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How Much Do Chiropractic Services Cost in Houston?

How Much Do Chiropractic Services Cost in Houston

There are many ways to treat illnesses and physical aches. One of these methods is chiropractic care, which involves the primary contact practice of examining, treating, and manipulating the musculoskeletal system to improve health.

Generally, a chiropractor in Houston may charge $10 – $25 for an examination, and $35 – $150 for a full service. This price range is still subject to change, especially when supplements, x-rays, and other therapies are involved.

It must be noted that some insurance contract guidelines prohibit chiropractic practitioners from providing discounts. Also, if this is your first visit, you may be required to disclose personal health information before proceeding with the treatment.

Cost of Chiropractic Services

If you prefer a comprehensive neuro-spinal examination, then the cost likely runs from $35 to $150 for the initial treatment. If you paid a hefty amount on your first session, the cost usually goes down for future treatments.

But, if your practitioner offers a complimentary initial session, the following sessions may cost you from $50 to $250. Still, this will depend on the complexity of your case.

The main service offered by these practitioners is the full-body chiropractic adjustment, which runs from $35 to $75 per session. It only gets more expensive when combined with spinal decompression therapies, cold laser therapies, ultrasounds, and xrays.

Therapeutic ultrasounds and muscle stimulation sessions on a roller table cost roughly from $10 to $20. Spinal decompression therapy may cost $35 to $50, while cold laser therapy costs $15 to $20 per 6-8 minute session.

On the other hand, Quantum Reflex Integration lasers are priced per 25 minute session at $40 to $60.

Some chiropractors may recommend you to a nutritionist, or offer you supplements to further improve your musculoskeletal system. This may cost you as low as $10 up to $75, depending on your current health conditions.

Chiropractors in Houston

Many people recommend getting chiropractic therapy for something as simple as back pain, or severe like recovery from an injury. In fact, practitioners in our city cost more as compared to other Texan cities.

Based on the highest rate a chiropractor can charge per session, Houston is more expensive by $100 than Atlanta and Dallas. Surprisingly, chiropractors in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington DC have cheaper chiropractic care sessions.

These rates are estimated in cases when the insurance doesn’t cover these expenses. That said, it is best that we discuss this matter with our insurance company to ensure that we get the services we need for a reasonable cost.

A Few Last Notes

These professionals in Houston also offer acupuncture services to supplement the benefits of the therapy. New clients may be surprised with how their body adjusts to this new alignment, but this shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Lastly, when working with non-medical professionals like aestheticians, nutritionists, and chiropractors, it is important that we check their credentials, reputation, and integrity. Their practice can do wonders for our health, but only if we go with the best people for the job.

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