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Northside Houston Neighborhood Guide 

Northside Houston Neighborhood Guide

The North Houston neighborhood combines urban conveniences with a suburban lifestyle. In Northside Houston, you may find anything you want to do just a few meters away from wherever you are, from a golf course to an indie bookshop

The neighborhood is still relatively close to downtown Houston so that locals can access various fun family activities and lively nightlife. Despite being primarily a residential region, Northside Houston has a lot to offer. 

History of Neighborhoods that Make Up Northside Houston

History of Neighborhoods that Make Up Northside Houston

Many historic neighborhoods on Houston’s Northside are teeming with culture and quirky appeal and offer single-family homes on spacious lots at reasonable prices.

Here is a little history about the neighborhoods that make up Northside Houston.

Houston Heights

Houston Heights was founded in 1891 by Oscar Martin Carter and a group of investors. People flocked to the area because of the South Texas Land Company and the established parks, schools, and utilities. 

Citizens originally lived in Houston Heights because they wanted to avoid living in a dense city. After World War II, Houston Heights became more industrial.

However, beginning in the 1990s, young professionals started relocating to Houston Heights due to its proximity to the city’s core and the availability of historic homes for purchase and renovation or demolition. 

Historical preservationists frequently oppose this practice. Yet the neighborhood is on the rise, as seen by its unique culture, boutiques, and restaurants. 

The fresh viewpoints of young professionals, service members, and their families color everything.

Near Northside Houston

Near Northside Houston

Another old area in north Houston is called Near Northside or Northside Village. In terms of demographics, this neighborhood has traditionally been home to Hispanics. 

Still, many young professional African Americans have moved into the area recently, so the area’s been getting more diverse of late. 

The expansion of the neighboring Hardy Rail Yards in the 1880s sparked the start of neighborhood development. This area quickly grew as Houston’s suburbs developed and grew. 

This neighborhood, like many others, experienced a downturn following World War II. Attention was drawn to Near Northside after it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2011. 

The Fifth Ward

The Fifth Ward

After the Civil War, newly released slaves historically relocated to Texas. They chose a piece of sparsely populated land in 1866, and that area is now known as Houston’s Fifth Ward. 

A working-class neighborhood where people worked at the shipyard and in factories, the region was predominantly settled by African Americans in the mid-1880s. In the 1860s, many Methodist and Pentecostal churches were established in this highly devout region. 

Although predominantly a black neighborhood, it now has several other minority groups living there, including vibrant Hispanic and Filipino communities. 

By providing equitable, low-interest loans to low-income citizens, the Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation made progress toward improving the economy. This inspired architects to make investments in this field.

There is a strong sense of community in this neighborhood. Run more like a town than a neighborhood, the people cultivate gardens and share the harvest, gathering for a neighborhood festival every full moon. 

Gentrification would not be acceptable here because locals want newcomers to follow established norms and foster a sense of community. 

Suppose you’re thinking of temporarily relocating to the region while looking for more permanent accommodation. In that case, you may want to consider a moving service.

The Sixth Ward

The Sixth Ward

In 1858, the northern portion of the Fourth Ward was transformed into the Sixth Ward neighborhood on Houston’s Northside. It does not extend into the historic section of downtown Houston. 

Still, a tiny portion of the former ward is located inside those boundaries today. 

The neighborhood has a strong feeling of community, and the Old Sixth Ward Neighborhood Association has many engaged members.

Kashmere Gardens 

Kashmere Gardens is a diversified neighborhood with a thriving Hispanic culture home to young families and those in their mid-thirties. 

Kashmere Gardens is home to numerous distinctive mom-and-pop stores and eateries, a community library, and close-by public schools. 

Kashmere Gardens is a developing community with a wealth of fresh viewpoints and ideas. Kashmere Gardens is a transition community worth considering if you’re relocating to the Houston region for work. 

Acres Homes

Acres Homes

This area was developed around World War I, when larger lots for backyard chicken coops, small gardens, and other farm animals were standard. 

The term “Acres Homes” refers to the initial division of the property parcels sold here by the acre, not by the plot. In contrast to the segregation of denser city areas, the larger plots of land attracted rural settlers. 

Acres Homes became a place where African Americans could freely own businesses and homes. 

At one point, the most prominent African American neighborhood in the Southeastern United States was Acres Homes. 

The wooded, somewhat sprawling Acres Homes community can be ideal for you if you want a bit of a rural vibe while being close to Downtown Houston.



The 12-square-mile Greenspoint District is a neighborhood in Houston’s Northside that the Exxon-owned Friendswood Development Company first developed. 

The Texas Legislature established the community of Greenspoint in 1991, and there are 18 million square feet of commercial space there. 

The dilapidated structures in Greenspoint received a makeover in 1998, creating a multi-family community that appeals to young professionals and those who can afford higher rent prices.

For young professionals and families, Greenspoint is one of Houston’s top neighborhoods to call home. 

Look into the modern architecture and community development this region offers if you’re relocating to the Houston area for a job centered in Greenspoint. 

Public Schools in Northside Houston

Public Schools in Northside Houston

Parents moving to Northside Houston may be interested in enrolling their children within the school district close to their home. 

Here are a few schools in Northside Houston to consider.

Yes Prep Northside Secondary

Website Yes Prep Northside Secondary
Address5215 Jensen Dr Houston, TX 77026
Contact Info713-924-0400

A system of high-performing public charter schools called YES Prep Public Schools demonstrates that children from underserved communities are capable of excelling in the classroom. 

To ensure that student accomplishment is at the center of every choice, their school systems are built on a culture of high expectations.

Northside High School 

Website Northside High School
Address1101 Quitman St Houston, TX 77009 USA
Contact Info713-226-4900

Northside High School fosters a community that encourages students to work alongside the community and their families to reach their academic, social, cultural, physical, and emotional growth.

Things to do in Northside Houston 

Things to do in Northside Houston

Here are some things to do in Northside Houston. 

Rock out at White Oak Music Hall

Website White Oak Music Hall
Address2915 N Main St, Houston, TX 77009, United States
Contact Info+1 713-237-0370

Music lovers were ecstatic when this energetic music venue launched in the spring of 2016. 

The forum has three performance areas, including a Music Hall with a capacity of more than 1,000, an upstairs stage with a total of 200, and an outdoor Lawn with a capacity of more than 2,000. 

These spaces are used for indie, electronic, country, and stand-up comedy performances.

Check Out Houston Dairymaids

Website Houston Dairymaids
Address2201 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77009, United States
Contact Info+1 713-880-4800

The most well-known cheese vendor in Houston began operations in 2007. Still, it didn’t allow the general public access to its store until 2012. 

Cheesemonger Lindsey Schechter has made it her mission to highlight Texas farms’ and artisan cheesemakers’ efforts from the beginning. Schechter and her team look for natural, handcrafted goods derived from unpasteurized milk when feasible. 

Visit this place to enjoy free daily cheese tastings and choose from over 150 varieties of cheese in addition to Slow Dough bread, honey, olive oils, salamis, jams, and chocolate. Just so you know, Saturday tastings typically include beer or wine.

Go to the Houston’s Farmers Market

Website Houston’s Farmers Market
Address2520 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77009, United States
Contact Info+1 713-862-8866

The original farmers market in Houston is still among the best. It began as a modest market of 3,800 square feet. 

The crowded, lively area now occupies brand-new quarters that span 20,000 square feet at the Houston Farmers Market. 

Pick from a wide selection of products, including quinoa, farm-fresh eggs, locally-made jams, and sausage, as well as the freshest local Texas fruit and vegetables straight from farms like Atkinson and Gundermann Acres.

Additionally, food trucks are on-site, so you should probably arrive hungry. Although some sellers at the Houston Farmers Market take credit and debit cards, many fruit tables and food trucks do not.

Places to Eat in Northside Houston 

Because of their location, Northside restaurants are frequently disregarded. Yet, a trip there is worthwhile to sample the cuisine of these culinary superstars.

Asia Market Thai Restaurant

Website Asia Market Thai Restaurant
Address4822 Fulton St #2603, Houston, TX 77009, United States
Contact Info+1 713-863-7074

Asia Market Thai Restaurant has already developed a considerable fan base. Discover why as you tuck into an irresistible selection of Lao and Thai cuisine prepared at home, including savory noodles and laab and sweet and sour red, yellow, and green curries.

Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe

Website Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe
Address511 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77009, United States
Contact Info+1 713-426-4420

Teotihuacan Mexican Café is the top place in Northside Houston for top-notch, traditional Tex-Mex.

Chicago Italian Beef & Pizza

Website Chicago Italian Beef & Pizza
Address1777 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77009, United States
Contact Info+1 713-862-2828

Chicago Italian Beef and Pizza’s au jus-dipped Italian beef sandwiches and deep-dish pies offer a taste of home to locals of the city.

El Bolillo 

Website El Bolillo
Address517 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77009, United States
Contact Info+1 713-861-8885

A terrific Mexican bakery where you’ll want to pick up a multitude of pan dulce in the shape of freshly baked bolillo, torta, conchas, Gallinas, and churros. Be aware that you should also purchase a tres leches cake from this location for your upcoming celebration, whether it be a loved one’s birthday.

Bars in Northside Houston 

Here are the top bars to check out in Northside Houston. 

Lei Low Bar 

Website Lei Low Bar
Address6412 N Main St Ste.C, Houston, TX 77009, United States
Contact Info+1 713-380-2968

If you haven’t visited the island-style bar Lei Low Bar, you haven’t enjoyed a tiki beverage. 

The lei-d back bar uses premium rums and liquors and the proper flashy decorations, such as florals, hula girls, and fire, to create classic tiki cocktails thoughtfully. Uncertain what to buy?

 The hip and educated mixologists will take you through the menu and explain the origins of the tiki-inspired beverages.

D & T Drive Inn

Website D & T Drive Inn
Address1307 Enid St, Houston, TX 77009, United States
Contact Info+1 832-409-5709

The D&T Drive Inn, a contemporary spin on a traditional icehouse, is a frequent hangout for folks in and out of the neighborhood. 

On those sweltering days, choose from 50 taps of largely specialty breweries, chill yourself with a frozen shandy, and tuck into Frito Pie and specialties like monthly Steak Nights.

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