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Looking For Nice Beaches in Houston? Check Out These Spots.

Looking For Nice Beaches in Houston Check Out These Spots

For some of us, nothing says unwinding like spending a nice weekend by the beach.

If you’re wondering if Houston has beaches, indeed it has!

In fact, if you’re in Houston, you’re just a short drive away from a wide variety of them. That’s because this Texan capital is closer to the south eastern border, specifically to the gulf of Mexico. 

These beaches can be great locations for big events like weddings. But since it will require a bit of a drive to get here, some tourists prefer to rent apartments in Houston, then go on a day trip.

That also means there’s a spot for every person – whether you’re down to party at a festival, go on a food trip at the concessions, or simply enjoy the view of the tranquil shore.

So pack your bags, food baskets, and umbrellas, because you’re in for a great time at the best beaches in Houston.

Seawall Beach

The Seawall Beach is located at the southeastern border of Galveston Island. This makes it almost an hour away from the center of Houston.

What makes this hour-long drive worthwhile is the beautiful view of the gulf of Mexico from the boulevard. The sea wall also stretches the promenade up to 10 miles, where people can stroll alongside pavilions, historical markers, and statues.

Moreover, the waters of Galveston beach are closely monitored and evaluated as safe for swimming.

The area is in front of a street with plenty of restaurants and shops on the other side. This is definitely one of our top places to go for a day date.

Crystal Beach

On the other side of the gulf of Mexico lies another one of the most beautiful beaches in Houston, but is almost a two-hour drive from the city.

Just along the Bolivar peninsula, Crystal Beach sits as a well-loved vacation spot for swimming, sunbathing, bird-watching, fishing, surfing, and even golfing. Its 27-mile stretch has a lot to offer, but it may not be the best place to blast some music.

What the place does boast is its pristine waters, calm atmosphere, and simple living. However, guests can enjoy some live band music every night, and visit some historic spots like Fort Travis and Point Bolivar lighthouse.

Sylvan Beach

This beach is located in La Porte, and is just half an hour away from the center of Houston. It is part of the 32-acre Harris County park, and is loved for its gentle waves, fine sand, and restful atmosphere.

We consider it one of the most family-friendly and pet-friendly vacation spots, where you can just spend an entire day lounging, swimming, or fishing. Albeit simple, it has all the necessary amenities of a beach park, making it a convenient visit for any guest.

You can even practice open water swimming safely here!

Texas City Dike Beach

This option may not constitute for your ordinary beach trip, because you will be visiting the longest man-made fishing pier in the world.

The Dike beach of texas stretches 5.3 miles into the Galveston bay and is a popular spot for fishing, jet-skiing, boating, and lounging. 

We advise, however, to seek the advice of the local authorities before jumping in for an open water swim. Swimming at the dike comes with unmeasured dangers, considering that it is also 50ft. in depth.

The beautiful views from both sides of the dike have attracted many photographers in Houston. And if you’re around for the sunrises and sunsets, you can capture it yourself, too!

Stewart Beach

Hailed as one of the cleanest beaches in Houston, Stewart Beach can be your best pick if you particularly love crowds, concession stands, and sunbathing.

It features enough amenities, as well as lifeguards on duty, to keep the area family-friendly and safe. It even bans the consumption of alcohol in the premises.

It is located at the northern part of the Galveston Seawall, and truly offers the classic beach with friends or family experience.

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