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The 5 Best Houston Speech Therapists

The 5 Best Houston Speech Therapists
  • Credentials - We selected speech therapists based on their reputation, certification, and training.
  • Experience - We based this on how many years they have worked in the field and if they have experience working in any specific specialization.
  • Services - We chose speech therapists who offer a broad range of speech therapy treatments.

1. Open Door Pediatric Therapy 

Address7915 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W Suite 300, Houston
Contact Number+1 713-352-8090
Total Reviews4.67/5
Score Consistency4.67/5


  • Accommodates individuals with autism
  • Caregiver involvement


  • Closed on weekends
  • Limited experience

Open Door Pediatric Therapy is a great choice for those who are looking for a speech therapist for their child who may have learning or sensory difficulties. It’s especially ideal if you want to be involved with your child’s therapy sessions and progress. 

We love that its services aren’t limited and try to accommodate every type of child. We admire its services and its passionate staff who prioritize floor-time-based therapy so it’s functional and can easily be transferred to an at-home setting. 

We also love that the therapy sessions make an effort to involve the parents and the child’s support systems. This makes us feel like we can trust their methods more as it isn’t as clinical or detached as traditional therapy methods. 

Open Door is so committed to caregiver appreciation that they even allow parents to relax and wind down a bit during their child’s therapy session. They provide massage chairs, refreshments, and noise-canceling headphones to help you relax. 

Despite its staff’s limited experience on account of being relatively young in the field, Open Door has been rated one of the top 15 Best Speech Therapists in Houston. This shows us that it still has a capable and competent team of speech pathologists. 

2. Speak for Yourself, LLC

Address2180 N Loop W #160, Houston
Contact Number+1 832-831-0043
Total Reviews4.7/5
Score Consistency4.7/5


  • Full-service evaluations
  • Variety of speech treatment 
  • Provides ongoing education


  • Limited operating hours

The speech therapists from Speak for Yourself are one of the best options for those who are looking for quality one-on-one therapy sessions. We can recommend this speech therapist if you’re looking for augmented alternative communication methods. 

One of the main reasons why Speak for Yourself made our list is because of its capable team of therapists who provide full-service evaluations. This means that the therapists try to understand your child’s current speech and language level before proceeding.

Not only does this save you and your child some stress but it also allows Speak for Yourself to provide more effective therapy. This makes us feel like the therapists understand how to efficiently leverage their expertise and training to help the patient. 

We also appreciate that it’s committed to providing ongoing education to its patients, family, and other support systems to deliver a holistic therapeutic service. We feel like this is one of the main highlights of Speak for Yourself that makes it worth considering. 

We did dislike that it had limited operating hours, especially on the weekends, which makes it difficult for those who may have busy schedules. It can also make it somewhat difficult to maintain open and effective communication throughout the patient’s care.

3. Thrive Speech Therapy, PLLC

Address7660 Woodway Dr. Suite#395, Houston
Contact Number+1 281-982-1313
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency5/5


  • Holistic approach
  • Personalized programs
  • Multiple service areas
  • Free online screening


  • By appointment only

Thrive Speech Therapy is an ideal choice for those who are looking for high-quality, personalized speech therapy sessions for their child. It’s especially ideal if you want to be involved throughout the holistic care process. 

We feel that Thrive Speech is one of the best because of its services which include a variety of language and speech development delay treatments. This makes us feel confident that it’s capable of effectively handling a broad range of cases. 

We’re delighted that it provides resources to help parents and other support systems navigate the patient’s care at home while progressing their care. We feel that these resources are one of the reasons why it’s able to provide holistic speech therapy.

We like that it offers free online screening for potential patients to evaluate and assess their needs. However, we do feel like the initial screening could have been more in-depth, but this isn’t necessarily a problem. 

We also appreciate that Thrive Speech Therapy is committed to personalized programs when it comes to therapy care. We feel that it’s incredibly important to provide each patient with their own tools to express themselves and thrive. 

One of the few things that we didn’t like about its services and therapy sessions is that it’s by appointment only. 

4. SPACE Therapy & Gym

Address1750 Townhurst Dr, Houston 
Contact Number+1 713-522-8880
Total Reviews4.53/5
Score Consistency4.53/5


  • Accommodates patients with autism
  • Offers online therapy
  • Extensive resources


  • Closed on weekends

SPACE Therapy is a great choice for those who want to quality speech therapists that have experience of aiding patients with autism. It’s especially ideal if you’re looking for speech therapists who offer online speech therapy.

We love that its services help its patients develop critical skills in language development and speech production. This makes us feel confident in its ability to effectively cater to each unique case and find what works for them.

We also like that its therapy methods apply a holistic approach that includes the caregivers and other support systems in the patient’s care. In fact, its therapists would often collaborate with you to help the patient achieve results and thrive.

We appreciate that SPACE Therapy provides a broad range of resources to help you achieve these throughout your daily life. This is a welcomed sight because it can be difficult to care for a child who has difficulty expressing themselves normally.

One of the few things we disliked about SPACE Therapy was that it’s closed on weekends which can be a cause for concern for those who have busy schedules. Even more so, if the patient has a routine that they must stick to. 

5. Total Speech Therapy

Address118 Vintage Park Blvd W500, Houston 
Contact Number+1 713-489-6697
Google 5/5
Total Reviews4.85/5
Score Consistency4.85/5


  • Full-service therapy
  • Award winning speech therapist


  • Closed on Sundays 
  • No initial evaluation

Total Speech Therapy is a great choice for those who are looking for a full-service speech therapist for their child or loved one. It’s an ideal choice for those who need specialized care as its therapists have experience helping patients with disabilities. 

This is one of the reasons why Total Speech Therapy made our list. It’s the only speech therapist who has much experience in treating patients who have cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, and Down syndrome to name a few. 

We were delighted to find out that its services highlight individualized treatment plans that feature a total therapeutic approach. This means a speech therapist team may even include physicians and other staff to help the patient through the care process.  

We love that its lead speech therapist is well-decorated with honors, awards, and citations. Especially with a certificate of clinical competence in speech-language pathology which makes us trust their processes and care even more.

One of the few things that we didn’t like about its services is that it didn’t offer any initial screening evaluation. It just went straight to scheduling a formal appointment with its staff. 

This would be a cause for concern for those who wanted to gauge their options first before committing to any one service.  

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