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How much does a nose piercing cost in Houston?

How much does a nose piercing cost in Houston

Want to get a nose piercing but not sure how much they cost in Houston?

Nose piercings in Houston cost an average of $30 to $90 at different parlors. More complex piercings that require longer recovery times (like septril, septum, and rhino ones) will generally be on the higher end of that estimate.

As for the cost of the jewelry, it will also vary depending on its construction. A nostril ring or stud nose ring is one example of a relatively inexpensive piece of jewelry.

What are the different types of nose piercings in Houston? 

What are the different types of nose piercings in Houston

The different types of nose piercings are septril, septum, austin bar, rhino, bridge, nostril, nasallang, high nostril, and double nostril piercing. 

Refer to the image above to see what each one looks like. We’ll also describe each one below.

Septril Piercing 

Septril piercings are a cross between rhino and septum piercings. To pull off this piercing, you’ll need to have your septum stretched so that the jewelry can be attached from the top of your nose to the new, larger hole. 

The septum is pierced in the same way as any other ear or body piercing. The healing time varies depending on the extent of the damage to the stretched septum. 

Jewelry suggestions include curved barbells, tunnels, or plugs.

Septum Piercing 

Piercings through the cartilaginous partition between the nostrils are called septum piercings or bull piercings. 

In most cases, a standard 18-16 gauge hollow piercing needle is used for a septum piercing. Typically, a person needs between three and four months to fully recover. 

Horseshoe rings, captive rings (circular barbells), and segment rings are the best choices for jewelry.

Austin Bar Piercing

The Austin bar’s unconventional approach to nose piercing is part of what makes it so entertaining. It traverses the nasal tip horizontally but avoids crossing the nasal septum. 

For an Austin Bar piercing, a regular piercing needle is used. It takes about two to three months to heal. 

A straight barbell is recommended.

Rhino Piercing 

When done properly, the rhino piercing enters through the skin at the bridge of the nose and exits through the skin just above the septum. 

A standard piercing needle is used for this piercing. The time required for recovery is approximately three to nine months. 

The curved barbell is the perfect jewelry accessory for rhino piercings.

Bridge Piercing 

The bridge piercing is basically a hole in the bone that connects the two halves of your nose directly in the middle of your eyes. 

A standard hollow piercing needle is used for this piercing. In general, 8-10 weeks is the typical recovery period. 

Jewelry that fits for a bridge piercing are straight barbells and curved barbells.

High Nostril Piercing

The high nostril piercing is done in the same way as a standard piercing, only higher up on the bridge of the nose. 

To perform a high nostril piercing, an 18–20 gauge hollow piercing needle is typically used. 

Recovery typically takes between six and nine months. Nose rings (L-shaped) and nose studs are recommended jewelry for high nostril piercing. 

Double Nostril Piercing

This piercing is situated somewhere between the nostril and the upper nostril. Possessing this piercing is merely a formality if you already have other nostril holes pierced. 

A standard 18-20 gauge piercing needle is used for most multiple nostril piercings. Recovery typically takes between six and nine months. 

Nose rings, nose hoops, studs, screws, and bones are recommended pieces of jewelry for double nostril piercings.

Nasallang Piercing

Unlike the Austin Bar, which passes through just one nostril, a nasallang piercing penetrates both nostrils and the internal septum. 

Methods for performing a nasallang piercing typically involve using a piercing needle between 18 and 16 gauge. Typically, the healing process takes between three and nine months. 

A vertical barbell is a good choice of jewelry for a nasallang piercing. 

Nostril Piercing

The most common piercing in the nose is this one. It fits through the bridge of the nose and opens up the nostrils so that you can wear jewelry. 

The piercing of the nostrils is done with a needle of 18–20 gauge, though some piercing parlors employ the use of a piercing gun. 

About four to six months is needed for recovery. 

Nose rings, nose hoops, nose studs, nose screws, and nose bones are highly suggested jewelry for nostril piercings.

What are some different types of nose jewelry? 

What are some different types of nose jewelry

Small, straight barbells, also known as nose studs or bone nose rings, are pierced through the nose. Most people who get nose piercings wear stud nose rings. 

Nose rings with an L-bend, also known as L-shaped nose rings, are designed to fit snugly in a nostril piercing. 

Hooped nose rings are simply rounded barbells. Nose hoops are another name for these jewelry items, depending on where they were pierced. 

Earrings with captive beads are a variation on the hoop nose ring. 

Similarly to hoop nose rings, segment rings are also a form of ring for that area of the nose. 

Unlike conventional barbells, horseshoe rings have an open center. 

Screw nose rings (also known as “screw rings”) resemble a corkscrew and fit snugly in a nostril piercing. 

Some piercings of the nose use straight barbells, which are also suitable for use in other piercings. 

Septum piercings require a special piece of jewelry known as a septum ring. 

If you want the look of a nose ring but aren’t quite ready to commit, a fake ring is a great option.

What are the costs of different nose piercings in Houston? 

Piercing TypeCost
Septril Piercing$50 - $100
Septum Piercing$40 - $100
Austin Bar Piercing$35 - $70
Rhino Piercing$50 - $100
Bridge Piercing$30 - 60
High Nostril Piercing$40 - $60
Double Nostril Piercing$30 - 90
Nasallang Piercing$30 - 50
Nose Piercing$30 - 90

FAQs about Nose Piercings 

How long does a nose piercing take to heal?

It takes an average of 4–6 months for the standard nostril piercing to heal. However, the time required for some piercings can be significantly longer.

Before getting your nose pierced, you should consult a piercing expert about the recovery time.

Do nose piercings hurt?

Nose piercings hurt, but every individual’s pain threshold is different. 

Before getting pierced, you should discuss pain management with a professional piercer. Each individual experiences pain and recovers at a different pace.

Should I pierce my nose at home?

You should not pierce your nose at home. 

If you want to avoid complications like infections and scarring, getting your piercing done by a professional is a must. If you want your piercing to heal properly, you should only have it done by a trained professional.

When can I change my nose jewelry?

You can change your nose jewelry after the piercing has healed. Not changing your nose jewelry soon after helps to prevent infection and piercing rejection. 

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