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Dos and Donts When At A Farmers Market in Houston

Dos and Donts When At A Farmers Market in Houston

Going to the farmer’s market is among the best things to do during a warm Houston day. This kind of place fosters a sense of community in Houston neighborhoods.

It is an effective way of connecting the buyer directly to the seller. Moreover, it is an opportunity to have a more sustainable and affordable way of life.

And, like in every event, a standard of decorum must be observed.

So if you’re wondering what you should and should not do when in a farmer’s market, check out the summary that follows.

What to do:

  • Be supportive of local products
  • Bring your own bag
  • Bring cash
  • Ask questions
  • Connect

What not to do:

  • Haggle for the price
  • Take many food samples
  • Mishandle or damage items
  • Litter

What To Do in a Farmer’s Market

One thing you can certainly do at a farmer’s market is to support local products and services. After all, that is the purpose of the whole set-up.

Other things you can do when visiting is to bring your own shopping bag and water bottle. It may take you a while to go from one booth to another, so make sure you’re hydrated, and you have a bag to carry all your items.

While credit is good, it is best to bring some cash with you. Most farmer’s market vendors don’t have the machines to accept card payments, so bring money – preferably in smaller bills.

Also, don’t forget to ask questions and express genuine interests for their products and produce. 

Initiate small talk about the best times to plant vegetables. Inquire about the available scents of their candles, or if they make the crafts themselves.

Connect with the community.

What Not To Do in a Farmer’s Market

Buying from a farmer’s market may mean that you are buying from small business owners, but that doesn’t mean everything will come cheaper. That said, don’t haggle.

Supporting these businesses means acknowledging that whatever profit they earn will help them grow their livelihood. Don’t be stingy just to save the few bucks you will gladly splurge at malls like The Galleria.

Speaking of cutting costs, don’t abuse the free food samples. Getting a free taste here and there is part of the experience, but remember that the purpose of these samples is to get you to buy the product.

Every vendor in a farmer’s market worked hard on whatever they display, so make sure you are handling them properly. Any damage on these products may mean less income, so be careful.

Most importantly, clean up after yourself and pick up any litter you encounter. By doing this you are also helping the community while helping the environment.

Farmer’s markets in the city 

There are plenty of markets being set up in Houston, one of those is aptly named The Houston farmer’s market. It is located at Airline drive and is open everyday.

Other markets are the Urban Harvest at the Buffalo speedway, the Memorial Villages in Beinhorn road, the market at Railway Heights, and the Braeswood market in Hillcroft ave.

Feel free to check out your online maps on which farmer’s markets are near your area, and when they are open during the week.

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