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Top 5 Best Houston Watch Repair Centers

Top 5 Best Houston Watch Repair Centers
  • Experience - We chose watch repair services with highly trained and experienced technicians who can perform various repairs.
  • Services - We based this on the range of watch repair services the service offers for different types of watches.
  • Price - We selected repair centers that provide cost-effective services.

1. Little Watch Shop

Little Watch Shop's Homepage
From the Little Watch Shop website
Address1919 S Shepherd Dr, Houston
Contact Number+1 713-524-2648
Total Reviews4.46/5
Score Consistency4.46/5


  • Vintage watch repair
  • Services for high-end watches


  • By quote only
  • Limited operating hours

The Little Watch Shop is a a great choice for those who are looking for professional watch repair services. It’s especially ideal if you have vintage heirloom timepieces and other high-end watches that need repairs. 

We love that its services are straightforward and convenient to schedule. We feel that its services are focused on providing a quality service without any fluff in between. This is a big benefit for those who want to get the job done as soon as possible.

We also like that it provides third-party repairs to high-end watches, which can save you a significant amount of money. However, this may not be what you’re looking for if you’re looking for an authentic and certified watch repair center for high-end timepieces. 

One of the things that we dislike about its services is its oddly limited operating hours which can make it difficult for those who have busy schedules. While it can be convenient if you’re looking to watch repairs on a Saturday. 

We didn’t appreciate that it had a distinct lack of information and transparency about the exact processes of its repairs and the extent of them until after it provided a quote. We found this problematic throughout the experience.

2. Wheeler Watch Clinic

Wheeler Watch Clinic's Homepage
From the Wheeler Watch Clinic website
Address2935 Main St, Houston
Contact Number+1 713-526-7208
Total Reviews4.65/5
Score Consistency4.65/5


  • Excellent customer support
  • Quick turnarounds 


  • Closed on weekends
  • Limited transparency

The Wheeler Watch Clinic is a great general choice for those who are looking for quick watch repairs and maintenance. It’s especially great if you’re looking for an affordable watch repair center for your everyday watch. 

We love that its services are performed by highly trained professionals who have been in the industry since the seventies. This makes us feel confident in its services and ability to accomplish repairs in a quick and timely fashion. 

We also appreciated the various vintage and modern watches displayed throughout its in-store location. Not only does this allow you to browse through its wide selection of watches but it also showcases what kind of watches they have experience with.

We didn’t like that its services are closed on the weekends which can be a major cause for concern for those who have tight schedules. Even more so if you don’t have much free time during weekdays since they open late in the morning. 

While we dislike the general lack of transparency with some of their processes we love that it has some of the quickest turnaround time for general watch repairs of any watch repair service on our list. 

3. Kassow Jewelry Repair & Watch Repair

Kassow Jewelry Repair & Watch Repair's Homepage
From the Kassow Jewelry Repair & Watch Repair website
Address5711 Hillcroft Ave suite B-1C, Houston
Contact Number+1 832-643-4918
Total Reviews4.9/5
Score Consistency4.9/5


  • Custom design services
  • Same-day repairs 


  • Limited operating hours
  • Expensive 

The Kassow Jewelry Repair & Watch Repair is one of the best watch repair services for those who want a full range of excellent watch repair services. It’s especially if you’re looking to add custom designs while you’re having a watch repaired.

This is one of the main reasons why we included Kassow on our list. We love that you can bring in your broken timepieces and have them expertly restored to mint condition while including custom design additions during repairs. 

We also love that its services feature same-day repair for simple everyday damages. This is a welcomed sight since many watch repair centers can take weeks to repair even if the damages are slight.  

While the cost of same-day repairs is affordable if your watch needs major repairs it may be more expensive. This means that if you’re looking for heirloom watch restoration on a budget, you may need to consider other options. 

We also found it odd that it doesn’t provide its services on Tuesdays and generally opens after noon. This means that it can be somewhat difficult to arrange repairs if you have a tight schedule.

However, you could, for example, bring in a watch for repairs during your lunch break and come back for it after your shift ends.

4. Time Center Watches 

Time Center Watches' Homepage
From the Time Center Watches website
Address1109 Bay Area Blvd suite A, Houston
Contact Number+1 713-953-7999
Total Reviews4.75/5
Score Consistency4.75/5


  • Global shipping
  • Variety of services
  • 24/7 Support


  • Limited experience
  • Expensive 

Time Center Watches are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a variety of repair services for their watch. It’s especially ideal if you aren’t exactly sure of what’s wrong with your watch to begin with. 

We love that its services provide 24/7 support so if you’re looking to get an initial quote or inquire about its services you can get a reply quickly. This is a rare sight to find among watch repair services so it’s a delight to have this level of customer service. 

We appreciate the variety of repair services it provides as it means that they cover a broad range of watch models, types, and brands. This makes us feel like its staff is well-equipped to handle a variety of repair requests and needs. 

One of the things that we disliked about its services is that compared to other services on our list, its staff are generally less experienced. This doesn’t mean its services are any less effective or professional though, it just means it has less overall experience. 

However, it charges some of the most expensive services on average which we dislike since it doesn’t mean it has the most cost-effective services. 

5. Memorial Watch Repair

Memorial Watch Repair's Homepage
From the Memorial Watch Repair website
Address14520 Memorial Dr #8, Houston
Contact Number+1 832-303-5002
Google 4.3/5
Total Reviews4.57/5
Score Consistency4.57/5


  • 24/7 Support
  • Affordable 


  • Closed on Sundays 

The Memorial Watch Repair is an ideal choice for those who want an affordable high-quality watch repair service. It’s especially a great choice if you’re looking to service a broad selection of watch brands. 

One of the main things we love about Memorial Watch Repair is its commitment to expertly repairing watches as quickly as possible. We feel that more than a description of its services, it’s a reflection of the values of its staff and business. 

We also appreciate that its services extend into a variety of vintage timepieces and other fine jewelry, which could make a one-stop shop for restorations and repairs. This showcases the expertise of its staff and how they leverage through its services.

We also liked that it provides free online estimates for its watch repair services which can save you time coming to its store in person. This would also help you budget your options and find the service that works for you.

One of the few things that we disliked about its services was that it didn’t provide that much information about its repair process. This didn’t sit with us well for a number of reasons. 

The main reason is that while some people may not want to hear about all the details, it’s important to us that these services are transparent. Especially when it comes to handling and repairing priceless heirloom timepieces. 

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