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The Clubs at Houston Oaks — What You Need to Know

The Clubs at Houston Oaks — What You Need to Know

The world is starting to open up again, including The Clubs At Houston Oaks. With something to do for everyone in the family, it’s a good place to go if you’re tired of staring at your apartment walls. 

So what is The Clubs At Houston Oaks

What is The Clubs At Houston Oaks?

The Clubs At Houston Oaks is a luxurious sporting and golfing club available to families. 

It is outside of downtown Houston (in the countryside) and has most things you can expect of a luxury golf club, like a gift shop, courses, gun club and range, lessons, and more.


There are three types of memberships available. 

  • Full Golf Membership: The original full golf membership provides unlimited access to all areas of The Clubs At Houston Oaks. Included are unlimited range balls and greens fees.
  • Legacy Membership: This membership includes private lodging, private dining, and entertaining privileges. Also, all of the privileges of the Full Golf membership.
  • Young Executive Membership: This membership is for members aged 25 to 39 who are aiming to be young golf professionals. This includes all the benefits of the Full Golf membership. 

All Things Golf 

The Clubs at Houston Oaks pride themselves on bringing a premier golf experience to both new golfers and experts. Their golf courses are also ranked among the top hundred in Texas due to the wide variety of golf courses available. 

Before beginning to try your hand at golf, though, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Golfing Attire 

The Clubs at Houston Oaks are strict when it comes to the golfing dress code, requiring the correct attire for all golf players before even stepping foot onto the course. 

You may need to dig through your custom closet or visit a clothing boutique to make sure you have all the golf clothing essentials. 

  • Men’s Attire
  • Men should be wearing turtlenecks or shirts with collars and sleeves. Slacks and golf shorts are acceptable, yet they must have a 6-inch inseam. 
  • Women’s Attire 
  • Women are allowed to wear blouses, golf shorts, slacks, and dresses, but of course, the inseam must be 6 inches. 
  • Shoes
  • Golf shoes that are spikeless or have soft spikes are allowed onto the golf course and other practice facilities around The Clubs At Houston Oaks.

Private Lessons 

All members of The Clubs At Houston Oaks or allowed private lessons with the head of golf instructor, Carlos Sainz Jr. Of course, there are other instructors available upon request if multiple people want lessons. 

Additionally, private lessons are available by means of video analysis; no, this is not to be confused with videography. 

The golf instructors use video analysis to examine a person’s strengths and weak points in golfing, so they can better tailor the golfing lessons to the individual. 

Furthermore, every lesson covers a variety of topics such as bunker shots, full swings, pitching, chipping, and putting. By the way, custom club fittings using the latest technology from TaylorMade and Callaway are available upon request. 

Golf Shop

In case you didn’t purchase your golf attire beforehand, the golf shop does have appropriate exercise apparel available. They also provide personalized club fittings—it’s a gift shop for all things golf.

Championship Course

The Clubs At Houston Oaks 18-hole championship course was designed to not only challenge golf players but provide a fun golfing experience for all levels of players. 

Large Oak Trees are scattered amongst the golf course—many are over 200 years old. Every hole on the championship course is unique and well placed among the fairways and greens. 

An on-site café, The Wedge, is also available to all golfers. You can access the menu through the golf carts. 

The Scrambler 

The Scrambler is a nine-hole golf course that is more family-friendly and relaxed compared to the traditional golf course. There’s even a practice facility located nearby for newbies wanting to practice their shots first.

The Scrambler course consists of two Par 4’s and seven Par 3’s. Golfers don’t need to worry about chip shots or the pace of their play. Here the golf holes wind through centuries-old oak trees bordering the nearby lake. 

Practice Facility 

The golf practice facility is perfect for players looking to hone in on their short game skills. With a combination of bunkers and greens, beginner golfers can practice a wide range of shots before moving to the official golf course. 

The practice facility provides practice tees stocked with golf balls. The practice facility can also be used for private lessons.

The Gun Club 

The Gun Club provides shooting experiences for the entire family. Whether you’re into archery or into learning how to properly hold a gun for sport, The Gun Club has it all. 

Of course, for safety reasons, all children from the ages of ten to fifteen must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

Shooting Clays

Shooting clays is a family-friendly sport with lessons available at the shooting clinics. From the top-level challenger course to the adventure course, first-timers and experts can enjoy themselves at the shooting range. 

Members of The Gun Club can take their aim and break targets one by one. There are a total of five pavilions and sixteen different traps with towers and even a wobble trap field. 

They also have a Gun Shop off to the side of the shooting range where rentals for various archery equipment and caliber shotguns are available. Extra ammo is also available for purchase.

Gun Club Grill 

Although The Gun Club does not have taco trucks on site, they do have the Gun Club Grill. Members can take a break from the shooting range to enjoy some drinks and appetizers, all the while watching sports games on the wide flat screen televisions throughout the restaurant. 


One of the recent additions to The Gun Club is their archery range. Here, parents who are unsure if they want their children to learn how to shoot with a caliber shotgun can allow their children to spend time at the archery range. 

There is no time limit on enjoying the range for members, so anyone can practice their holding techniques and do their best at hitting the moveable targets. 

Tennis Champs 

The Clubs At Houston Oaks offers private and group tennis lessons on their tennis courts. Moreover, there are year-round leagues and annual club championships held directly at The Clubs At Houston Oaks for any member who’s got a competitive spirit. 

All six of the tennis courts at The Clubs At Houston Oaks meet the U.S.T.A and I.T.F standards give tennis players the ability to play speedily surrounded by the best-LED lighting available. 

Of course, for those new to the world of tennis, there are tennis clinics available as well as lessons. The Tennis Shop not too far from the tennis courts sells racquets but also offers both re-gripping and restringing of old ones.  

Lakeside Fun 

The Clubs at Houston Oaks has seventeen different lakes and fonds where members can participate in various water activities. Such as Gun Club Lake, Muller Lake, Winter Lake, Clubhouse Lake, Watson Lake, Nelson Lake, Fares Lake, Fish Camp Lake, Park House Lake, Foyt Lake, and Havens. 

Fishing Club

At the dock and pier at The Clubs At Houston Oaks, members can pull out their fishing rods and try their hand at catching the various fishes found in the lakes. 

Some of the fishes that can be found are Tilapia, Redear Sunfish, 

Crappie, Florida Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Bluegill Sunfish, and Hybrid-Striped Bass. 

At the retail shop on the dock, members of the Fishing Club can purchase fly rods, traditional fishing rods, and even a guided fishing trip. 

Saddle Up at The Ranch 

Horseback riding is a fun activity for people of all ages to enjoy at The Ranch at The Clubs At Houston Oaks. The Ranch has 500 acres of free-range land with Criollo cattle, horses, rabbits, goats, and longhorns. 

There’s something for every rider, no matter if you’re new to horseback riding or not. Of course, there are lessons for new learners who want to learn the basics of horse riding, how to care for horses, and proper balance and control techniques. 

For more advanced riders, The Ranch provides lessons in roping, cutting, and reining cattle and horses. 

Moreover, there is boarding available for members who want to stay longer at The Ranch. Members can also bring their own horses with them to the ranch and learn to continue to build teamwork skills and strengthen the bond between them and their horses. 


With all of the fun clubs to enjoy at The Clubs At Houston Oaks, there is also a wellness center. Members who prefer to wind down after a long day and relax can do so by utilizing the following wellness spots. 

Fitness Center

The fitness center is the place to go for anyone who wants a vigorous workout. All members are allowed to use the fitness center that is open 24/7. 

While getting a workout in or doing cardio, members can look out at the serene lakes. Besides the free equipment in the Fitness Center, there are spinning rooms, a dance studio, and Pilates training available. 


The Club at Houston Oaks brings the luxury spa to you. The solitude of being in the country brings peace of mind to members as they are allowed to soak in the natural beauty all around them. 

There are separate locker rooms, showers, and steam rooms for men and women. Furthermore, there are separate treatment rooms available for members to rejuvenate, revive and restore.


There are two pools at The Clubs At Houston Oaks. Adults can relax the night away in an infinity edge pool or the jacuzzi while enjoying abundant appetizers and cocktails. 

For those with children, the family pool is a comfortable place for the whole family to relax under the Houston heat. With certified lifeguards, parents can feel safe as their kids dive off from the side of the pool. 

The Beach

The Clubs At Houston Oaks even have their own private beach available for members to enjoy. From building sandcastles to renting a kayak or even a surfboard to enjoy the waves, anyone can enjoy a quiet, fun beach day without even leaving The Clubs At Houston Oaks. 

The Bike Barn 

Houston Oaks also provides plenty of bike trails for anyone interested in cycling. The Bike Barn, which is by the tennis courts, has a wide selection of bikes for members to choose from and rent. Of course, make sure not to forget your helmets if riding through the oak groves.

Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions

Although The Clubs At Houston Oaks is a sporting club, they also provide private rental spaces for weddings. Anyone can plan their fairytale wedding among the hundreds of oak trees as a natural backdrop—which makes for excellent wedding photography

15th Century French Chapel

Yes, The Clubs At Houston Oaks has an actual chapel on site that is behind the main clubhouse. It makes for a one-of-a-kind wedding venue. 

For intimate ceremonies inside, the chapel can hold up to fifty people. Larger weddings, up to 300 guests, can be held outside in the stone-walled courtyard. 

Lakeside Pavilion 

Amidst the oak trees, the Lakeside Pavilion is available for larger weddings. The venue itself can sit up to 200 people, but 300 if it’s a cocktail-style wedding. 

The inside of the Lakeside Pavilion has two stone fireplaces, stone pillars, antique wood decorations, and a fully stocked bar upon request. 

Outside, large canopy tents, floral arrangements, ranch decorum, and bistro lighting are available for rentals from the main clubhouse too. 

Under the Oak Trees

Just outside the 15th-century Chapel, there is a giant Oak tree that has been the home of many simple wedding ceremonies. Couples have exchanged vows privately under the charming oak trees. 

There’s also shaded waterfront seating available that can hold up to 200 guests. 

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