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Your Neighborhood Guide to Sugar Land

Your Neighborhood Guide to Sugar Land

There are numerous Texas neighborhoods worth checking out if you’re thinking of moving someplace close to Houston. Among these neighborhoods is Sugarland, which we’ll detail to you today. 

What is Sugar Land? 

What is Sugar Land

Sugar Land is an affluent and famous suburban city in the southeast of Texas. It’s popular with young professionals, families, and retirees because the crime rate is well below the national average, and the cost of living is reasonable. 

Sugar Land wasn’t always so popular, though. A population boom occurred after the turn of the 21st century, and Sugar Land now has over 100,000 residents. 

Today, the city includes 13 beautiful neighborhoods, diverse retail and entertainment options for residents, and a master-planned community. 

What’s more, it’s easy and convenient to find something to do in Sugar Land since it’s near a lot of iconic Texas attractions. 

All of these factors make it easy to understand why the city is regularly ranked as one of the best places to live in the state.

What is the population & diversity like in Sugar Land? 

What is the population & diversity like in Sugar Land

The total population of Sugar Land as of recently is 111,026.


A large population’s diversity tends to reflect its people’s diversity. Because the ethnicities of people in Sugar Land are plentiful, business owners consider this when designing their products and services here. 

Here are the current diversity statistics for Sugar Land. 

African American6.95%
Native Hawaiian0.12%

*All data is sourced from worldpopulationreview.com a public database collecting and gathering updated information about Houston’s neighborhoods. 

What is the crime rate in Sugar Land? 

What is the crime rate in Sugar Land

Here is a list of Sugar Land’s recent crime rate statistics to take note of. 

Violent Crimes74
Property Crimes1,289
Crime Rate (per 1000 residents)12.28
Crime Index49

*All data is sourced from neighborhoodscout.com—a public database with real time information of Houston’s neighborhoods. 

According to the data, the safest areas to live in Sugar Land are Greatwood, Booth, Edgewood, New Territory, Lakefield, Brazos Landing, Bridgewater, LJ Pkwy, Crescent Lakes, and Telfair. 

What is the weather like in Sugar Land? 

What is the weather like in Sugar Land

Having an annual average temperature of 69°F, Sugar Land enjoys warmer temperatures than most country areas year-round. You’ll have to stock up on summer clothes when browsing boutiques for your Sugarland wardrobe. 

The hottest month of the year is generally August. Summer temperatures in Sugar Land typically range from 83°F to 100°F but are sometimes higher. 

An average of 73.81% humidity is measured in the city every year.

Temperatures average around 53 degrees Fahrenheit in November through February, the coldest months of the year. 

Colder temperatures in the city can drop to about 40°F. Sugar Land experiences 63 days of rain each year, and its average precipitation is 49 inches. 

Natural Disasters 

The most common natural disasters threatening Sugar Land include coastal storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, drought, and suffocating heat. 

Since Sugar Land is near the Brazos River, it is vulnerable to flooding. Localized flooding is particularly prevalent in neighborhoods near lakes.

Sugar Land was one of the hardest-hit cities by flooding in the past, which damaged properties, major roads, and public utilities. Some infrastructure developments mitigate the risk now, but it’s still worth noting.

Finally, heat and prolonged droughts may also affect the area and cause water shortages.

What is the housing situation like in Sugar Land? 

What is the housing situation like in Sugar Land

The median home value in Sugar Land is $432,682. The current number of homes and apartments available on the market is approximately 38,852.

Here are the average percentages of home prices on the real estate market in Sugar Land. 

$63,001 - 127,0000.90%
$127,001 - 253,00012.00%
$253,001 - 380,00027.70%
$380,001 - 507,00023.60%
$507,000 - $633,00015.90%
$633,001 - 951,00013.00%
$951,001 - 1,267,0003.60%
$1,267,000 +2.10%

*All statistical data is from neighborhoodscout.com, a public database routinely updated to reflect current worldwide neighborhood information

What are some schools in Sugar Land? 

What are some schools in Sugar Land

In Sugar Land, students attend public schools within the Fort Bend Independent School District, one of the state’s most diverse and acclaimed districts.

According to state standardized tests, local students are generally proficient in both math and reading.

Elementary Schools

There are about 50 elementary schools in Fort Bend ISD, with the vast majority serving prekindergarten through fifth grade. 

A number of these schools have received National Blue Ribbon awards

Colony Meadows Elementary 

Website Colony Meadows Elementary
Address4510 Sweetwater Blvd Sugar Land, TX
Contact Info+1 281 - 634 - 4120
School Hours Monday to Friday: 8:10 AM to 3:25 PM

The staff at Colony Meadow Elementary aims to help students who attend school to be responsible for their learning. 

They encourage students to work towards their goals and to be the best version of themself they can be. They do this by instilling core values right from Kindergarten. 

Brazos Bend Elementary

Website Brazos Bend Elementary
Address621 Cunningham Creek Blvd Sugar Land, TX 77479
Contact Info+1 281-634-5180
School Hours Monday to Friday: 8:10 AM to 3:35 PM

Brazo Bend focuses on child development by utilizing hands-on classes and the use of technology in all daily classes.

Highlands Elementary School 

Website Highlands Elementary School
Address2022 Colonist Park Dr, Sugar Land TX
Contact Info+1 281-634-4160
School Hours Monday to Friday: 8:10 AM to 3:25 PM

Highland Elementary strives to help students reach their fullest potential. They do their best to accomplish this goal by working alongside parents to create a tailored learning environment for students.

Middle Schools

Here are a few notable middle schools in the Sugar Land area. 

Sartartia Middle School 

Website Sartartia MIddle School
Address8125 Homeward Way, Sugar Land, TX 77479, United States
Contact Info+1 281-634-6310
School Hours Monday to Friday: 8:55 AM to 4:10 PM

Sartartia Middle School aims to help prepare teenagers to face the modern world by inculcating modern learning techniques and strategies that will be useful later in life.

First Colony Middle School 

Website First Colony Middle School
Address3225 Austin Pkwy, Sugar Land, TX 77479, United States
Contact Info+1 281-634-3240
School Hours Monday to Friday: 8:55 AM to 4:10 PM

The First Colony Middle School is committed to fostering academic excellence while focusing on the individual talents and strengths of our students, faculty, staff, and community members.

High Schools

The following are a few of the recommended high schools in Sugar Land. 

Clements High School 

Website Clements High School
Address4200 Elkins Rd, Sugar Land, TX 77479, United States
Contact Info+1 281-634-2150
School Hours Monday to Friday: 7:30 AM to 2:45 PM

The mission at Clements High School is to create a diverse and inclusive learning environment that fosters academic excellence and social responsibility in every student. 

Providing students with contemporary, relevant learning experiences.

Dulles High School 

Website Dulles High School
Address550 Dulles Ave, Sugar Land, TX 77478, United States
Contact Info+1 281-634-5600
School Hours Monday to Friday: 7:30 AM to 2:45 PM

Through a tradition of excellence, Dulles High School ensures its students can become global citizens by developing technological skills, building character, and cultivating a lifelong learning attitude.

What are some things to do in Sugar Land? 

What are some things to do in Sugar Land

There are plenty of things to do in Sugar Land, from trying out new restaurants to enjoying outdoor recreation. 

Here are a few of the best restaurants, nightlife, shopping, and recreation to enjoy in Sugar Land. 


Try out these must-eat restaurants in Sugar Land if you don’t know where to dine:

Guru Burgers Crepes

Website Guru Burgers Crepes
Address2268 Texas Dr, Sugar Land, TX 77479, United States
Contact Info+1 281-313-0026

The Guru’s royale burger with cheese is a classic. Still, the fig newton burger with goat cheese, bacon, arugula, and homemade fig spread is not to be missed. 

There is something for everyone at Guru, including burger bowls, vegetarian options, and gluten-free options.

Aki Steak & Sushi 

Website Aki Steak & Sushi
Address510 Hwy 6 #180, Sugar Land, TX 7749
Contact Info281 - 565 - 1110

You won’t find quality sushi anywhere cheaper than at this restaurant hidden away in an HEB plaza. 

Dining here is enjoyable because of the excellent service, the vegan options that make it inclusive for anyone, and the sake that complements the food perfectly. 

There is something here for everyone, so newbies and experienced Japanese food lovers will enjoy the experience.

Fish City Grill 

Website Fish City Grill
Address15980 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479
Contact Info281 - 494 - 3474

It is easy to underestimate this understated eatery. Even though the dining area is relaxed and diner-like, the food is surprisingly elevated and on par with any high-end dining experience. 

This bar serves excellent cocktails and has excellent service. For off-menu surprises, check out the daily specials board.

Vino & Vinyl  

Website Vino & Vinyl
Address15977 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479
Contact Info281 - 277 - 0565

Vino & Vinyl offers a unique dining experience with old-fashioned records being spun and wine being poured. So no need to wait until Friday happy hour to enjoy a nice glass of wine. 

Vino & Vinyl, founded as a wine lounge, now offers a full menu, small production, and artisan wines. Nosh or nibble on everything from mini meatballs and Brussels sprouts to flatbread pizza, octopus tacos, and rainbow trout.


Sitting home night after night can get boring. To switch things up in your nightlife routine, check out the following places in Sugar Land. 

Bar Louie

Website Bar Louie
Address16089 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479, United States
Contact Info+1 281-313-9002

A signature martini, craft cocktails, and food made from scratch are some of Bar Louie’s most popular features!

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium 

Website Flying Saucer Draught Emporium
Address15929 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479, United States
Contact Info+1 281-242-7468

A tavern-like atmosphere awaits you at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, where they serve 200+ global beers with pub fare.


There are two main shopping areas in Sugar Land that residents frequent: First Colony Mall and Sugar Land Town Square. 

First Colony Mall 

Website First Colony Mall
Address16535 Southwest Fwy, Sugar Land, TX 77479, United States
Contact Info+1 281-265-2353

First Colony Mall is the place to go for any luxurious clothing, furniture and more. All shops at First Colony Mall are upscale and sometimes come with a hefty price tag. 

Sugar Land Town Square 

Website Sugar Land Town Square
Address15958 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479, United States
Contact Info+1 281-242-2000

The Sugar Land Town Square is an urban-style shopping and dining destination with vibrant attractions for the whole family.

Recreational Parks 

There are many nature parks in Sugar Land, but we’ve selected two of the most famed recreational parks for you to visit. 

Sugar Land Memorial Park 

Sugar Land Memorial Park
Website Sugar Land Memorial Park
Address15300 University Blvd, Sugar Land, TX 77479, United States
Contact Info+1 281-275-2825

Mountain bike enthusiasts can enjoy 150 acres of trails in Sugar Land Memorial Park, including the South Meadow Loop and Justin P. Brindley Trail. 

As part of Memorial Park, there are two large pavilions, restroom facilities, pull-up bar stations, a playground and climbing ropes enclosed in an enclosed play area, open spaces, and a lake for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.

Cullinan Park 

Website Cullinan Park
Address12414 Hwy 6, Sugar Land, TX 77498, United States
Contact Info+1 281-275-2825

The Cullinan Park Conservancy’s mission is to promote, enhance and protect the Joseph S and Lucie H Cullinan Park at Oyster Creek for the benefit of wildlife and the public. 

Houston’s Cullinan Park is one of the largest nature parks in Sugar Land.

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