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Houston or Austin: Which is a Safer City? 

Houston or Austin Which is a Safer City

Both Houston and Austin are lone star state cities that offer great real estate, economical living conditions, and plenty of career opportunities. However, when we talk about safety, there are a few things to consider.

In a recent 2022 study, Houston has more cases on property and violent crimes than Austin, Texas. Vandalism, theft, and drug-related issues are also more prevalent in Houston.

Based on that metric, we can conclude that Austin is safer than Houston.

Let’s talk more about that as we go on.

Safety Comparison

Data from Numbeo shows that the citizens of Austin feel more safe walking alone, both during the day and at night, than those who live in Houston. We can attribute this to their disparity in the crime index of each city.

Currently, Houston has a crime index of 64.4 out of 100, while Austin has 37.63 out of 100. As for the safety scale, Houston has 35.60 and Austin has 62.37.

Study does show that the crime rate has indeed increased in these areas in the past three years, but Houstonians face more worries than Austinians.

For one, people in Houston have problems with assault and armed robberies, and they have worries about getting their cars stolen, being insulted, and getting attacked. People in Austin also have concerns but are at a moderate level.

Given that Houston has this terrible sprawl and poor zoning, violent crimes in the city spill out into the suburban and residential areas. It also doesn’t help that the city has horrible traffic and the lack of government initiative to deal with the high crime rate.

 Choosing between Houston and Austin

When choosing between these cities, we can summarize Houston as the general metropolitan area where all the adventure is, and Austin where the quality of life is at its best. While that is not definitive, living in these areas come with their pros and cons.

Houston may lack in law enforcement and regulations to keep the crime rate down, but it is also a melting pot where you can meet different kinds of people. The city is also a beacon for opportunity and learning.

Then again, that is not to say that Austin doesn’t have many impressive landscapes and natural destinations to go to. We can say, however, that Austin has a more mellow atmosphere that ensures the safety and security of their own citizens.

In Conclusion

Both of these cities have so much good to offer. These cities have low real estate and living costs, and they are great for young families or professionals looking to start a new chapter in their life.

The culture, diversity, and strong sense of community is always something to love in these places. Its high-energy social climate also means you won’t run out of things to do here for fun, and many people consider that a plus.

Then again, safety does factor in as a priority, especially if you’re moving in with elderly family members or kids. That said, we hope this helps!

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