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Houston CityPASS — Everything You Need To Know 

Houston CityPASS — Everything You Need To Know

Taking advantage of a Houston CityPASS is a great way to get the most out of your next Houston adventure without breaking the bank. 

No need to hire a professional organizer to help you plan your trip because we’ve already taken the liberty for you and created an easy-to-follow guide. 

Before your next great Houston adventure using Houston CityPASS, here is what you need to know.

What is the Houston CityPASS?

The Houston CityPASS is a prepaid convenient mobile ticket that allows admission to Houston’s top attractions. It makes sightseeing for tourists and locals both easier and affordable. 

What do Houston CityPASS tickets include?

While you can’t use Houston CityPASS to get free massages or for a trip to the day spa, each purchase of a CityPASS does include admission to five of Houston’s attractions. 

All tickets include admission to the Space Center Houston. Additionally, you can choose four more attractions: Downtown Aquarium, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston Zoo, Kemah Boardwalk, Children’s Museum Houston, and Museum of Fine Arts. 

Note: there is no need to decide which attractions you want to visit immediately, but we recommend making reservations at your chosen attractions. 

How much are Houston CityPASS tickets?

Tickets for adults (ages 12+) can be purchased for $64.00.  Children’s tickets (ages 3-11) are sold at $54.00. 

How long do Houston CityPASS tickets last?

CityPASS tickets remain valid for nine consecutive days. Do note that you can start using your tickets from the moment you receive your emailed tickets. 

However, you have one year from the date of purchase to use your unused Houston CityPASS tickets. 

Just be careful that you don’t accidentally delete your CityPASS tickets, or you may need data recovery

Where will I receive my Houston CityPASS tickets?

You will get an email containing your tickets right after purchasing tickets from citypass.com. Additionally, you can print your tickets at home or check out different local printing services if you prefer a hard copy. 

Some of the attractions also provide CityPASS admission cards upon request. 

Does it matter what order I visit the attractions?

It doesn’t matter what order you visit the attractions. If purchasing Houston CityPASS for a group of people, you can even split up and visit different attractions. By the way, you can see multiple attractions on the same day. 

What do I need to enter an attraction?

Generally, to enter the Houston CityPASS attractions, you need to present your CityPASS tickets or your attraction reservations—sometimes both. 

Can I go to the attractions more than once?

Each Houston CityPASS ticket is for one-time admission to each attraction. 

What are option tickets?

Option attractions that you can choose to visit at a discounted price with Houston CityPASS. 

Can I use my CityPASS to get discounts at attractions?

Yes! Different attractions offer different discounts with the use of a CityPASS. 

With your CityPASS and option tickets, you can get discounts off of general admission at option attractions like Kemah Boardwalk, Houston Zoo, Children’s Museum Houston, and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. 

Of course, there are other discounts you can enable as well. Just present your CityPASS upon visiting the attraction of your choosing. 

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