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The Inside Scoop on the La Colombe d’Or Hotel 

The Inside Scoop on the La Colombe d’Or Hotel

What is the La Colombe d’Or Hotel? 

The La Colombe d’Or Mansion is one of Houston’s most prized landmarks. This family-home-turned-boutique-hotel, built in 1923 and known initially as the Fondren Mansion, has been a Montrose Boulevard fixture for nearly a century.

The hotel has even had the opportunity to host entertainment and royalty. It’s also gone through changes: the hotel was reimagined and new residences were added in the 1990s. 

This boutique hotel with 32 rooms began as a mansion and now offers three distinct lodging options. At the back of the building, they have even added rental apartments.

Website La Colombe d’Or Hotel
Address3410 Montrose Boulevard
Contact InfoHouston, TX 77006

Places to Stay Within the La Colombe d’Or Hotel 

La Colombe d’Or Hotel offers three distinctive places to stay to experience the hotel’s essence: The Tower, the Garden Bungalows, and the Mansion.

The Garden Bungalows 

Behind a set of green iron gates are the Garden Bungalow Suites. Each Garden Bungalow suite starts off at a rate of $600 a night. 

The Garden Bungalows are bohemian-chic accommodations reminiscent of Paris, smack in the middle of Houston. 

The bungalows have kept their original French-inspired design elements, sitting unassumingly in the shadow of the stunning 34-story hotel and residential tower.

Outside the Garden Bungalows, they have iron grillwork tables, chairs, and a marble fountain that resembles what you might find outside a bookstore or cafe in France. Except for the massive oak trees hanging over you. 

Inside, the suites have one or two bedrooms, bathrooms, full kitchens, and plenty of space for entertaining, and their sizes range from 840 to 1,540 square feet.

They are ideal for long-term visitors, those seeking a more private experience, and those considering vacationing in Houston before moving

Of course, the bungalows have access to the entire hotel, including the bar, restaurant, and room service.

Each bungalow is a funky delight with modern wall coverings, pop color combinations, and unique rugs that provide a moody backdrop for the perfect photographs. Think warm leathers, ivory bouclés, mossy green velvets, and sensual red velvets. 

The bungalows’ dynamic furniture collection includes swiveling lounge chairs, acrylic dining chairs, bouclé demi-lune sofas, custom-upholstered beds with power and lighting, and stainless steel credenzas.

The Tower 

Suites in The Tower at La Colombe d’Or Hotel start at $500 per night. There are a total of eighteen suites with luxurious amenities. 

While there is no luxury spa here, they do have a private gym, pool, and an abundance of entertainment rooms. You can take a stunning video of Downtown Houston’s skyline from all of these places to post on your social media. 

The suite walls are adorned with La Colombe d’Or’s private art collection. Everything from pop art to modernism to vintage art is on the walls. 

Still, staying at the suites within The Tower provides a twist on the traditional hotel experience. All rooms have a deep soaking tub and all the cosmetics you can wish for. 

The Mansion 

The refreshed 1920s style of The Mansion combines old-world class with contemporary elements to entice the modern partygoer. Staying here for one night will cost you at least $600. 

A winding grand staircase leads to five distinctive suites on the second floor, ranging in size from 470 to 721 square feet.

All suites in The Mansion are replicas of the original luxury urban oasis, but the woodwork and flooring are restored. The rooms’ bathrooms, lighting, and other amenities are also customized.

Places to Eat inside the La Colombe d’Or Hotel 

There are two places to eat inside the La Colombe d’Or Hotel: Tonight & Tomorrow and Bar No. 3. 

Tonight & Tomorrow 

Tonight & Tomorrow lives up to its name by being tucked away inside the lavishly renovated dining room of The Mansion and spilling out into the gardens.

Showcasing local and regional farms’ fresh, seasonal ingredients in coastal European cuisine with French influences. You can try a collection of classic dishes from crab ravigote to their famous decadent burger.

Bar No. 3 

Bar No. 3 is a moody, excellent gathering spot in Montrose that pays homage to the hotel’s long history for a new generation of drinkers. 

Enjoy a selection of classic and seasonal craft cocktails from the afternoon until late at night, served with tasty appetizers. In addition, Bar No. 3 offers craft-roasted coffees and a light breakfast during the day. 

Things to do at La Colombe d’Or Hotel 

You can do two things while at La Colombe d’Or Hotel: wellness classes and art tours. 

Wellness Classes

Namaste, Stretch, Punch, VibeYoga, and HIIT classes are held weekly on the amenity deck on the 10th floor. 

All their workout classes are led by instructors who are not afraid to challenge your fitness limits. At the same time, they make sure you leave with revitalized senses. 

If you have trouble focusing, we recommend trying their sound baths to give your mind mental clarity. Or the view of Downtown Houston may motivate you to become a fitness geek.

Art Tours 

Every month La Colombe d’Or hosts discussions around their private art collection found throughout the hotel. 

Even if art isn’t your favorite, they include a complimentary cocktail and valet parking if you attend one of their art tours. 

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