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The Top 10 Dream Homes in Houston 

The Top 10 Dream Homes in Houston

Creating the home of your dreams may involve multiple trips to the furniture store, custom closets, house inspections, fixing plumbing, and more. 

That being said, it’s not all about how much you’ve spent on a place. If you already have a house you love that’s perfect in your eyes—then you’re living in your dream home.

It’s still more than fun to check out the dream homes of others, though. Some people in Houston have managed to turn their dream home into a reality in really impressive ways. 

Want some examples? Here are the top 10 reality dream homes within the Houston area!

1. 2015 Back Bay Court in Nassau Bay

2015 Back Bay Court in Nassau Bay

This mansion has everything a boat lover needs on a corner waterfront cul-de-sac. On its 8,500-square-foot property, you can find a jet ski dock, a boat house, and a traditional dock. 

This dream home also brings happy hour to you with its sky bar and wine cave. 

2. 6 Electra Circle in The Woodlands

6 Electra Circle in The Woodlands

Overlooking Carlton Woods, you can hide away in this 10,543 square foot home. With a stunning pool and hot tub, it’s possible to have a luxury spa day without going anywhere. 

3. 29 Beacon Hill in Sugar Land

29 Beacon Hill in Sugar Land

This home in Sugar Land gives off French villa vibes; after all, it is large enough to convert into a boutique hotel. There are nine bathrooms, and seven bedrooms in this dream mansion tucked away in the suburbs. 

4. 11606 Oak Shadows Lane

11606 Oak Shadows Lane

In Bunker Hill Village, this home has its own wine room, game room, office, a multitude of fireplaces, and anything else you can think of to put in a home with 9,550 square feet. 

5. 11320 Somerland Way

11320 Somerland Way

This home design appeals to the modernistic young entrepreneur. But its diamond-plastered walls and the luxurious pool make this home a stunning dream for anyone.

6. 8843 Harness Creek Lane 

8843 Harness Creek Lane

There have been plenty of nonprofit charity balls and galas in this dream home. It is also a dream location for wedding planners to book their clients’ weddings. 

It’s a 20,000-square-foot mansion equipped with everything a person needs to entertain anyone—even royalty. 

7. 5532 Sturbridge Drive in Tanglewood

5532 Sturbridge Drive in Tanglewood

You may remember spotting this dream house if you’ve watched House Beautiful. This 8,273 square foot home hides away in Tanglewood, away from the city. 

Venetian walls, 18th-century doors, Versailles floors, and stone fireplaces whisk you away to a French estate in the countryside of France.

8. 9201 Wickford Drive in Bayou Woods

9201 Wickford Drive in Bayou Woods

This house in Bayou Woods has a climate-controlled storage room, a complete home spa, laundry rooms, and space to fit a family of five. 

9. 1517 Hazard Street 

1517 Hazard Street

This dream home appeals to people because of its luxurious living spaces and the abundance of surrounding trees. 

10. 1543 Meeting Street 

1543 Meeting Street

The close distance to Southlake Town Square lures people to this dream home. With four bedrooms and four half-bathrooms, it’s a dream home for families and young professionals alike. 

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