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How Much is Data Recovery in Houston?

How Much is Data Recovery in Houston

In this day and age, our most valuable data is already digitized, uploaded to the cloud, or stored in our drives. While this makes storage and organization so much efficient, this can easily lead to loss and deletion.

This is why we recommend backing up all our files whenever possible. However, in the event that we might have lost essential files, data recovery is our last resort.

How much does data recovery cost? 

For in-store data recovery services, the technician may charge you anywhere from $150 to $300 per terabyte. This can easily be affected by any complexities, and the cost can skyrocket to a few thousands.

On the other hand, technicians may require clients to have general diagnostic services done before recovery will be attempted. This may cost around $40 to $70.

In some cases, technicians will charge clients on their services per gigabyte or how long the work will take. The rates are also more or less similar to the rates in other cities like Austin and Dallas.

Today, we’ll go over the cost of these services, what rate to expect when looking for these services in Downtown, and what other factors may affect the pricing.

Does Data Recovery Work?

The purpose of data recovery is simply to retrieve any data or file that was deleted or “lost”. Data recovery is also the solution for important files that may be corrupted.

This is possible because most, if not all, information in any storage device is automatically retained once it is written in.

The only reason why people think twice about getting data recovery services is because of the cost. If the files aren’t considered important, people wouldn’t bother spending to retrieve it at all.

The most common scenarios involving the loss of data is the accidental deletion of a file or folder, the logical damage or reformatting of the file system, hardware or software failures, and even viruses.

The bottomline is that data recovery works, but we look to it as the last resort.

How Much Does Data Recovery Cost in Houston?

Data recovery technicians in Houston may charge you differently depending on their expertise, experience, available equipment, and the software they use.

The initial consultation or diagnostic service is generally cheaper, just costing you around $40 to $70. This rate is usually fixed, which we cannot say is the same with the actual recovery process.

The range of the cost per terabyte may run from $150 to $300, but a complex job may hike up the price.

Some technicians also offer fixed prices by the length of time the recovery takes. Given that the software will handle the bulk of the work, they tend to gauge their rate according to the amount of data in your drive, and how long it takes to finish the recovery.

Using Data Recovery Software

The work involved in data recovery is not dependent on manpower, but rather on the efficiency of the software. Some technicians have more expensive rates because they have speedy and more effective software.

If you invest in an effective data recovery software, and you are competent enough to work on the recovery yourself, you can most certainly earn extra money on the side with this. 

There is also free software you can try out, like Recuva, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, Puran File Recovery, and Disk Drill. Check out some online tutorials to get you started.

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