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Exploring the Best of Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida

Exploring the Best of Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida

There’s so much to love in a city filled with warmth and sunlight. So when we talk about Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida, we can vouch that these are wonderful places to go.

Planning to move into a new city or choosing the ultimate summer destination? Each of these two cities make for a great choice.

However, if you’re torn between these two cities, we’ll help you out.

Let’s explore the best that Houston and Tampa can offer you. Hopefully, this can help you determine which city suits you best.

General livability

While both cities are generally livable, Houston has better public healthcare, lower VAT, rent cost, and unemployment rate. Houston housing costs are 18.3% cheaper and medical expenses are 6.6% cheaper than Tampa.

Tampa, on the other hand, has a significantly lower crime rate, higher annual income, and better public school funding. Also, it ranks as 66 in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.

Then again, if we take salary into account, employers in Tampa pay less than those in Houston by 7%. While this may depend on the type of job and the industry, it also bears noting that the general cost of living is also more expensive in Tampa.


When it comes to the heat and humidity, many might say that Houston and Tampa are on par. But we may have to take some things into consideration, and how this heat may affect our way of life.

Both areas are humid, but also receive respite from the sea breeze because Tampa is in a peninsula state, and Houston is also near the gulf coast. However, many point out the major difference that Tampa has humid heat, while Houston has drier heat.

Another thing that contributes to this heat is the worsening traffic in both of these cities. Houston’s one disadvantage in this case is its wider land area, so it will take you longer to get from one place to another.

Recreation and Travel

In connection to these cities being near the coast line, we have to give it to Tampa for having beautiful beaches. A lot of their recreation and activities are also centered in water sports.

Houston also has nice beaches, but it’s not mainly known for that. Their beaches are a few hours away, so you may need to spare a day just for traveling.

However, Houston is a great place to explore communities, cuisines, and city life. With that, both areas have plenty of historical spots, museums, parks, and zoos for locals and tourists to go to.

Careers and Job Market

Given that Houston is a hub for energy, aerospace, and medical industries, there are technically more openings for these types of jobs in this city.

Then again, Tampa also has their job market grow by 21.5% in the past decade, which is 15% higher than that of Houston. Its unemployment rate is also lower than in Houston.

Both cities are generally diverse, with their local government passing initiatives to promote inclusivity in various workplaces. 

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