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Guide to Finding the Best Neighborhoods in Houston for You

Guide to Finding the Best Neighborhoods in Houston for You

Houston remains to be one of the most livable cities, not only in Texas, but also in the US. 

With its established system of public transport, lively malls, and family-friendly neighborhoods, we can see why people have started to move to Houston during the past years.

Houston is alive with culturally-diverse communities, and full of scenic landscapes and parks. It is also noted for the all-year-round sunny weather and good availability of housing options.

Which Houston Neighborhoods are Considered the Best?
Based on our research, the best neighborhoods in Houston are West University, Sugar Land, Montrose, Greater Heights, and Midtown. These areas appeal to different kinds of Houstonian, but we deem these the best places to call home.

Then again, it is still up to you to choose which of these neighborhoods ideally suit you and your lifestyle. So if you’re also looking for a place to stay in this city, here’s our guide to the best neighborhood in Houston.

What Makes Houston So Liveable?

What Makes Houston So Liveable

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According to the Economist report, Houston has risen up the index ranks as one of the most liveable cities worldwide. It secured a spot as the 31st in 2021, with a livability index overall rating of 84.

Statistics aside, there are many factors that make Houston an impressive city to live in – whether you’re with your family, or are a young professional looking to start a career.

Diversity, for one, is a factor that sets Houston apart from most cities in Texas. Not only is it a melting pot of culture, but it is also home to approximately 7 races speaking various languages, mainly Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and English.

The city offers equal opportunity, with the city government starting initiatives to diversify workplaces and allow no discrimination in any platform or institution. There are also plenty of job opportunities in industries like energy, aeronautics, and medicine.

Furthermore, it is relatively cheaper to stay in Houston, than in other urban developed cities in the US. This case is the same for both homeowners and renters, but rates may vary depending on the affluence of the chosen neighborhood.

That said, choosing the most suitable neighborhood for you can be a challenge, but is well achievable. 

Let’s go over the factors to consider.

Looking For A Good Neighborhood In Houston

Looking For A Good Neighborhood In Houston

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Safety and security is among the topmost priorities when looking for a home to move into. This is especially the case if you have your family with you.

While the safest and most secure neighborhoods guarantee longevity, what it puts into a compromise is the budget for the cost – if there is any.

Younger people usually look for the most affordable areas during their transition periods. This may entail less security, a challenge in accessibility, and spatial limitations.

Another essential factor is accessibility and proximity to important locations, like workplaces, hospitals, banks, malls, and schools. Nearby amenities help make daily life easier, and a shorter commute time is almost always preferable than getting a car.

The Houston public transportation system also has a fixed route to help people move around the city.

Lastly, another crucial element to consider when looking for is a healthy environment. This entails ample green spaces, good air quality, and a welcoming local community.

Our top picks for the best neighborhoods in Houston

With all that being said, we took all those aforementioned factors into account to present the best neighborhoods in Houston. While there are plenty of areas qualified for liveability, we narrowed our top picks to five.

So if you’re planning to move anytime soon, these are some of the areas to consider.

West University

West University

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Affluence and safety go hand in hand when it comes to West University. While it may not be an affordable choice, it guarantees the value of your money through security and comfort.

Located in Harris County, this is the best choice for both young professionals and families. It is also aptly hailed the best neighborhood in Texas to live in.

The Little League baseball scene in the West University area also contributed to the prominence of this location. We should also note that the area has a low crime rate, high median household income, and a strong job market.

The neighborhood is conveniently in close proximity to medical centers, expansive green areas, and other essential amenities. A range of transportation is also available in this area, as well as access to cultural destinations and metropolitan zones.

Sugar Land

Sugar Land

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If you’re moving in with your family, a good choice is Sugar Land.

The area is in close proximity to great schools, and ranks as among the best suburbs in all of Texas. It also has a stable local economy, with a thriving diverse community engaging in outdoor activities.

It has a higher cost of living as compared to other neighborhoods, and yet its population continues to grow over the years. We can attribute this to its exceptional urban planning and low crime rate.

Many who have lived in Sugar Land long enough can attest to its well-built roads and proximity to essential amenities. Although these attributes are simple, they do contribute to the convenience of day-to-day living.

Aside from the first-class master planning, the local government also ensures residents have easy access to essential services. These includes public safety systems, and assistance for utilities like water, electricity, and recycling.

We also recommend this as an ideal choice for retirees.




If you’re of a younger demographic, and are looking to find your way in the city of Houston, we recommend you find a home in the Montrose area.

Characteristically eclectic, diverse, and bustling with social activity, Montrose is a great community for anyone transitioning from student to adult life. 

There is so much to love about the food scene, art communities, and the nightlife in this area. While it may not be the safest place to live in, it is certainly more affordable to rent a place here and grow your friend network.

Houstonians consider Montrose a cultural center, with a diverse population, an established LGBTQ community, and both public and private schools in close proximity. 

Given that this neighborhood is a dream home for art and architecture enthusiasts, it also makes for a great weekend escape for anyone looking to have a vacation in the city.

Greater Heights

Greater Heights

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Also located in Harris County, Greater Heights stands as an urban center showcasing the best lifestyle for both young professionals and small families. 

When it comes to proximity to schools and amenities, effective transportation, and good housing options, this area has got it. It also has top marks for cultural diversity, social activity, and stable job opportunities.

Given its historical significance, the homes located in the Greater Heights may have a notably Victorian style and spacious lawns. It is also aptly named for its higher ground, thus less concerns for flooding.

This neighborhood has a good walkability rate and a low crime rate. The most common renters in this area are young professionals who have been in Houston for over a few years.

We also consider this a pleasant place to raise children and live a home life.

Midtown Houston

Midtown Houston

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Our last but one of our best picks promises affordability and proximity to all essential locations. Midtown is a thriving and bustling area at the heart of Houston, offering the best food, retail and entertainment spots.

It is a few minutes away from major transportation ways, making it a top pick for accessibility and walkability. Houston’s famous METRORail is the main transport system for Midtown, thus making commuting easy around these parts.

It is also near prominent employment centers, which can make life more convenient for professionals. People living in Midtown don’t have to travel far to get to their workplace, which is always a plus.

What we love most about this place is how it makes everything feel reachable and doable. Here you are surrounded by open public spaces populated by local farmers markets, boutiques, community gatherings, and events to grow your network.

You can also experience the diversity – not just in the community, but also in the cuisine. The energy of crowds during the day is matched by the famous Midtown nightlife, which promises experiences that are for the books.

That said, we can see why there has been a remarkable boom in the population in Midtown Houston. Many developments have sprouted in the past years, both for residential and commercial zones, and we can expect more growth in time.

Coming Home to Houston

In conclusion, the best neighborhood to live in is one that not only suits your current way of life, but improves it.

Moving into a new home is challenging. However, if you can see a silver lining to this investment, rest assured that you will find yourself settled in no time.

We hope that this quick guide helped you find the best neighborhoods in Houston, and your new home.

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