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A Nose Piercing Guide in Houston

A Nose Piercing Guide in Houston

Piercings have been around for years. Common trendy facial piercings often seen today include nose piercings. 

Still, many are unsure about what is involved with getting a nose piercing. 

Luckily for you, there’s no need to go to the bookstore to find a book about piercings because our guide will tell you everything you need to know. 

Similar to the law about tattoos, Texas state law states that you must be at least 18 years old and have proper photo identification to get a body piercing. 

However, minors can get piercings if they have a parent or legal guardian present. Even teenagers belonging to modeling agencies need their parents’ consent. 

How much do nose piercings cost?

In Houston, most nose piercings start at around $50.

The location and type of piercing make a difference as well as whether jewelry comes with the price or if it’s separate. Besides this, the price varies per jewelry piercing place.

Where should I get my nose ring placed?

Depending on personal preference, there are different placements for a nose piercing. A hoop, ring, no stud can be anywhere along the nostril. 

While many place their nose ring through the curve of one of their nostrils, the placement ultimately depends on you. 

Is there a difference between a nose ring & a stud?

With a hoop or a ring, the piercing may have to be placed lower on the nostril (especially for larger hoops and rings). On the other hand, a nose stud can be higher. 

It is good to remember, though, that the higher the piercing place, the harder it will be to change your piercing jewelry. 

Can I get more than one nose piercing on the same day?

You can get a double nose or stacked piercings done on the same day. 

Just make sure you don’t have appointments with your makeup artist or dermatologist scheduled for after because your piercing will be sore. The area around it shouldn’t be touched as much as possible. 

Does it hurt to get a nose piercing?

It does hurt to get a nose piercing, but the piercing is done quickly, so there isn’t much time to think about the pain. It’s nothing compared to getting a tooth pulled at the dentist (row18 dentist houston).

Can I use numbing ointment?

You can use a numbing ointment before a piercing if you want to. However, because it only takes seconds to complete a piercing, spending the extra money on that is not recommended. 

You might honestly be better off saving your extra cash for other things… like your next trip to the hair salon for a hairdo that goes with your piercing. 

Can I still exercise with my piercing?

Piercings can easily become irritated due to the germs and bacteria found in sweat. So if you do plan on exercising after getting a piercing, make sure you clean your piercing well and shower after. 

Should I rotate my nose piercing?

There’s no need to rotate your piercing. Rotating unclean jewelry can push dirt and germs back into the piercing, so it’s better to avoid this simply by ensuring your piercing is properly cleaned. 

Why is my nose piercing crusty?

Your piercing becomes crusty because your body is trying to heal itself. 

When dead blood cells and plasma surface, they become dry upon exposure to air. Clean your piercing thoroughly whenever you notice it becoming crusty.   

Can I stop the aftercare regimen early?

Continuing your aftercare regimen for the recommended duration is strongly recommended. Because if you do stop, you may see problems appear overnight. 

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