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Go With Us to Galleria: A Guide

Go With Us to Galleria A Guide

Every big city has its posh upscale district where the lights are brighter and the prices are higher. In Houston, that place would definitely be Uptown.

Offering only the best brands, restaurants, and accommodations, this area is over 1000 acres and can be hard to navigate for anyone new to this city. That’s why we’re here to help you out.

In this short guide, let’s go over how to explore the Uptown area, and discover all about The Galleria. After all, once you move into Houston, this is somewhere you would love to be.

Let’s jump right in. 

Best Places to go

The Uptown area is not just a wide shopping mall with open space. In fact, it has office spaces, retail areas, hotels and residential neighborhoods. What sets it apart from other areas of Houston is it offers curated experiences.

Every Houstonian local looks forward to the farmers market, where growers from all over Texas display their fresh organic produce for sale. On their website, you can learn more about the schedules, how to be a vendor, and other volunteering opportunities.

Another tourist attraction you must see is the Water Wall at Williams Tower, where thousands of gallons of recycled water forms a 64-foot wall. This was designed by architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee, and is one of the top photography spots in Uptown.

Celebrations are also best celebrated in this part of Houston, where both local and top brand businesses come together for various campaigns. With that, we recommend you come during the day for these events, so you can make the most out of the experience. Also, don’t let the transportation woes and traffic spoil all the fun for you.

The Galleria

The largest and most impressive shopping mall in all of Texas was the legacy of Gerald Hines, a real estate developer. He and his partners designed the mall to be the ultimate experience, with high-end interior accents, an ice rink, and ample open space.

When asked why he opted for a grand architectural approach, he said he wanted people to experience quality in sight, touch, and feeling. Today, the mall has become a symbol for Houstonian ideals, goals, and aspirations for the future.

That said, here are some shops you should check out at The Galleria:

If you fancy luxury wear, A. Taghi and Festari are top options when it comes to custom Italian coats and suits for men. Fashionistas also love passing by at Chanel, Carrie Ann, Elaine Turner, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

If accessories and jewelries are guilty-pleasure, then you would love High Gloss and Lesley Ann stores. Longoria Collection and Luxington are also some of the brands that offer luxurious shopping experiences that are unparalleled in Houston.

If sweets and confections are your thing, the sophisticated La Table and Cacao & Cardamom is a good stopover. As for the best restaurants, we have Caracol for seafood and cocktails; Ciao Bello for pasta and pizza; and Sozo Sushi for the ultimate skyline and sushi experience.

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