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Short Guide on Selling Used Furniture in Houston

Short Guide on Selling Used Furniture in Houston

If you’re moving out of an apartment, or just moving into Houston, the idea of getting rid of old furniture can be challenging – but must certainly be done.

We must properly utilize every square foot of space in our home, and if a furniture piece no longer matches the space, it can be an eyesore. In this case, you can either rent out storage space while waiting for it to be sold online, or have it sent to a consignment store.

There are plenty of furniture consignment stores in Houston, but you do need to prepare these pieces before sending them away. Also, be discerning of the quality, as this is the primary consideration for its resale value.

That said, let’s get started.

How to Sell Used Furniture

Firstly, you need to check the quality of your furniture pieces. Assess for wood chips, cracks, stains, and other things that affect its overall resale value. 

It is also important that you properly clean and maintain the piece before selling it or sending it over to a consignment store. While some buyers or store owners will still give dirty furniture a go, it doesn’t guarantee they will pay a good price for it.

Also, choosing to resell through consignment stores also frees you up from space that this old piece can take up in your new home.

Remember that just because it’s old doesn’t mean it should come cheap. There are plenty of antique pieces that last a very long time because of their durability, and this can earn you a pretty penny if you find a good buyer.

Choosing a Furniture Store for Consignment

While you can sell your furniture online yourself, another option is to put it up for consignment. This approach is more hassle-free since you won’t need the extra storage space, but the store may require a portion of your profit.

When looking for a store to work with, consider the variety of their selections, and if they have a section for used furniture. If they exclusively sell new items, they may not take yours on for consignment.

However, there are many furniture stores in Houston to check out. Many of those allow for consignment for as long as your pieces are in good shape, and let’s discuss your options below.

Furniture Consignment Stores in Houston

Our five picks for consignment stores you should work with include Hidden Treasures, the Designers Furniture Exchange, the Consignment Collection, Eudybelle’s Furniture Resale and Consignment, and StillGoode Home Consignments.

Hidden Treasures has more upscale selections for all areas of the home. This is your best option if you own old but branded or luxury furniture pieces.

As its name suggests, the Consignment Collection and Eudybelle’s Furniture Resale accommodates all consignment, from the retro aesthetic to cottage style to modern designs. They also both have an excellent inventory if you want to buy new furniture for your apartment.

If your used furniture leans more on the antique and traditional aesthetic, we recommend you work with StillGoode and the Designer’s Furniture Exchange. They curate their collections to accommodate older designs, while effectively matching the cost to the quality.

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