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How Much Do Makeup Consultations Cost in Houston?

How Much Do Makeup Consultations Cost in Houston

While we are all for acceptance and self-love, we are still aware how being well-groomed and dressed up can greatly impact our physical appearance and demeanor. In addition to that, make-up is one of the things we add to our bodies for extra “oomf”, and we’re talking about that today.

If you’re thinking of getting yourself a professional makeup consultation with an expert, this is your sign.

Whether it’s for any important life event, like a birthday, a wedding, or to look extra good as you go around the city, having your makeup professionally done can be a life changer. Also, it’s a great way to learn better techniques in real time.

You need not worry about the cost, too.

Simple make-up consultation cost ranges from $100 to $200, while makeup packages may cost you from $150 to $600. That said, we consider this a great deal to spend on, especially when you’re looking forward to a big event.

While we recommend considering $300 as the average cost for a makeup consultation, we still urge you to make your inquiries and look for a makeup artist that will suit you.

Getting a Makeup Consultation

The best part about today’s day and age is that you can pretty much figure out what kind of makeup style suits your face. Then again, having an expert do your makeup is a different experience.

These professionals are not only skilled and knowledgeable of the fundamentals, but they are also up to date with the trends. They are also likely to invest in higher end make-up products that may be otherwise too expensive to buy on your own.

Starting make-up artists may charge less, and this may be appealing to a larger market. Just be keen on checking their existing portfolio and scheduling a trial session with them before paying for a package.

Factors that Affect the Cost

Makeup consultations in salons will cost relatively cheaper than if your stylist has to travel long distances to get to where you are. While some charge a fixed rate, others just have their transportation expense from their place to your apartment reimbursed.

You may also have to pay extra if you need them to stay by you for touch-ups, which is usually the case for weddings.

More elaborate makeup sessions will also cost more as well. Extra premium services like false lashes, contact lenses, and facials can greatly improve your look, but it will certainly add to the cost.

Bigger events may also come with a trial session to see if you’re on the same page with your artist. These are cheaper, and may cost you around $50 for lower end sessions, and $150 for higher end services.

When we talk about weddings in Houston, the makeup consultation rates are different. Most couples spend from $150 to $600 for the package, but the location and the style may also affect the overall cost. 

Moreover, the cost of makeup sessions are priced by the hour, and will be charged differently from the hair sessions. This also means you have to book your stylists a few months before your event.

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