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How Much Do Local Locksmith Services Cost in Houston?

How Much Do Local Locksmith Services Cost in Houston

Most of us don’t go to a locksmith to prepare for emergencies. In fact, in most cases, we’re already caught up in the frustration of being locked out of a room or our apartment.

The cost of locksmith services aren’t the easiest on the pocket either. Getting immediate help from a locksmith in Houston can range from $50 to $200 per service call, and that can be tough on our budget.

Today, let’s go over the basic cost for different locksmith services, and some things to keep in mind before choosing the one to help you out.

Why Do Locksmiths Charge So Much?

Locksmiths charge so much because you’re essentially paying them for their skill, experience and expertise. After all, this is a highly technical job that requires very specific know-how.

Aside from this, locksmiths also have taken the time to learn how to use the necessary tools for the job. They have also invested heavily in their unique set of tools, which is part of what you’re paying for.

Cost of Locksmith Services

In Houston, locksmith rates may stretch from $50 to $200 for their services, and increase by $50 to $100 for after-hour or holiday work. In the US, the average cost of locksmith services is $150.

General locksmith services may include home or vehicle lockout, key duplication, rekeying and lock replacement. Home lockouts are the most common, and this may range from $50 to $150.

Key duplication is the cheapest service, with rates of $1 to $5 for standard keys and $10 to $20 for special ones.

Rekeying can cost you $5 to $50 per cylinder, or a fixed rate of $40 to $100. The cost of having your locks, or your security system replaced, may depend on the hardware and tech system to be installed.

Other factors that may affect the cost of locksmith services are the complexity of the task, the time it may take, distance from the location, and their overall availability.

If you own a car, with a smart key, reprogramming may cost you from $50 to $200, depending on the model.

As for the cost of being locked out of your car with a mechanical key, this can range from $75 to $150. However, this can double if you require the service after their working hours.

Rekeying vs. Replacing Locks

One thing we ought to do when we move into a new place is to have the locks replaced, but having it rekeyed can be a cheaper option.

When you have your working key replaced while keeping the same lock, the locksmith will have to replace the pins inside the lock to create a new and unique key. The process is quite complex, but this is usually the more practical approach.

Replacing the locks to your place is the best choice if you want your security system upgraded. It is a faster and more straightforward process, but it will generally cost you more.

Choosing the Professional for the Job

This kind of work doesn’t only require a professional to do the job, but also a trustworthy one at that. So it is best that you know enough about your locksmith before inviting them into your neighborhood and home.

During the service call, always ask for the company name, for their social media pages, and for the name of the person you’re currently talking to. Also, be wary of locksmiths that use generic-sounding language, instead of specific related terminology.

Remember that expert locksmiths  should be able to open virtually any kind of door – whether it be of a vehicle, or in a house. If they offer to remove the lock and have it replaced, we recommend you choose a better option.

Lastly, choose a locksmith with a good reputation in your local area. Having them near you means they can get to you faster, and they won’t charge extra for the transportation.

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