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The Top 5 Best Houston Jewelers

The Top 5 Best Houston Jewelers
  • Price - We selected jewelers that offer value for their services.
  • Reputation - We based this on their overall consumer rating and certification to find an officially endorsed jeweler.
  • Service - We chose a jeweler that offers a variety of styles and stones for their jewels.
  • Experience - Experience is one of the best indicators for a top jeweler, so we found jewelers with the most years of combined experience.

1. Houston Jewelry

Houston Jewelry's Homepage
From the Houston Jewelry website
Address9521 Westheimer Rd Ste A, Houston
Contact Number+1 713-784-1000
The Knot4.7/5
Total Reviews4.6/5
Score Consistency4.6/5
Total 4.75/5


  • Operating hours
  • Proven track record


  • Expensive 

Houston Jewelry is one of the oldest and most trusted jewelers in Houston, making it an ideal option for those looking for excellent fine jewelry.

We’re delighted by the variety of jewelry we can choose from at Houston Jewelry, making looking for specific jewelry easy and convenient. Its selection of jewelry was improved by the different settings, cuts, and arrangements you could choose from.

This made our overall experience so pleasant and memorable since we could customize our jewelry to every fine detail. This was improved further by their in-house gem experts who helped us find the perfect gems according to our preferences.

We were impressed by its staff who are Jewelers of America certified which made us trust their recommendations throughout the process. Moreover, Houston Jewelry being a member of the JA 100 Club speaks volumes about its reputation as a jeweler. 

We were also surprised that its services included repairs and cleaning. This makes its services an excellent option for those who want these services by trusted professionals. 

One of the few things that we disliked about Houston Jewelry is its hefty price tag for its services compared to other jewelers on our list. If you’re looking for fine jewelry on a budget, you may need to consider other options.

2. Inter-Continental Jewelers

Inter-Continental Jewelers' Homepage
From the Inter-Continental Jewelers website
Address6222 Richmond Ave. #570, Houston
Contact Number+1 713-785-9600
Total Reviews4.7/5
Score Consistency4.7/5
Total 4.5/5


  • Custom orders
  • Trade-ins


  • Limited stone selection
  • By appointment only

Inter-Continental Jewelry is one of the best jewelers for those who are specifically looking for custom diamond jewelry on a budget. This is especially a great choice if you’re looking to create your own ring to match your unique style.

We love that its services offer a comprehensive range of customizations you can make to your jewelry. This is further enhanced by the various resources that guide you through its design process and even offer examples of custom rings. 

We felt that being able to customize your jewelry made it one of the highlights of Inter-Continental Jewelry’s services.

We also liked that it offered a fair range of pre-made jewelry collections for both engagement and wedding rings. We feel that Inter-Continental Jewelry provided us with amazing jewelry options to choose from.

While it does offer a variety of jewelry to choose from, we felt that its gem selections could have been more diverse. This came as a surprise because of the level of customization you can already do. 

We also dislike that most of its services are by appointment only and only offer limited walk-in services. However, if you’re just looking to buy from its pre-made collections, it shouldn’t be much of a concern. 

3. Shaw’s Jewelry

Address1015 W Gray St, Houston
Contact Number+1 713-522-4884
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4/5
Total 4.25/5


  • Offers repairs and appraisals
  • Affordable


  • Limited certifications

Shaw’s Jewelry is one of the best options for those who are looking for affordable jewelry. It’s especially a great choice for those who don’t mind purchasing pre-loved pieces. 

This is one of the main reasons why Shaw’s Jewelry made our list, being able to buy repaired pre-loved jewelry gives you more flexibility for your budget. This made us feel like it’s one of the truly affordable options for jewelry on our list. 

We appreciate that its services include appraisals and repairs as it can be more convenient to get an old piece repaired over buying completely new jewelry. We liked that you may also trade your jewelry for another with Shaw’s Jewelry.

We also liked that its services offered jewelry modifications that you can use to enhance your jewelry with new gems or styles. This further highlights its commitment to updating its selections to suit the newest trends.

Each of these services helps Shaw’s Jewelry make up for its smaller selection of jewelry compared to other jewelers on our list. This can be a cause for concern if you’re searching for a highly customized piece of jewelry.

4. Deutsch Fine Jewelry

Deutsch Fine Jewelry's Homepage
From the Deutsch Fine Jewelry website
Address3747 Westheimer Rd, Houston
Contact Number+1 713-627-7787
Total Reviews4.43/5
Score Consistency4.43/5
Total 4.75/5


  • Certified and licensed
  • Variety of service 
  • Provides store pickups 


  • Closed on Sundays
  • Expensive 

Deutsch Fine Jewelry is one of the best jewelers in Houston for those who are looking for high-end, name-brand jewelry. This is especially ideal for those who want to get the perfect gift for their loved ones and don’t mind spending more to get that. 

One of the things that amazed us the most about Deutsch Fine Jewelry is its affiliation with brands like Rolex and Tudor as one of their official jewelers. This reassures us and makes us trust its services even more.

From its appraisal services to jewelry repairs, we love that you can actually receive a full service for your jewelry. Moreover, if you’re looking to create custom jewelry, its team of experts would gladly help you design the perfect piece just for you. 

We also appreciate that its jewelry has a broad range of styles, arrangements, and gems for you to choose from. We generally like that it also breaks these down into more specific descriptions for a truly unique piece of jewelry. 

Each of these helps ease and enhance the experience of choosing fine jewelry but it does come with a few drawbacks. The main one is the price of its services and products. 

If you’re looking for more affordable pieces of jewelry, then consider other options on our list. 

5. Rice Village Diamonds

Rice Village Diamonds' Homepage
From the Rice Village Diamonds website
Address2376 Rice Boulevard, Houston
Contact Number+1 713-526-1510
Total Reviews4.63/5
Score Consistency4.63/5
Total 4.25/5


  • All-occasion jewelry
  • Designer collections


  • Limited operating hours
  • Limited experience

Rice Village Diamonds is an ideal choice for those who are looking for jewelry for all occasions. It’s especially ideal if you’re looking to buy made-to-order pieces for that special one in your life. 

One of the main things that we loved about Rice Village Diamonds was the broad range of collections of its jewelry available. It had one of the most extensive selections of any jeweler on our list which would leave you spoiled for choice. 

We also appreciate the various resources available that would help you understand the different aspects of diamonds. We felt that informing its potential customers about aspects of the diamond industry shows that it wants to improve the industry.

We loved the variety of its available services which covered most of the needs that you’d need owning jewelry. However, we didn’t like that it was only available to existing customers, so you won’t be able to have jewelry serviced here unless it’s from them. 

We also dislike that it had the least amount of experience out of all jewelers on our list. If you’re looking for more experienced jewelers there are other more experienced options.

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