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Discovering the Beauty of Diversity in Houston

Discovering the Beauty of Diversity in Houston

Hailed as the most diverse in the US, Houston ranks well with the varying nationalities that live within the city. This accounts for the cultural, religious, socioeconomic, and household aspects that constitute the communities. 

But, how diverse is Houston really?

Let’s go over the data to prove that not only is this Texan city a welcoming home to live, but also a sustainable place to thrive and a safe place to go around.

This information can be incredibly helpful – whether you’re moving to the city looking for a place to live, or just coming over for a weeklong vacation.

The Data on Diversity

Houston, being a home to over 2 million Americans, is a melting pot of culture and community. The population consists of 7 races, with white Latinos,, and African-Americans comprising the majority.

That said, the most commonly spoken non-English language in the city is Spanish at 80%, followed by Chinese at 2.89%, and Vietnamese at 2.95%.

Data also shows that in 2019, almost 30% of the occupants of Houston were residents born from a different country. The most common origins of the foreign-born population are Mexico, India, and El Salvador.

Reports also show that Texas is among the 6 most culturally diverse states. This list includes New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois, and Maryland.

That said, this information also shows us why more people are choosing to move into Houston, as compared to other metropolitan areas.

Factor Ranking

We took into account the cultural, religious, socioeconomic, and household factors of Houston, as compared to 501 cities of similar population.

As per cultural diversity, Houston ranks 31st. This refers to the variety of ethnicities within a locale or an area.

As per religious diversity, Houston ranks 53rd. This refers to the differences between religious practices and beliefs, and the coexistence between these groups.

As per socioeconomic diversity, Houston ranks 96th. This refers to the differences between members of the community when it comes to educational attainment, occupation, and income.

As per household diversity, Houston ranks 136th. This refers to the variety of familial units coexisting within a community.

Equal Opportunity

Lastly, at the heart of diversity, is a kind coexistence between people, in spite of the differences. That said, we’re all aiming for equal opportunity.

As per their city government, their initiatives are aiming towards a more diverse workforce, especially for public service professions.  That means no tolerance for discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Moreover, these opportunities are open to all, without limiting applicants because of their sex, ethnicity, racial origin, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or pregnancy.

They are also paving a better way for applicants with disabilities so they can find job opportunities more suited to their skills.

Given that Houston offers more job opportunities to both sub-baccalaureate workers and professionals, it shows us more reasons why the city is a great place for growth.

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