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Living Expenses of an International Student in Houston

Living Expenses of an International Student in Houston

Texas is a top pick for students from all over the world. In fact, more than 80,000 international students in Houston were hosted from 2018 to 2019.

These students come from over 100 different countries. They head over to finish not only their bachelor degrees, but also their masteral and doctoral programmes.

That being said, many factors possibly presented a convenience throughout their journey. This may include their accommodations, public transportation, community, and overall cost of living.

Today, we will discuss what constitutes the living expenses for international students. This includes what makes Houston a great place to live. 

Cost of Living

Houston is among the top most livable cities in the world for its culture, community, job opportunities, and overall great environment for students. 

The cost of living is a vital indicator as to why people chose this city. This is considering that an average monthly cost is $2400 for a typical professional, and $1800 for international students.

In addition to this, food in Houston is cheaper than those in bigger cities like San Francisco by over 20 percent. Gas is also cheaper by a dollar per gallon.

When it comes to out-of-campus accommodations, Houston is known to have some flooding incidents in areas near the coast and tributaries. However, there are plenty of good neighborhoods for young professionals and students that offer convenience.

The basic utilities, including water, electricity, heating and cooling, waste disposal, and internet for an 85 sq.m. home are usually under $300 in total.

Community and Convenience

When it comes to learning opportunities, there are plenty of places to explore in Houston. Given that it is a beacon of culture and diversity, students can not only find recreation, but also like-minded individuals in the community.

Another thing to note is that you can get around Houston without a car because of the city’s established public transport system. Students can easily go from one place to another for as long as they keep tabs on the bus schedules.

While students can also bike around the city, we don’t recommend Houston as the best city for cyclists. 

Tuition and On-Campus Accommodation

The tuition rates for international students aren’t exactly cheap, given that it costs a bit more than the US fee average. However, it is significantly more affordable than institutes in Vermont and California.

As for the on-campus lodging, it is slightly cheaper than the national average, and on average costs around $5000 to $6000 per year. The rate lowers if you stay in public schools instead of private colleges.

Houston also has a wide range of schools and universities offering quality education. It’s also a bonus that many Fortune 500 companies keep the job market alive in the city.

That means, more connections and job opportunities for the determined and ambitious.

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