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How to deal with Houston airport parking?

How to deal with Houston airport parking

You can deal with Houston airport parking concerns by taking advantage of the parking solutions that Houston airports offer. Houston airports offer convenient long-term and short-term solutions such as valet parking, SurePark parking services, and offsite alternatives, to name a few.

What do Houston airports offer for long term parking? 

What do Houston airports offer for long term parking

For long-term parking, both Houston’s airports offer valet parking and the Ecopark. However, IAH provides the SurePark parking program in addition to valet and Ecopark. 

There are also additional off-site parking lots that cost only $4 per day, offer reservations in advance, and offer shuttle service.

Option 1 – Valet Parking 

The valet parking at Houston airports includes free newspapers, water bottles and the arrangement to leave your car at any terminal and arrange for it to be picked up when you get back from your trip from a different terminal.

The cost for valet parking for one whole day is $26 at Bush Houston airport and $28 at Hobby Houston airport. 

Option 2 – SurePark Parking Service

At the IAH, the SurePark parking service if you need to leave your car parked for an extended period of time. The program was specifically designed for frequent travelers who desire a guaranteed parking space close to the terminals. 

You can find the SurePark parking service in Terminal C Level 3, C East Garage. The SurePark Program rates are listed below.

  • $9.00 for 1 – 3 hours
  • $12.00 for 3-5 hours.
  • $24.00 for for 5 to 24 hours

Option 3 – EcoPark 

EcoPark makes it easy for anyone who has campers, or other oversized vehicles to have access to parking spaces—with electric charging included.

While there are reservations at IAH for ecopark lots, HOU airport does not require reservations. But it is first come, first serve. 

In addition, shuttle service to and from the terminal is offered for free at both airports.

Ecopark Shuttle locations

These are the locations where you can catch the ecopark shuttle from IAH. 

  • Terminal A: Door A – 114
  • Terminal B: Door B – 120N 
  • Terminal C: Door C – 103

As for catching the ecopark shuttle from HOU, you can catch it outside any of the terminals. 

Ecopark Parking Rates

Here are the ecopark rates for both Houston airports. 

  • IAH 
Length of TimeUncoveredCovered
0-3 hours$4.62$5.54
3-24 hours$5.54$7.39
  • HOU
Length of TimeUncovered
0-3 hours$5.54
3-24 hours$9.24

What are some off-site long-term parking alternatives?

What are some off-site long-term parking alternatives

Some off-site long term parking alternatives are Way.com, Airport Preflight Parking, Park & Fly, Fast Park and Relax. 

Alternative 1 – Way.com 

Website: Way.com 

Contact Info: 408-598-3338

Way.com is a straightforward app for making parking reservations. You can use it to look up and contrast parking prices at garages close to George Bush Airport, and secure a parking space in advance. 

Alternative 2 – Airport Preflight Parking

Contact Info: +1 713-645-2231

Address: 7901 Airport Blvd, Houston, TX 77061, United States

Airport Preflight Parking is a 24-hour guarded parking structure that provides both covered and open-air parking. Some of the things they offer are shuttle service, tire inflation service, car battery service, and free bottles of water. 

Alternative 3 – Park & Fly 

Website: Park & Fly 

Contact Info:  +1 281-590-5173

Address: 15850 John F Kennedy Blvd, Houston, TX 77032, United States

Park & Fly uses their free shuttle to pick you up and has additional services, which include luggage assistance, car detailing and car washing, as well as boarding for pets at the Pet Paradise Resort.

Alternative 4 – Fast Park & Relax

Website: Fast Park & Relax

Contact Info: +1 281-446-8636

Address: 6655 Will Clayton Pkwy, Humble, TX 77338, United States

Fast Park and Relax is a VIP parking facility that provides free luggage assistance and a free newspaper in addition to the covered and safe parking.

What is the short-term parking solution offered at Houston airports? 

What is the short-term parking solution offered at Houston airports

Terminal parking is the short-term solution that both IAH and HOU offer. Here is the location and the rates for terminal parking at both Houston airports. 

Terminal Parking Spots and Rates for IAH 

TerminalsDaily RateLocation
Terminals A & B$242800 N Terminal Road
Terminals C, D & E$263400 N. Terminal Road

Terminal Parking Spots and Rates for HOU

TerminalsDaily RateLocation
Red Garage$247800 Airport Blvd
Blue Garage$247800 Airport Blvd
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