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How Much Does Commercial Printing Cost in Houston?

How Much Does Commercial Printing Cost in Houston

When we say commercial printing, this pertains to any printed material aiming to leave a good impression, relay a message, or sell a product. A high quality print can easily boost your company’s reputation and credibility, and this just might be what your business needs.

If you have a business in Houston, whether it’s a large scale establishment, a retail boutique, or a stall at the farmers’ market, a good print can get people looking your way. While the message matters, crisp text and vibrant colors matter just as much.

When it comes to the cost of printing, it may vary on the scope and specifications of the work, and additional services like packaging, design, and delivery may also contribute to the overall cost.

Standard printing works done on A4, legal, letter and other printing templates are rather cheaper by the page. That said, investing in quality won’t even break your bank.

For basic black and white printing, the range of cost may run from $0.075 to $0.10 per page, or $0.10 to $0.18 for double sided prints. Colored printing costs may run from $0.30 to $0.50 per page, or $0.50 to $1.00 for double-sided pages.

Larger format or higher quality productions will naturally cost more.

That said, we’ll talk more about commercial printing services in this short guide.

Let’s dive right in.

What are Commercial Printing Services?

Any kind of printing service done for any type of business is classified under commercial printing. It is a common service for medical, real estate, business franchises, finance, and hospitality industries.

In fact, commercial printing services can be classified under the industry for which the prints will be used. For example, prints for the tourism industry may include materials like best places to go, travel date ideas, best beaches in Houston, and city guides.

When we talk about techniques, there are two main types of commercial printing methods: Offset printing and Digital printing. Then again, because of the current advancements in technology the results of these types are almost indistinguishable.

Offset Printing vs Digital Printing

Many consider offset printing as the go-to since it is a tried and tested method. However, technology has indeed improved over time and digital printing is proving to be a more sustainable approach.

We achieve offset prints by transferring inks from plates, then rubber sheets, which will be rolled onto any surface – whether it be fabric, paper, or plastic. Still it remains to be the best choice for printing larger quantities of material.

The ideal printing quality for offset prints may reach around a couple thousand copies. This makes it an ideal choice for brochures, guides, publications, and posters.

On the other hand, digital printing became a market favorite when printing works started focusing on quality over quality, and producing original yet limited prints. We recommended this for small quantity prints, it is the best pick if you value crisp text, detailing, and vibrant colors.

It must also be noted that digital prints may not be as durable, and the printing material is also limited.

How Much are Commercial Printing Services

The cost of these kinds of services may vary because of different factors. This may include the quality of the ink and paper, as well as the equipment used and the nature of the project. 

While the printing method may also affect the cost, it is only natural for higher quality and larger quantity productions to cost more. In most cases, printing large formats may even cost more than small formats in larger quantities.

For the standard printing services, we can be charged $0.075 to $0.10 per page for black and white prints, and $0.30 to $0.50 per page for colored pages. Double sided pages may cost more, ranging from $0.50 to $1.00

A4, Letter, or Legal sized posters tend to have similar pricing rates throughout many printers. However, the prices vary greatly between establishments when it comes to large format projects.

When it comes to vinyl banners, 3 ft x 3 ft banners may cost you approximately $80, while 3 ft x 4ft are priced at around $100,  3 ft x 5 ft is around $110, and larger formats at 2 ft x 12 ft are around $180 to $200.

Printing for Cheap

We shouldn’t compromise quality when it comes to commercial printing. This also means that the overall cost may not be too easy on our pockets.

That said, the best practice is to make sure that whatever you’re getting prints of is already the final writeup or design. Reprinting because of typographical errors is quite common, and will cost you a pretty penny over time.

Doing a test print is also a good approach, so you can detect any errors and do some color-correcting before printing more copies.

If you’re exploring options on printing for a lower cost, you can borrow or invest in your own inkjet printers. This proves to be a practical choice for basic document and photo printing, as well as copying and scanning.

Laser printing is also a viable option to explore, given it is inherently faster to clean up and in printing. Then again, many take a pass on laser printers because of the expensive cartridges, noisy operation,  and bulkier case design.

As for the cost, inkjet printing is generally economical, save for its inefficient use of ink. On the other hand, laser printing is more efficient in ink and toner use, but the cartridges are quite costly.

Why Invest in Quality Commercial Printing?

At the end of the day, the best way to get your message across is to make sure people actually look your way. Investing in high quality commercial printing in Houston can get this done.

Not only will the quality get people to look, but you can also make the most of the design printed. With better line work, crisp text and vibrant colors, the graphic design and text can work its magic.

While many think that the digital world is the current playing field for business, nothing beats authentic and real experiences. With that, showing clients of your dedication to this detail can do wonders for your ventures.

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