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Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Houston Rodeo

Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Houston Rodeo

If you’re a local of Houston, then the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR)  is already a part of your identity. But, if you’re new to the area, then this is the Texan celebrations that’ll have you looking for a place to stay in Houston for 20 more days.

If you’re thinking of what to do for a day date early this year, then going to the Houston Rodeo may not be such a bad idea.

The HLSR is an event that started in 1931, and continues to this day – with a tradition intact despite the changing times. Not only has it survived all the calamities and warfare, but it continues to be a symbol for life in Texas.

In fact, this dusty and rowdy gathering has amassed its highest attendance record during the recent 2022 spring break opening. This beat their 2017 turn-up, with a record of 2.4 million guests in total.

Now that this classic event is back, here are some interesting things you still might not know about the Houston Rodeo.

The HLSR is the largest livestock and rodeo show in the world.

The entirety of Texas celebrates this as the largest livestock and rodeo show with over a million guests every year. It even rivals the Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

It is set at the best and blossoming season in Texas, during springtime or the Azalea season. That means the weather is especially welcoming to all visitors from all over the US – even the world.

This 20-day event happens to be the largest livestock exhibition, with over 300 vendors invited to display their wares. So, if you’re looking to replenish your farm supplies, you better be ready early in the year for it.

The HSLR can also be a great destination for school field trips and tours, as there are many things to see, learn, and enjoy.

The event has drawn the presence of many celebrities.

Because it is a rather large and much-celebrated event, celebrities like Elvis Presley and Justin Bieber found their way enjoying it as well.

Big performers like Ricky Martin and Beyonce were also invited to the concert lineup. It’s safe to say that when the dust settles, a different kind of performance takes center stage to entertain the crowds.

It’s during these celebrations that the best photographers in Houston are out. So, if you’re looking to work with these talents, you can certainly find them here.

Participating in the event is a way of contributing to the community

While it is a great time to buy livestock, meet fellow ranchers, and watch some shows, the Houston Rodeo is a subtle but effective way to earn money for the community.

The money earned from this 20-day event has allowed it to donate millions to youth scholarship organizations in Houston. The influx of visitors and participants has also contributed to the growth of the Texan overall revenue and economy.

That said, HSLR does more than just boost the culture and keep the tradition alive, while letting people enjoy farm life within the city setting.

A good time with all the good food

With all the fuss that’s happening, we consider this the best excuse to try out all the best meats, and down it great wine all day. 

Not only is there lots and lots of barbeque, but be ready to try out some eccentric favorites. We’re talking chocolate covered jalapenos, pickle pizza and corn dogs, fried oreos and cookie dough, funnel cakes, and tater twisters.

You might even witness a cooking class on the spot!

After this celebration, you’re going home with more than just a ton of wonderful pictures and memories, but some weird cravings to share with your friends. Some of which you can even get for an upcoming Houston wedding or family get together.

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