn’t the case.

    We took points off for this because it can be really inconvenient to go out of your way only to have your service denied.

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