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Our Quick Guide on Getting Around Houston for Tourists

Our Quick Guide on Getting Around Houston for Tourists

Houston is a sprawling Texan city with so many destinations that beckon at travelers and tourists. The struggle, however, is how to get around Houston without a car of your own.

Well, the city’s public transport is here to rescue you from this plight.

It’s not the best, but it certainly is reliable in getting you to the places you need to be and the spots you want to go. If you’re moving from downtown, to public parks, or to museum districts, we got you covered.

So, without further ado, here’s a quick public transportation guide in Houston

Using the Metro Light Rail

The METRO Rail covers three routes represented by three color codes – the Red, Green, and Purple transit lines.

The Red transit line has the longest route, from the northline transit center moving southward along the Lindale and Cavalcade parks. It intersects with the Green and Purple lines at the central station, then proceeds to the Museum district up to the Fannin South.

Both the Green and the Purple transit lines start at the Theater district. The Green line travels to the Stadium up to the Magnolia Park transit center, while the Purple line also moves to the Stadium, but moves toward the Palm center transit center.

So if you’re planning a day date, you can certainly reach many places with just the light rail.

You can learn more about their routes in detail here.

Pets, Service Animals, and Baggage

If you’re worried about using public transit with animals, don’t worry. 

The METRO Rails allows passengers to travel with pets and service animals for as long as they are properly trained or leashed. Strollers and car seats are also allowed.

Inclusivity with the METRO Lift

Public transportation isn’t an appealing idea to persons with disabilities or mobility issues. The city’s solution to this is the METRO Lift.

This service entails vehicles with wheelchair lift vans that can safely board people on walkers or wheelchairs. Assistance is also provided for the passenger from curb to curb.

While it may not be the fastest ride around the city, it certainly aids this demographic tremendously. As long as they are up-to-date with the trip schedules, they can easily go to work, medical appointments, or downtown.

Cab service convenience

If you prefer convenience, comfort, and privacy, the Houston public transportation system has a fleet of cabs offering their services at a fixed $6.00 rate. It may not be cheap, but it can certainly take you directly to your destination.

The best part is that these services are available 24/7. They even have a digital dispatch system to ensure responsiveness and passenger safety.

Vanpool or Carpool

If you’re traveling with a group and don’t want to rent a car to cut costs, then this is your next best option.

The Star Vanpool and Carpool system offers a ridesharing service funded by the METRO public transportation system. It helps riders save money for their trips, and is also considered the safest form of public transit, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

Register to the system, set up a schedule, and have an easier transport from your apartment to the different destinations in Houston. Easy peasy!

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