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Everything You Need to Know about Downtown and Uptown Houston

Everything You Need to Know about Downtown and Uptown Houston

Downtown and Uptown Houston are among the most commonly-mentioned destinations in the city. If you’re moving into the city, these areas are certainly the first ones you need to explore.

But, how different are these areas really?

To simplify things, this is how they differ.

Downtown is located at the lower part of the center, and is the heart of Houston. It is considered a central business hub, but generally a civic area.

Uptown Houston, on the other hand, is at the northern center, and is a more upscale area. This is where you can find high fashion and luxury items, and elite commercial establishments.

Still, there is more to know about these vital Houston zones. 

Let’s dive right in.

What to love about Downtown Houston

There is something for every kind of person in Downtown Houston. Not only is the atmosphere culturally-diverse, but it is also a place full of recreation, entertainment, work, and great food.

If you like being outdoors, the Discovery Green and Market Square Park are wonderful areas to exercise, walk around, and have a picnic. These open-air parks also act as social-civic centers for city activities.

There are plenty of things to do here as a tourist, like joining the historical bike tour, trying the tunnel system, checking out the museums, and visiting the Bayou place. As a Houstonian, this area can easily be part of your day-to-day life.

The days here are as lively as the nights, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on all the fun.  

Nightlife isn’t confined to the bars as well, because the city offers a lot of wholesome activities for everyone to enjoy. You can try out escape rooms, watch experimental films in indie theaters, or try out signature dishes from different cuisines.

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What to love about Uptown Houston

This bustling commercial area offers the best brands, amazing dining and buying experience, and overall impressive architecture to any tourist or Houstonian. It is also home to the largest and grandest shopping mall in Texas, The Galleria.

If shopping and retail therapy is your thing, then this part of Houston will easily be your favorite. The Gerald Hines Water Wall, a multi-storey water feature surrounded by oak trees, is located nearby, and is indeed a sight to behold.

Everything high-end, exclusive, and luxury is here, and that means you also get to try out interesting things like making your own wine, painting while having cocktails, ice skating, and even watch a film at the rooftop cinema.

If you’re looking to be near The Galleria, which is the heart of Uptown Houston, you have plenty of high scale hotels and accommodations to choose from. If you’re moving in this area, the Greater Uptown neighborhood is by far one of the best and the safest in the city.

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