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Fun Things To Do Around Lake Houston

Fun Things To Do Around Lake Houston

There are many things you can do in Houston. But, if you’re a lover of outdoor living, then Lake Houston should be one of the places on your bucket list.

Now, you must be wondering what things you can do when in Lake Houston.

Well that is exactly what we will discuss in this simple but straightforward guide about this beautiful reservoir park along the San Jacinto River. It’s not even far from downtown Houston, being just a 15-mile drive away.

So get ready because you’ll be packing your bags after learning about all the fun things to do around Lake Houston.

Old Macdonald’s farm tour with the family

If you’re traveling with your kids, take them on a quick tour around Old Macdonald’s farm. This 15-acre farm features cattle and herding animals, as well as a few exotic animals, making it a good place for a day date.

This not only renews children’s interests for animals, but also their love for nature. For a small admission fee, you and your family can go on a tour during the morning to start things off.

Day-trip or overnight camp at the Lake Houston Wilderness Park

Once you get to the place, you’ll certainly want to stay a good while. We’re hoping you have a good photographer with you, because you’d want to capture all the scenic views of the park and lake.

You can spend your day-trip boating, fishing, taking a dip, and going on a hike at the wilderness park, a heavily forested area up North. This is also an interesting spot to take some videos.

If you’re thinking of staying for the night, they have a campsite available to occupy. They also offer rental of camping facilities and lakeside cabins to stay in. 

Go on a hike at the Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens

Looking for a beautifully landscaped trail for a romantic stroll and a quaint picnic? Then this spot at Lake Houston is a good place to go on a date for free!

The Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens contains the most diverse collection of cultivated native plant species in Houston. This definitely makes it a beloved place for home gardeners and landscapers alike.

Try out some local craft beers at the Ingenious Brewing Company

If you would fancy some beers before your day comes to a close, there are a few spots you need to check out.

Firstly, there’s the Ingenious Brewing Company around the Humble border, the Back Pew Brewing on the edge of Porter and Kingwood, the Megaton Brewery which is also in Kingwood, and the Lake Houston Brewery located over at Huffman.

Celebrate big events at The Bridge

One grand thing you can definitely do at Lake Houston is get married!

Tie the knot at The Bridge, one of the sought-after wedding venues in Houston. The venue hall has got rich brown hardwood flooring and a neutral-colored interior to suit any theme in mind.

The best part is not only will the Lake Houston staff be there to help you out, but you will be surrounded by a spectacular view of nature on your big day.

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