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Choosing the Houston Airport You Should Travel To

Choosing the Houston Airport You Should Travel To

Texas has a good number of airports to accommodate travels, given that it is the 4th largest state in the country. In Houston alone, there are three airports, including the one with the longest runway length.

You may even be wondering which Houston airport you should travel to. 

In this guide, we’ll go over the considerations before booking your flight. This includes the location of the apartment you’re staying in, your chosen trip destinations, and the overall convenience. 

While you can basically choose any airport, proximity still plays a role on how easy your travels will be. So, let’s take the smart route and explore our best options today.

Once you’re settled in the city, you can revisit our guide on Houston public transits.

Let’s start.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

This is the largest airport in Texas, just 23 miles north of the downtown area, and primarily serves Greater Houston. It is also the most advanced and has the best amenities and facilities.

Not only is this the main gateway to the state, but it is also conveniently located in close proximity to commercial and business districts in Houston. If you have plans to go around during the day of your arrival, then you’ve got plenty of options in this route.

As per the data in wikivoyage, the airport has a total of 5 terminals; two of which accommodate international flights, while the other three are for domestic flights. Check if your service providers have their flights accommodated here.

Just take note that the METRO Rail route doesn’t reach this area just yet, so getting a car may be your best option. You can also ask for assistance from your hotel.

William P. Hobby Airport

Considered the initial primary airport, and oldest commercial airport in Houston, this one now serves domestic flights for Greater Houston. It has a one terminal with separate concourses for domestic and international flights.

It is located at the Greater Hobby area, around the south of downtown Houston, and is in close proximity to Pasadena, Southbelt, Allendale, and Minnitex

What we love about this airport is that it is accessible via four transit lines of the METRO Rail. If you also require assistance for your baggage, their facility has courtesy telephones so you can contact your hotel for a pick-up.

Shuttles and ride-sharing services are also available.

Ellington Airport

This airport is located in Harris Country, and is intended for public and military use. It is considered an aviation reliever airport.

Moreover, it currently doesn’t accommodate scheduled commercial flights so we can rule this out of your options. Still, you can visit the new Lone Star Flight Museum if you’re done with the museums in the main area.

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