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How Much Do Local Catering Services Cost in Houston?

How Much Do Local Catering Services Cost in Houston

Got an upcoming family event or personal celebration? It’s best if you have all your arrangements set-up a few days before to avoid the rush and hassle.

At least a week ahead, you should already have contact with your local catering service so you won’t have to worry about mealtime prep. Getting this service may not come cheap, but it can certainly save you from the food packing and dishwashing – which is already a good thing.

Local catering in Houston can mean different things – it could be buffet style, or plated. It could even come in a food truck if you’re keeping things economical.

Local catering based on a per person estimate can range from $10-$25 for low to mid cost, and $25 to $100 for high cost. This may or may not include operation fees, transport fees, and hourly service rate.

So it may be best that you discuss your budget and preferences with your chosen local caterer today.

Catering options to consider

With the help of a caterer, you no longer have to panic buy at your nearest farmers’ market and show off your cooking skills. All you have to do is relax and actually be part of the event.

However, we do need to work within a budget.

If you’re planning to go all out on this event, get a local caterer with impressive station set-ups. That means table designs, nice cutlery sets, well-plated dishes, and of course – a higher cost.

It may also cost you extra if you want elaborate decorations on your set-up. Then again, all the flower arrangements and scented candles can totally improve the experience of your guests.

We also recommend you prepare hors d’oeuvres and appetizers when the event is still ongoing. This way, the guests can have something to munch on while the set-up is being prepared.

Another thing you may want to include is an open bar for wine, beer, or mixed drinks. This, however, will depend on the nature of the event.

Limited menus or package deals are your best bet if you’re cutting costs or planning to accommodate more people for your event. Instead of having an entire buffet set-up, you can also get a food truck instead.

The drop-off buffet set-up is also a convenient option to consider, because everything can be prepared off-site and then delivered. With that, guests can also self-serve so you don’t have to factor in the rate of the servers, or you can serve plated dishes to manage the portions.

In summary

The cost of a caterer is usually set on a per person basis. Our rough estimate for a quality catering service cost ranges from $20 – $80 for every guest.

This means that an event of 100 people may cost you $2000 to $8000, depending on the set-up. Remember that caterers factor in the number of servers, the plates and cutlery used, and the menu options.

Caterers may also require you to pay a booking fee of 5% and the other 50% as down payment before the event. This will allow their team to work on all the necessary preparations.

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