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Reasons Why You Should Move to Houston

Reasons Why You Should Move to Houston

Houston is the capital city of the 4th largest state in the U.S, and the city continues to grow and progress over time. In fact, we can expect a population surge up until 2029.

So you must be wondering, why are people moving to Houston? 

In this short overview, let’s go over the things that make this city a great place to live. Let’s talk apartments, weather, transportation systems, recreation spots, and job opportunities.

Hopefully, these tips give you enough knowledge to assess if moving to Houston really is a decision that suits you at the moment.

Low cost of living

Even as a big city, Houston homes and apartments are actually quite affordable. The city also has a variety of communities to suit every lifestyle, budget, and preference.

However, it is a given that your lodging will cost you more if you live within the urbanized zones, since you can already save up on time and transportation cost.

To compare the cost of housing in Houston, studies show that it is 5% cheaper in Dallas, and 19% cheaper in Austin. It is also cheaper than New York by 94%,and San Francisco by 170%.

With that, you’re getting more house per dollar you pay!


If you love having sunny weather all-year round, then Houston is the place for you. That also means you can spend long days enjoying the beautiful view of the outdoors.

Then again, if you’re not particularly used to the heat, it can be a bit too much for you. It also bears noting that the area is quite vulnerable to hurricanes.

Recreation and Travel

It’s safe to say that Houston has a great number of sights to see, for both the locals and the tourists. So if you’re new to the place, you should spare some time to go around.

They have plenty of beaches, lakes, parks, and museums you can spend your weekends at.

Being surrounded with community and culture can positively improve your disposition and way of life. The exploration of diversity also keeps you curious, creative, and productive with your leisure time.

Furthermore, the self-care community is thriving in the city. So, if you’re into Pilates, yoga, crossfit, or simply working out, then you can surely find your people here.

Job Opportunities

Not a lot of big cities house branches of Fortune 500 companies, but Houston does. This not only makes the city a wellspring for job opportunities, but it also maintains economic growth and living here sustainable.

Various industries, including education, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, commerce, and aerospace leaves room for the highly skilled and determined. With that, whether you’re young and ambitious or established and experienced, you can find work here.

Moreover, Forbes recognizes Houston as a good city for entrepreneurs for its culture of innovation.

Education and Healthcare

If you’re moving in with family, two of the main concerns would be the availability of credible and good institutions – particularly for education and health.

With that, Houston has a generous number of options for education, from public schools, private schools, to higher education systems. These schools are praised for their effective programs, and are sprinkled across the city for easier access.

As for healthcare, the city of Houston has 5 major medical centers available; one of which is a cancer center, and another is a children’s hospital.

The largest medical center, the Texas Medical Center, is also located in Houston, and it ranks as one of the best healthcare service providers in the country.

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