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How Much Do Apartments in Houston Cost?

How Much Do Apartments in Houston Cost

Houston is one of the most liveable cities, not only in the state of Texas, but also in the entirety of the US. In fact, a good number of people started moving to Houston after the influx of growth in opportunity and economy.

However, if you’re still a student or a young professional, renting out an apartment may be the most economical option. 

As for the cost, we’re looking into an average rent of $1200 for studio apartments, and $1500 for a one-bedroom apartment per month. Also, for an average apartment size of approximately 800 sq. ft., it may cost you around $1300 to $1500.

There are plenty of convenient and comfortable apartment rentals in safe neighborhoods, and we’ll discuss more on what factors to consider.

Together, let’s look for your new home in Houston.

Moving to Houston

According to The Economist, the city of Houston is among the most livable cities in the world. Not only is it full of opportunities, but it is also full of diverse and welcoming communities.

With that, we can see why many people from all walks of life have chosen to move to Houston.

Another thing to note about living in Houston is that the cost of living is relatively more affordable than in other Texan cities. Even with its many metro areas, the housing and rental rates are 4% lower than the national average.

However, we do note that the prices are currently on the rise. Rates went up by 5% since the pandemic, but you can definitely still find plenty of rental apartment options.

Cost of Apartments in Houston

There are plenty of apartment types to suit every renter or homeowner, and the costs are generally reasonable. For the average size of 800 sq.ft., the cost ranges from $1300 to $1500.

According to Rent Cafe, only 4% of apartment rates fit the $500 to $700 range. Generally, apartment rent ranges from $700 to $1500 on average.

There are around 8% of apartments that cost over $2000 per month, and these are already classified as exclusive or luxury. These said apartments are located in Downtown Houston, the Museum District, the Fourth Ward, and Neartown Montrose.

When compared to other Texas cities, rent in Houston is generally cheaper.

If you’re looking for more affordable rent rates, the neighborhoods to look into include South Park, East Little York – Homestead, Houston Suburban Heights, Heather Glen, and Trinity – Houston Gardens.

Other more popular choices for apartments include Uptown Houston, Westchase, Eldridge – West Oaks, and Washington Ave Memorial Park. While the rent here is above the average, young professionals choose these spots due to convenience and accessibility.

Economical Neighborhood Choices

If you still haven’t moved and are still taking your pick from all the neighborhoods in Houston, then we recommend you prioritize safety and economy.

One of the most convenient neighborhoods with numerous affordable options is Downtown Houston. Considered as the heart of the city, it is accessible to public transportation and offers all types of rentals, from studios, to lofts, condos, and complexes.

While Downtown stands as the best option for students and young professionals, families and retirees may find solace in neighborhoods like Spring Branch and Kingwood. Here we can find tightly-knit communities and ample surrounding greeneries as well.

Our top choice for a neighborhood that welcomes all is Sugarland. This neighborhood is safer than most Texas areas, and is considered one of the safest in America.

While most of your options in Sugarland appear to be houses, there are plenty of available apartments in the vicinity. You can also enjoy affordable places to bond with your family in the neighborhood.

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