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Kennedy Space Center—What makes it different from NASA Houston?

Kennedy Space Center—What makes it different from NASA Houston

In Houston, there is a lot to do for space lovers. No need to settle for just visiting bookstores to explore space through the pages of a book here! 

You can experience space as close up as possible at the Kennedy Space Center and the Nasa Houston Space Center, two of the biggest must-see attractions for anyone who appreciates space and science. 

There is some confusion among visitors that these two places are the same sites. However, they couldn’t be any more different, just like hair salons and barber shops

What makes Kennedy Space Center different from Nasa Houston?

The Kennedy Space Center is the base for NASA’s landing operations and space shuttle launches. All of the missions to space depart from Kennedy Space Center. 

On the other hand, Space Center Houston is the official museum and visitor center. 

Additionally, Kennedy Space Center is a starting point for various scientific spacecraft. At Kennedy Space Center, astronaut training, ground control, and research also happen. 

The Kennedy Space Center has been the mission control for space missions such as Apollo-Soyuz, Skylab, Apollo, etc. There are over 100 astronauts working on the building grounds handling both ground control for America as well as the International Space Station. 

Moreover, rockets and shuttles continue to be launched and controlled by Kennedy Space Center. 

Things to See at Kennedy Space Center 

Going to Kennedy Space Center can be as overwhelming as choosing which tacos to eat at a taco truck. There are too many good options! 

Therefore, we’ve curated a list of must-see things that should not be missed the next time you go to the Kennedy Space Center. 

Rocket Garden 

Walk among giants at the Rocket Garden. With multiple rockets pointing to heaven, it’ll feel like walking through the redwood trees… but a space version. 

You’ll be able to see some of the authentic rockets: Delta II, Mercury-Redstone, and the Saturn 1B – the last remaining today. 

Heroes & Legends 

Heroes & Legends is an interactive exhibit that takes you down memory lane of the heroes before you. You’ll be able to explore what qualities an astronaut needs before daring to go into space. 

There’s also a 4D film about famous astronauts available to watch.  Don’t forget to stop by the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame on your way out because you can see authentic artifacts from the space programs that NASA has held over the years. 

Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour 

Suppose you don’t feel like doing a bunch of walking, then we recommend taking a seat on the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour. 

During the tour, people can go behind the scenes and learn what it takes for NASA to undergo a successful space mission. 

Plus, the tour takes you around the entire Kennedy Space Center, so you’ll be able to see other attractions as well. 

Race to the Moon 

Here you can stand under the actual Saturn V, the largest rocket in America. Race to the Moon is also an interactive exhibit where you can go back in time to the Apollo era.

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