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Taste of Luxury: Black-Owned Upscale Restaurants in Houston

Taste of Luxury Black-Owned Upscale Restaurants in Houston

How We Picked: 

Creativity: We looked at the menu for unique dishes that connect to cultural roots with traditional flavors and techniques. 
Quality: We considered restaurants with carefully crafted dishes with high-quality ingredients appropriately cooked with attention to detail and taste. 
Service: We looked for restaurants with attentive and knowledgeable staff who could guide us through the menu and provide recommendations.
Ambiance: The ambiance of the restaurants we considered was beautiful, clean, and well-maintained. We also considered the lighting, music, and overall atmosphere.

1. Bungalow Heights 

Website: Bungalow Heights 

Address: 1919 Beall St, Houston, TX 77008, United States

Contact Info:  +1 832-582-7903


  • Monday to Thursday: 11 AM to 12 AM 
  • Friday: 11 AM to 2 AM
  • Saturday: 10 AM to 2 AM 
  • Sunday: 10 AM to 12 AM 
Google Reviews Score4.1/5
Yelp Reviews Score3.5/5
Facebook Reviews Score3.8/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4/5


  • Chill atmosphere
  • Juicy and tender ribeye
  • Delicious shrimp po’boy 
  • Zesty cajun remoulade 


  • Slow service

We recently dined at Bungalow Heights, and our visit was an experience we will never forget. 

First of all, the atmosphere at Bungalow Heights is truly something special. From the moment you walk in, you feel like you have been transported to a chic paradise. 

The decor perfectly blends modern and classic, with mid-century modern furniture and art adorning the walls. We thought the dim and inviting lighting created the perfect environment for a relaxed, intimate meal.

The menu at Bungalow Heights covers a variety of cuisines, from American classics to Mexican. While everything on the menu looked great, we decided to try the ribeye and the shrimp po’boy. 

For one, the ribeye was a 16oz certified Angus beef that was cooked to perfection. The steak was juicy and tender, and the roasted red potatoes were a great accompaniment.

For our side dish, we chose the Caesar salad. It was a great complement to the ribeye, with its creamy dressing and crunchy croutons.

The shrimp po’boy was equally delicious. The cajun-grilled shrimp was juicy and flavorful, and the lettuce, tomato, and pickles gave it the perfect amount of crunch. 

We also thought that the cajun remoulade was the perfect addition, providing a creamy and zesty kick to the sandwich. We also enjoyed the French roll that it was served on, as it added a nice balance of sweetness and texture to the dish.

Unfortunately, the service at Bungalow Heights was a bit slow. We had to wait a bit longer than expected for our food to arrive, and the wait staff sometimes seemed to be a bit inattentive.

2. Ratio Houston

Website: Ratio Houston

Address: 2301 Main St STE 200, Houston, TX 77002, United States

Contact Info:  +1 713-437-2022


  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday to Wednesday: 5 PM to 12 AM 
  • Thursday to Friday: 5 PM to 2 AM 
  • Saturday to Sunday: 11 AM to 2 AM 
Google Reviews Score4.5/5
Yelp Reviews Score2.5/5
Facebook Reviews Score3.9/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4/5


  • Spicy cajun pasta 
  • Melt-in-you-mouth oxtails
  • Crunchy catfish


  • Slow bar service
  • Extremely loud music

We recently had the pleasure of trying the delicious cuisine at Ratio Houston. After hearing much hype around the restaurant, we tried some of their classic entrees.

When we first walked in, we noticed the restaurant’s booming atmosphere. While the music playing in the background was loud, we thought it added to the ambiance and the restaurant’s overall atmosphere, but this could be an issue if you’re trying to have a conversation. 

Upon receiving our menus, we ordered their cajun pasta with blackened chicken, curry spice oxtail with grits, and catfish platter with beer-battered fries and coleslaw. 

To start, we thought the cajun pasta with blackened chicken was simply delightful. We liked how the pasta had the perfect amount of flavor, combining the cajun spices’ spicy kick with the alfredo sauce’s creaminess.

Furthermore, the chicken was perfectly cooked, and the spices used were well-balanced and not overpowering. The pasta also had a nice al dente texture and was very fresh. 

Next, we tried the curry spice oxtail with grits. We thought it was great that the oxtail was melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the curry spices provided a delightful flavor.

Plus, the gravy it was cooked in was complex and flavorful, and adding the grits was a nice touch. The grits had a nice, creamy texture and were cooked just right. 

Lastly, we had the catfish platter with beer battered fries, and coleslaw. In our opinion, the catfish was cooked perfectly, and the beer batter gave it an incredible crunch.

As for our side of fries, they were crispy and well-seasoned. We also don’t usually like coleslaw, but this coleslaw was light and not soggy in the slightest.

However, one issue we had was the slow bar service. Our drinks were not served until after our meal, which was inconvenient.

3. Thirteen

Website: Thirteen Houston 

Address:  1911 Bagby St Suite 100, Houston, TX 77002, United States

Contact Info: +1 713-804-2025


  • Monday: 5 PM to 11 PM 
  • Tuesday to  Friday: 5 to 10 PM 
  • Saturday: 11 AM to 11 PM 
  • Sunday: 11 AM to 9 PM
Google Reviews Score4.1/5
Yelp Reviews Score3.5/5
Facebook Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4.5/5


  • Friendly valet
  • Intimate dining atmosphere
  • Creamy smoked gouda grits
  • Fluffy cinnamon sugar waffles


  • Flavorless collard greens
  • Salty chicken

Our team recently dined at Thirteen Houston’s for their Saturday Brunch.

Upon arriving at Thirteen Houston’s, we were welcomed with a smile by the friendly valet who opened the door for us. We liked how intimate the dining atmosphere was and how there were various customers, varying from couples to families.

When we got our menus, we noted that they have separate meals depending on what day you go for brunch (Saturday or Sunday). Some of the items for the Sunday brunch looked just as delicious as what we ordered.

We started off with the Fish & Grits. We liked how the catfish was deep fried to a golden brown crisp, and the smoked gouda grits were creamy and flavorful.

We thought that the crawfish cream sauce complemented the dish, and the shaved parmesan added a touch of saltiness. To us, the dish’s textures were all very enjoyable, and the flavors really popped. 

We also liked the Churro Chicken and Waffle—it was delicious. The fried chicken was juicy, and the cinnamon sugar waffle was sweet, tender, and fluffy.

In our opinion, the fresh fruit was a great accompaniment, and the cognac glaze added a hint of sweetness. It was a wonderful balance of sweet and savory. 

However, there were some cons. We ordered a side order of their collard greens, but they were flavorless and lacked seasoning. Also, the churro chicken was a bit too salty for our tastes.

4. Prey 

Website: Prey 

Address: 1700 Post Oak Blvd #290, Houston, TX 77056, United States

Contact Info: +1 281-572-0204


  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday to Wednesday: 5 PM to 11 PM 
  • Thursday to Friday: 5 PM to 2 AM 
  • Saturday: 10 AM to 3 PM & 5 PM to  2 AM
  • Sunday: 10 AM to 3 PM & 5 to 11 PM 
Google Reviews Score4.4/5
Yelp Reviews Score3.5/5
Facebook Reviews Score2.6/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4/5


  • Great vibes
  • Friendly service
  • Big portion sizes
  • Flavorful gumbo 
  • Lemon-kissed crusted salmon 


  • Not kid-friendly 
  • Mediocre cocktails 

When looking for an upscale dining experience, we heard that Prey is the place to go. From what we’ve been told, it has an undeniable allure that draws people into its beautiful, minimalist setting. 

One of the things we liked about Prey was the variety of choices on the menu—it was a little overwhelming to choose just one, so we tried out multiple dishes. 

We started our meal by ordering their lamb chops, which we thought were cooked to perfection. We liked how the lamb was seasoned with a blend of rosemary, garlic, and other herbs, creating a savory and juicy lamb chop that was easy to eat.

Plus, the portion size was generous, and the presentation was exquisite.

The gumbo was next to arrive. It was served with a generous portion of rice and a generous helping of succulent shrimp. We thought the gumbo was robust in flavor, and the ingredients were fresh and flavorful.

Yet, the Tuscan salmon was our favorite dish of the night. The salmon was cooked to a perfect medium, and the flavorful lemon-kissed crust was the perfect accompaniment to the fish.

We rounded out the meal with a peach margarita, which was, unfortunately, a bit of a disappointment. The syrupy sweetness overpowered the fresh, juicy flavor of the peach, and the drink was a bit too thick for our liking.

But, Prey’s great vibes and impeccable service were the night’s highlights. The waitstaff was professional and friendly, and the restaurant was relaxed and inviting.

Unfortunately, this is not a kid-friendly establishment, so parents should know that before bringing their younger children.

5. Trez

Website: Trez

Address: 920 Studemont St Suite #150, Houston, TX 77007, United States

Contact Info: +1 281-501-1788


  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday to Thursday: 4 to 11 PM 
  • Friday: 4 PM to 12 AM 
  • Saturday: 11 AM to 3 PM , 5 PM to 12 AM 
  • Sunday: 11 AM to 6 PM 
Google Reviews Score4.6/5
Yelp Reviews Score4/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.2/5
Total Reviews4.1/5
Score Consistency4.1/5


  • Live DJ
  • Sophisticated chic decor
  • Crispy blackened fish
  • Creamy garlic parmesan mashed potatoes
  • Juicy rosemary jerk lamb chops 


  • Mediocre mac & cheese
  • Bitter brussels sprouts

We recently had dinner at Trez and tried a few of their popular entrees. 

To start, we liked that the atmosphere at Trez was bustling and sophisticated. The chic décor, with its muted color palette and modern accents, lent an air of class and elegance to the whole experience. 

Adding to the ambiance was a live DJ, providing a soundtrack of soulful, improvisational music that we thought enhanced the mood and atmosphere. 

Our first meal was the blackened fish. The fish was cooked to perfection – lightly blackened and crispy on the outside, and juicy and flaky within. 

The flavors were bold and intense but well-balanced, with a hint of sweetness and a smokiness. The accompanying garlic parmesan mashed potatoes complemented the fish perfectly with a creamy, cheesy flavor that cut through the richness of the fish. 

Our second meal was the rosemary jerk lamb chops. We thought that the lamb was cooked to a perfect medium-rare, juicy, and tender. 

We also thought that the rosemary and jerk seasoning they use added a complex depth of flavor that was both sweet and savory. The thinly sliced, crisp brussels sprouts provided a nice contrast in texture, but we didn’t like how bitter they were. 

We also tried their mac & cheese which was, unfortunately, quite mediocre. We thought that the cheese tasted like plastic and the noodles were undercooked, making it hard to chew. 

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