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The 5 Best Tree Removal Services in Houston 

The 5 Best Tree Removal Services In Houston

How We Picked: 

Availability: We chose tree removal companies with customer service that was quick to reply and flexible with appointment times.
Credentials: The companies we selected have skills and qualifications that include a significant amount of time spent working in the profession in addition to certifications and other recognitions.
Reputation: We took into consideration previous customers’ comments about their dealings with the following companies. Since a track record of positive customer reviews can help determine whether they provide outstanding service.
Services: We chose companies that either specialize in tree removal, or provide it along with a variety of other tree services

1. OM Tree Service

Website: OM Tree Service

Address: 1725 Blalock Rd, Houston, TX 77080, United States

Contact Info: +1 832-873-3766

Hours: Open 24 hours 

Google Reviews Score5/5
Yelp Reviews Score5/5
Facebook Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency5/5


  • Speedy removal 
  • Safe and organized removal
  • Prompt arrival 


  • Prices vary

Many in the community know OM Tree Service for their immediate responses and speedy turnaround of any tree services, but they specialize in tree removal. 

OM Tree Service sends out someone to inspect property and give an estimate when you call them for this particular service. Do note, though, that price estimates vary depending on the type of tree and how large it is. 

On the day of the appointment, the crew arrives at the specified appointed time or just a touch early, which many former clients expressed to us that they appreciate. 

What we also like about OM Tree Service is that they do not waste time upon arrival. Instead, they get to work, and they work efficiently.

Additionally, the supervising technician oversees the safety of the entire tree removal crew. Clients can expect the work to be finished in approximately half the estimated time when done correctly.

When we observed OM Tree Services’ tree removal crew at work for ourselves, we noted that they were professional in their interactions with their clients and their use of chainsaws when cutting down branches and the trunks of trees. 

We liked how they maintain safety. They use ropes to pull and maintain an organized workspace, carrying many branches and trunks to the dumpster. 

What is more, if the tree removal crew at OM Tree Services does not finish within the same day, they return the next day to continue the work and leave their client’s backyard looking like they had never been there.

2. Nature’s Tree Removal

Website: Nature’s Tree Removal

Address: 8300 Farm to Market 1960 Road W, Suite 450, Houston, TX 77070

Contact Info: 713-824-9036

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 8 AM to 7:30 PM

Google Reviews Score4.9/5
Yelp Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews4.9/5
Score Consistency4.9/5


  • Variety of tree removal methods
  • High-quality service
  • Clean and thorough 


  • Expensive 

Nature’s Tree Removal provides tree trimming, tree cutting, and other similar services to customers in the Houston area. 

Many locals praised Nature’s Tree Removal service’s reliable customer care, boasting how even in the event of a storm, Nature’s Tree Removal is available around the clock, seven days a week, to remove any trees that have been damaged. 

We checked them out to see if this is true. True to the claims, Nature’s Tree Removal is available all year round, which is a definite bonus. 

Trees with shallow root systems or broken branches can benefit from the cabling and bracing services offered by the company’s arborists too. And of course, overgrown or decaying trees can be removed at a client’s request. 

While their services are by no means budget-friendly, the high prices may be because Nature’s Tree Removal provides various ways to remove an unwanted tree. These include root barrier installation, stump removal, grinding, pruning, and land clearing. 

Furthermore, after an estimate is given, we like how Nature’s Tree Removal doesn’t surprise their clients with extra fees. 

Additionally, their tree removal team provides thorough and accurate advice when it comes to analyzing tree health and making suggestions. 

We like how clients receive high-quality service with every tree removal job as their crew handles everything from trimming the tree leaves to wood chipping and stump removal to final cleanup.

3. Valerio’s Tree Service & More

Website: Valerio’s Tree Service & More

Address: 6305 Wedgefield Street, Houston, TX 77028

Contact Info: 832-787-2221


  • Monday – Saturday: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday: Closed
Google Reviews Score4.9/5
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.8/5
Total Reviews4.7/5
Score Consistency4.7/5


  • Flexible schedule 
  • Non-invasive tree removal 
  • Has company insurance
  • Quality workmanship 


  • Expensive

For over 20 years, Valerio’s Tree Service & More in Houston has helped homeowners with their tree problems. 

We like how assistance from them is available throughout the week when customers need trees cut down or planted in their yards, proving that they prioritize communication. 

They also have a personal touch. Upon contacting Valerio’s Tree Service & More for a price estimate of tree removal services, Valerio (the owner) goes out to his client’s homes to look at the property and the trees he’ll be dealing with. 

Besides giving his clients an estimate, we like how he gives them advice about removing the tree most securely and effectively as possible.

Additionally, we like that they’re bonded and insured. We find this notable because it demonstrates to clients that they value accountability. 

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that when setting up an appointment for the tree removal day, Valerio is flexible and adapts to his client’s schedule. 

As far as tree removals go, Valerio and his crew use a crane to help get rid of large overgrown trees such as Live Oaks and use stump grinders to remove unwanted stumps in a non-invasive manner. 

We also like how during the removal process, Valerio and his crew take their time and get it done the first time properly, emphasizing their quality workmanship. 

Besides getting the job done efficiently, Valerio’s Tree Service & More get it done safely too. To avoid damaging roofs or fences, they ascend to the top of the tree and string ropes and lower massive limbs with care.

4. Houston Tree Removal

Houston Tree Removal's Homepage

Address: 11385 Jones Road West Suite E, Houston, TX 77065

Contact Info: 832-890-5679

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 8 AM to 8 PM

Google Reviews Score4.3/5
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4.5/5


  • Emergency removal services
  • Adheres to safety standards 


  • No immediate price estimates 
  • Unorganized work environment 

Houston Tree Removal offers tree pruning, tree planting, deep root fertilization, and tree and stump removal. Their team of professional arborists inspect trees for signs of damage or illness for clients who are unsure of what services they need. 

But for our topic today, what we find most notable about Houston Tree Removal is that they offer emergency tree removal services around the clock. 

Additionally, during our observation of their crew, we thought they interacted with their clients well and adhered to safety standards during tree removals. 

Although they do not give out price estimates, we liked how the foreman and crew immediately arrived at their clientele’s homes to inspect the situation. 

We did note, though, that for trees leaning on the house, cracking and rotting, the price estimates changed depending on how long the removal would take. Fairly normal, even so.

It’s a good thing that Houston Tree Removal also used the proper protective gear when handling the chainsaws and ensured their clients would not be in harm’s way. 

Moreover, when speaking to the client, they happily answered questions regarding the overall process. 

While we liked how Houston Tree Removal’s crew efficiently completed the tree removals, we disliked how they left the trash on their client’s property and were not organized with their work environment. That part of the job could’ve been better.

5. Trees Unlimited

Trees Unlimited's Homepage

Website: Trees Unlimited

Address: 2062 Harland Dr, Houston, TX 77055, United States

Contact Info: +1 713-688-6739

Google Reviews Score4.4/5
Yelp Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews4.4/5
Score Consistency4.4/5


  • Open 24/7 
  • Helpful administrative team 
  • Knowledgeable and precise removal crew


  • Expensive
  • Specializes more in saving trees 

Trees Unlimited has provided reliable tree care in Houston since its founding in 1976. The company has skilled arborists on call 24/7 to address any tree-related concerns. 

First, we like how the administrative team is always willing to help out in any way possible. Every client we talked to only had praise for their team. 

Now, as for their actual tree removal services, they’re quite prompt. It’s not their specialty, but they do it very well – certainly well enough for us to get a lot of recommendations about them!

The tree removal crew at Trees Unlimited appear knowledgeable and precise when removing trees. Watching them at work, you get a sense of efficiency and control over the amount of destruction (because tree removal is usually that) involved.

What we find notable about Trees Unlimited is that they provide general liability insurance, which protects clients in case of harm done to them or their property. Additionally, we like how their equipment is top-notch and is handled safely. 

The Trees Unlimited removal crew also ensures that no tree debris is left behind on their client’s property. What we like the most is that they go out of their way to even trim any trees that are overgrowing or on the borderline of appearing unhealthy.

FAQs about Tree Removal in Houston 

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