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Best Places To Swim In Houston for Free

Best Places To Swim In Houston for Free

Swimming shouldn’t be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy one or get one built in your backyard. There are plenty of free places to swim in Houston, and we’ll tell you all about them today.

If you’re wondering where to go, you’d be delighted to know that there are more than 30 free places to swim, and those are just the public pools. These facilities started reopening in the middle of 2021, so they’re certainly ready to accept guests today.

That being said, we’ve prepared a list of places you can access for free, or require a minimal fee for using their amenities. These locations are also well-loved day dating spots and family getaway sites.

So, let’s go over the best places to swim in Houston for free.

East Beach

If you’re down for a bit of a road trip to Galveston Island, then this beach is the best place to head to.

Not only is the East Beach free, there are also a lot of great activities you can do along its expansive shoreline. It is also one of the known spots for music festivals and concerts, so it does allow for the consumption of alcohol.

While it may not be the most family-friendly choice in this list, it is a top choice among friends and couples looking for a free place to go on a date.

Townwood Park Pool

If you’re located in the Southwest area, the Townwood Park Pool is a good destination to bring your family for a swim.

Your kids will especially love the playgrounds, slides, and rock walls. This is also a great place to jog, exercise, or simply stroll around with a companion or your pet.

If you have an apartment near this area in Houston, then you can easily access this while it’s open for the season.

Emancipation Park Pool

Situated at the southern area of Houston is the Emancipation Park Pool, a crowd-favorite facility with well-maintained amenities. 

This park got its name as the only municipal park that African Americans can use, and is now considered a historical monument for the community. The Emancipation Park Conservancy also ensures that this pool remains open all year-round, and is free of charge.

Moody Park Pool

The Moody Park includes a lot of recreation areas that’s free for guests to use all year long. Its pool even has a spacious sunbathing deck and a diving area.

One thing to love about the location is that it is surrounded with a good downtown view, a baseball field, basketball and tennis courts, and many playgrounds. You can even see a Vaquero sculpture from there – a favorite spot for some photographers in Houston.

This is one of the best public pools located up north of Houston.

Metropolitan Multi-Service Center Pool

This option offers an exception because it is not open for general public use. However, it is a free pool for the disabled, or individuals with physical disabilities.

Any youth or adult with impairments in vision and mobility, but are able to function on their own, are free to use the pool at the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center Pool. Although it should not be used for private therapy or rehabilitation.

If you currently have back or muscle pains, we recommend you head to a therapist or chiropractor in Houston before swimming.

Memorial Park Pool

All Houstonians have the chance to not only exercise and enjoy the outdoors, but also experience their community through public places like the Memorial Park. The best part is that we can use their swimming pool for free.

That said, the memorial park pool is a great place to meet friends and bond with the family during the summer months. Some athletes even do their training here before going on open swimming and triathlon events.

However, it must be noted that membership is required for guests to enjoy the rest of the amenities for free.

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