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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Public Schools in Houston

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Public Schools in Houston

Houston is becoming a magnet for families hoping to raise their children in a city bustling with culture and opportunities. 

But after moving, parents often face difficulties choosing the best school for their children. 

So, to save you time and energy, we’ve put together a list of the best public schools in Houston as well as their accountability ratings for you to see how each school can best support your child.

Elementary Schools in Houston 

Elementary Schools in Houston

Children in elementary school are beginning to develop their personalities and brilliant minds. What kids learn in school influences their learning abilities and shapes them into who they are. 

Therefore, we’ve selected the best elementary schools in Houston for you to take a closer look at. 

Roosevelt Alexander Elementary School 

Website Roosevelt Alexander Elementary School 
Address6161 S. Fry Rd., Katy, TX 77494 USA
Contact Info(281) 237 – 7100 
School Hours 7:43 AM to 3:00 PM 

Alexander Elementary school strives to encourage all students to achieve their goals while challenging themselves in an environment that may be their comfort zone.

The educators at Alexander Elementary believe that every student enrolled can reach their full potential. 

Yes, even if your child dreams of becoming a plumber or a model, they will be encouraged to work towards who they want to be in the future. 

Due to a variety of activities and programs to enrich the student experience, the curriculum is rich and unique. For example, different instructions such as Destination Imagination or Hands-On Science meet the needs of students who learn in different ways.

Accountability Ratings 

All accountability ratings are taken from the Texas Education Agency from the 2022 accountability report. 

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance7694A
Relative Performance 7689B
Academic Growth 8290A
Overall 92A

Jeanette Hayes Elementary School 

Website Jeanette Hayes Elementary School 
Address21203 Park Timbers Ln., Katy, TX 77450 USA
Contact Info(281) 237 – 3200
School Hours 7:45 AM to 3:00 PM 

Every student at JHE receives an engaging and challenging curriculum.

For their reading curriculum, students are taught guided reading in small groups. Your children will no longer be afraid of going into the bookstore with you because they will be racing through the shelves for a book of their own. 

Kids who prefer more hands-on learning are often avid fans of social studies, math, and science courses. 

Their curriculum helps students develop their writing skills in a variety of formats. Whether in the classroom or outside, students at JHE have learning opportunities.  

An example is the extra tutoring provided for students who need it. JHE also has a gifted program for advanced students to get personalized instruction one day of the week. 

On the other hand, their ESL department allows students to learn from multiple teachers in one classroom.

Accountability Ratings 

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance6591A
Relative Performance 6587B
Academic Growth 7682B
Overall 92A

Odessa Kilpatrick Elementary School 

Odessa Kilpatrick Elementary School
Website Odessa Kilpatrick Elementary School 
Address26100 Cinco Ranch Blvd., Katy, TX 77494 USA
Contact Info(281) 237-7600
School Hours 8:23 AM to 3:40 PM 

The warm, welcoming atmosphere at Kilpatrick Elementary makes students and visitors feel at home. It is impossible to walk into this building without being met with a smile. 

Students at Kilpatrick have fun learning while feeling valued and encouraged to go beyond expectations.

Every month, activities occur to help keep students motivated in their learning journey—such as poetry night, reading restaurants, etc. 

Furthermore, there are plenty of programs to enhance the fun of learning. Fishing Club, Eureka, Aerospace Program, and Accelerated Reader are just a few programs students can do.

Besides being an elementary school, by the way, Kilpatrick has a PPCD program for younger children with disabilities.

Accountability Ratings 

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance8095A
Relative Performance 8090A
Academic Growth 8793A
Overall 97A

Woodcreek Elementary School 

Website Woodcreek Elementary School
Address1155 Woodcreek Bend Ln., Katy, TX 77494 USA
Contact Info281-234-0100
School Hours 7:43 AM to 3:00 PM 

The students at Woodcreek Elementary school learn the value of respect in an active learning environment. Educators here train students to be responsible in everyday things, similar to the job of a professional organizer. 

Students also have access to on-site counseling if needed. The counselors at work one on one with different children who need extra support. 

Accountability Ratings 

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance7895A
Relative Performance 7889B
Academic Growth 8793A
Overall 97A

Tom Wilson Elementary School 

Website Tom Wilson Elementary 
Address5200 Falcon Landing Blvd., Katy, TX 77494 USA
Contact Info281-234-1600
School Hours 8:03 AM to 3:20 PM

Like a locksmith helps to keep your home safe, Wilson Elementary aspires to provide students with a secure environment where kids can do their best and be respected regardless of race. 

They are committed to bringing education beyond the classroom doors and back home, where your children can learn even while you shop at the local plant store

Indeed, the staff strives to work alongside parents to help cultivate the best curriculum for all students in the class. The aim being that no student gets left behind while on their way to creating their future.

Accountability Ratings 

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance8195A
Relative Performance 8192A
Academic Growth 8994A
Overall 97A

Middle Schools in Houston 

Middle Schools in Houston

Middle school is often the most awkward time in a young person’s life. As parents, you don’t want to make those pre-teen years any worse than it has to be. 

By choosing a reputable school, you can provide your pre-teen/teenager with what they need to grow into the person they are becoming. 

Here are a few of the best middle schools in Houston for your consideration. 

Tays Junior High School 

Website James and Sharon Tays Junior High 
Address26721 Hawks Prairie Blvd., Katy, TX 77494 USA
Contact Info281-234-2400
School Hours 8:48 AM to 4:05 PM 

Tays Junior High School reflects the positive attitude of its founders in the school’s philosophy of lifelong commitment to learning. 

In all activities and programs, students are taught not to discriminate but to practice equality. The teachers at Tays Junior High School aim to help prepare students to face the real world.

Accountability Report 

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance7995A
Relative Performance 7990A
Academic Growth 8291A
Overall 96A

Seven Lakes Junior High School 

Website Seven Lakes Junior High 
Address6026 Katy Gaston Rd., Katy, TX 77494 USA
Contact Info281-234-2100
School Hours8:48 AM to 4:05 PM 

Seven Lakes Junior High places emphasis on helping students accomplish academic excellence and become responsible adults. 

All the academic courses impart core values to each student willing to refine themselves for the better.

Accountability is on a pedestal alongside integrity to assist all students at Seven Lakes Junior High as they learn to adapt to the ever-changing world.

Accountability Ratings  

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance8396A
Relative Performance 8393A
Academic Growth 8492A
Overall 97A

Beckendorff Junior High School 

Beckendorff Junior High School
Website Beckendorff Junior High School 
Address8200 S. Fry Rd., Katy, TX 77494 USA
Contact Info281-237-8800
School Hours 8:48 AM to 4:05 PM

In the place of what used to be a rice field, you will now find a school dedicated to ensuring that all students receive the best possible education to prepare them for life. 

The school aims to give students an environment to grow, learn and feel respected. After all, the road to success is not the destination but the journey itself.

Instead of boring teachers, Beckendorff employs teachers who teach with passion and encourage their students to express themselves. Their goal is to enable students to achieve academic and social success.

Accountability Ratings

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance8296A
Relative Performance 8293A
Academic Growth 8693A
Overall 97A

Harmony School of Excellence — Sugar Land

Website Harmony School of Excellence — Sugar Land 
Address13522 W. Airport Blvd., Sugar Land TX 77478 USA
Contact Info832-532-0728 
School Hours7:50 AM to 3:25 PM 

Harmony School of Excellence – Sugar Land Middle is a public charter school that allows students to focus on specific subjects. For example, students can choose technology or engineering. 

No age is too young to begin preparing for the future—which is what Harmony School of Excellence helps its students do. 

Using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) as the cornerstone of its educational program, Harmony prepares every student for college and career success. 

Accountability Ratings 

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance6892A
Relative Performance 6893A
Academic Growth 8593A
Overall 95A

Calvin Nelms Middle School 

Website Calvin Nelms Middle School 
Address20625 Clay Rd., Katy, TX USA
Contact Info281-398-8031
School Hours7:15 AM to 1:25 PM 

Similar to being a new patient at the chiropractor, parents who wish their children to attend Calvin Nelms Middle School must fill out an application for their child. 

Before the school year begins, a raffle is held—like in bingo—if the school chooses your kid’s name, you get a spot in the school. 

Students accepted into Calvin Nelms Middle school can expect an advanced curriculum that helps them to succeed in later years.

Accountability Ratings 

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance6491A
Relative Performance 6491A
Academic Growth 7685B
Overall 92A

High Schools in Houston 

High Schools in Houston

High school is a defining period in a young man/woman’s life. It’s where most come to terms with who they want to be, or at least an idea.

Choosing an excellent high school that prepares your young adult son/daughter for the world around them is a step in the right direction. 

Below are some notable high schools in Houston to check out.

Carnegie Vanguard High School 

Website Carnegie Vanguard High School 
Address1501 Taft Houston, TX 77019 USA
Contact Info713-732-3690
School Hours 8:20 AM to 4:10 PM

Carnegie is the only high school in Houston with 100% gifted and talented students. They provide an environment for gifted and enthusiastic students to take leadership roles in modern society. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that all of their courses fall under the category of advanced AP. Yes, this includes electives and honor classes.

Students at Carnegie Vanguard reach the stars, leaving behind district standards in the dust. All students are encouraged to take up 10 AP classes; that’s to start.

Accountability Report 

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance8997A
College, Career and Military Readiness100100
Graduation Rate97.790
Relative Performance 9598A
Academic Growth 8693A
Overall 97A

Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts

Website Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts 
Address790 Austin St., Houston, TX 77002 USA
Contact Info713-942-1960

In a unique environment, Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts cultivates both artistic and academic excellence, enabling students to become confident and enthusiastic about their future. 

Kinder HSPVA is one of the first schools in Houston to have its entire curriculum based on the arts. Of course, students have standard classes like English and Math, but it’s not the main focus. 

Vocal Music, Dance, Instrumental Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Creative Writing are the core arts studied at Kinder HSPVA. 

Accountability Ratings

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance8195A
College, Career and Military Readiness8997
Graduation Rate99.595
Relative Performance 8591A
Academic Growth 7484B
Overall 97A

Clements High School 

Website Clements High School 
Address4200 Elkins Rd., Sugar land Texas 77479 USA
Contact Info281-634-2150
School Hours 7:30 AM to 2:45 PM

Providing academic excellence and social responsibility to all students is one of the objectives of Clements High School. 

Furthermore, they aim to have students gain the necessary social skills needed to succeed and stand out on top in the modern world.

Accountability Ratings

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance7694A
College, Career and Military Readiness8697
Graduation Rate99.495
Relative Performance 8188B
Academic Growth 7383B
Overall 93A

Cinco Ranch High School 

Cinco Ranch High School
Website Cinco Ranch High School 
Address23440 Cinco Ranch Blvd., Katy, TX 77494 USA
Contact Info281-237-7000
School Hours7:08 AM to 2:35 PM

Independent, creative, and logical young adults come out of Cinco Ranch High School ready to contribute to the world.

Since Cinco Ranch High emphasizes strong parent-student community bonds, the challenge of building essential characteristics in teenagers is possible. 

Additionally, various programs, resources, and support systems are available to meet the specific needs of each family. All students gifted, ESL, AP, or special education students can find their place at Cinco Ranch High. 

They don’t discriminate and provide complete access to all students for extra activities like dance, choir, and more.

Accountability Ratings

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance7093A
College, Career and Military Readiness8296
Graduation Rate99.295
Relative Performance 7689
Academic Growth 6472C
Overall 95A

Cypress Ranch High School 

Website Cypress Ranch High School 
Address10700 Fry Rd., Cypress, TX 77433 USA
Contact Info281-373-2300
School Hours7:15 AM to 2:40 PM 

Cypress Ranch High School prides itself on utilizing technology and enforcing teamwork amongst its students. 

The diversity among the students at Cypress Ranch enables all to practice incorporating real-life values in interactions with classmates daily. They endeavor to create a comfortable environment that doesn’t limit students’ potential. 

Accountability Ratings

Component Score Scaled Score Rating 
STAAR Performance7494A
College, Career and Military Readiness6892
Graduation Rate99.395
Relative Performance 7185
Academic Growth 7585B
Overall 95A
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