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How Much Do Movers Cost in Houston?

How Much Do Movers Cost in Houston

Moving in or out of Houston can be a challenge. But, with the help of reliable and professional movers, you’ll be done with the whole thing before you know it.

Now, how much do you reckon this kind of service will cost you?

Movers in Houston generally charge clients $1000-2000 on average for a complete service if the move is within the city. However, this amount may double for moves of farther distances.

Aside from the distance, the movers may consider other factors for the pricing.

Let’s discuss that today.

Pricing factors to consider

Moving companies take the entire process into account when calculating the cost. That includes the items to be packed, hauled, and transported, the complexity of the labor, the number of stopovers during the trip, and the time it will take up.

If you’re moving out of an apartment, corporate housing, or a high rise condominium, it is best that you manage all the required documents and arrangements beforehand. This may also allow you to utilize their elevators during the moving process for efficiency.

If you’re also looking to cut costs, you can set up to move when the demand for moving services is at its lowest. The best time is during early spring, winter, or late fall.

Hourly or fixed rates

If you hire the complete services of a moving company, that means they will provide the vehicle, the driver, and assistance in packing your things. They may either charge by the hour, or present a fixed rate for the service.

The hourly rate system may range from $75 to $150 for the crew alone. This will depend on the number of workers on the team, and how much time the entire move may take up.

Movers’ type of pricing may also be affected by holiday and weekend schedules, which are usually more expensive. Also, clients may have more at stake since they won’t be able to get the exact charge upfront.

On the other hand, fixed rates are based on itemized move rate, considering number of items, number of workers, labor, and distance. Everything is usually calculated before the move, so the mover can present an exact trip charge quotation to the client by that time.

Pricing and payments

Many companies provide a more or less reasonable quotation for simple moves, and they may take time for more complex processes. There may be times when they require you to pay a downpayment, or in full, before moving, and this may not be the best practice.

Instead, we recommend you negotiate to have the payment done upon completion of the move. Then again, most reputable moving companies will agree that the full payment should be done after to ensure a job well done.

Lastly, don’t go cheap on these kinds of services. Entrusting your valuables and furniture to these workers goes beyond the normal transaction, and this will warrant a fair charge.

That being said, if you do come across a company with a quotation that sounds too affordable to be true, we suggest you approach in caution. These cases are more prone to hidden fees, or worse – fraud and theft, so best be careful.

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