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Family Date Night Ideas in Houston

Family Date Night Ideas in Houston

Spending some nights in the city is not new to the people of Houston. In fact, most of the places here were set-up in a child-safe and family-friendly way.

You can definitely have a family date night in the comfort of your own home. But, when times arise that everyone is in the mood to go out, we have some ideas you need to try out at least once a year.

There are plenty of ways to spend time with your loved ones. Some family date night ideas include eating at unique restaurants, visiting picturesque locations, museums, and zoos! 

Are you ready to find out what you can do together? Let’s read on!

Pump up the adrenaline

If you want your kids to get on their feet for some long-awaited family fun, then bringing them to the Inspire Rock might be a good idea. This indoor rock climbing center is a wonderful place to enjoy the heights while remaining safe and secured.

This is also where many families discover their love for energy pumping activities, which leads them to engage in more outdoor trips over time.

The best thing here is that even kids are allowed to do the climbing themselves, and kids under three can come in for free. As for the gear, the facility offers rentals, but you are free to bring your own.

Learn more about what’s out of this world

We’ve got a vast universe beyond our planet, and learning more about it can be an enriching experience – both for the kids and the adults.

Going to the NASA Johnson Space Center is not only a way to engage our family with historical American moments in outer space, but is also an interactive experience that promotes better comprehension.

You may find yourself in awe, but you shouldn’t be surprised if your kids no longer want to leave. That said, we recommend you come a little earlier since it closes at around 6:00pm.

Enjoy the evening symphonies

Many may think that orchestras and musical performance aren’t for children, but we beg to differ. In fact, if you have a musically-inclined kid in the family, you have all the more reason to bring them to the 7:00pm evening concerts of the Houston Symphony.

The group comprises a diverse group of composers and performers, aiming to bring top quality and exceptional shows that will leave you in awe. 

The Houston Symphony performs in either of these four places: the Jones Hall, the Sarofirm Hall, the Cynthia Woods Hall, and the Miller Outdoor Theatre. Just secure a reservation and check out the directions and parking before heading over.

Having dinner underwater

Our first suggestion: have your kids experience dining in an aquarium – literally!

The Downtown Aquarium offers an underwater dining experience where you can see fish swim around the walls of the restaurant you’re eating in. This is definitely a great place to bring the entire family, and kids under the age of two can get in for free.

The best days to go here are on Fridays and Saturdays, since they close relatively earlier during other days of the week.

Enjoying the waterwall at night

After dinner at Uptown Houston, the entire family can head over to the Gerald Hines Waterwall. The spectacular view of this towering water feature with lighting is a mesmerizing view that is not only worthy of a photo, but is definitely an experience that’s one for the books.

Experience urban landscapes at night

Another place in Downtown you can go for family date night is the Discovery Green park, which remains open until 11:00pm.

This 11-acre public park is one of the most beautifully landscaped urban green spaces in Houston, and is a generally safe place to explore. 

You and your family can also partake in a dining experience at either the Grove or the Lake House. Both of these places offer hearty portions of delectable dishes that you can enjoy with a spectacular evening view of nature.

Going to the Children’s Museum

A museum that kids love and adults adore is the Children’s Museum of Houston, an interactive and vibrant display of exhibits that make for the great end of a long day. This is certainly a feast for the eyes, so always have your camera on the ready.

This makes for a wholesome family experience because the children are entertained throughout, and the adults get to revisit their creative side. After the long trip, you can also grab a healthy bite at the Fresh Cafe.

The best part – you can get in for free on Thursdays.

Visiting the zoo lights

If you’re especially fond of animals, visiting the Houston Zoo for their night events is an experience everyone should have as a family.

Going to the zoo during the day means you get to see more animals, since they are more active during the morning. However, going there at night means witnessing an elaborate display of colorful lights, which is more mesmerizing during Christmas.

The lights run every night up to 10:00pm in the evening. Still we recommend you check their calendar of events so you can set up the best available date for the family.

Play some board games

You can have a game night at home – of course. But if you prefer a change in scenery, you can play some board games at the Coral Sword.

Dubbed as the friendly neighborhood games cafe, this unique spot in Houston is one of the best spots to spend the evening. If you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, or Magic: the Gathering, this is a good place to introduce the game to your kids.

Another thing to love is that you can take your personal games here as well. They also have a selection of healthy drinks and gamer grub to keep the hunger at bay during game time.

Get your hands dirty!

If you’re due for a weekend of art-making and crafting, then you can head over to the Mad Potter to try out pottery and painting before dinnertime. They don’t require reservations, so you’re free to bring your kids anytime.

The best part is that after the bonding session, you get to bring a little souvenir to decorate in your home. 

If you find that this sort of activity piques your kids’ interest, you can secure them a spot at the Hands-on Houston, held at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. This event is free every month, and can be a great way to hone your little artists’ skills.

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