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Space Center Houston — What You Need to Know 

Space Center Houston — What You Need to Know

The Space Center Houston is one of the many attractions throughout Houston for people to see. Still, many people have doubts about whether it’s worth seeing or not. 

Don’t call up your professional organizer to help you plan your trip just yet. We’ve already put together an easy-to-read guide about Space Center Houston that’s better than what you’ll find in any bookstore

Is visiting Space Center Houston worth it?

If you are on an adventure, the Space Center Houston is worth it for any passionate space geek or anyone who loves learning new things. 

How much are the tickets for Space Center Houston?

Tickets can be purchased online on the Space Center website for US$ 29.95 per adult, US$ 27.95 for seniors, US$ 24.95 for kids ages 4-11, and children ages three and younger are free. These prices include parking.

How long does it take to visit the Space Center Houston?

Cancel any dentist or optometrist appointments you may have because visiting the Houston Space Center can take up to several hours or even the whole day. 

What are the operating hours for Space Center Houston?

The Space Center’s operating hours change depending on the month, so check the Space Center website before going. 

Can you bring food inside Space Center Houston?

Unfortunately, no large coolers or large amounts of food are allowed inside the space center. 

Yet, exceptions will be made for those with special dietary or medical needs.

Exhibits at Space Center Houston

There are a variety of exhibits and limited experiences for all to see and do. We listed a few of them below. 

Remember that beyond these, many other things at Space Center Houston give you exclusive experiences and deeper insight into NASA.  

For example, you can learn more about spacesuits and assorted astronaut gear used throughout expeditions at the Astronaut Gallery. Or, if you prefer space films, you can watch them at the International Space Station Gallery.

1. Independence Plaza and Space Shuttle Independence

Here you can see the features of the replica of Space Shuttle Independence and the historic and original NASA 905 shuttle carrier airplane. 

2. SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Exhibit

The SpaceX Falcon 9 is a marvel of modern-day technology part of Elon Musk’s SpaceX reusable rocket program.

3. Nasa Tram Tour

With the Nasa Tram Tour, you can see up-close astronaut training facilities and a glimpse at Mission Control. But you do need a boarding pass. 

It’s also not air-conditioned, so ladies, keep this in mind if seeing a makeup artist before coming to the Space Center. 

4. Mission Mars

Not only do you learn about NASA’s journey to Mars here, but you can have the unique chance to touch an actual piece of rock from Mars.

Starship Gallery at Space Center Houston allows you to see artifacts such as the Apollo 17 Command Module used to explore space. There’s even a moon rock too. 

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