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Things You Need to Know About Houston and Dallas

Things You Need to Know About Houston and Dallas

When traveling or moving to the Lonestar State, you may find yourself wondering which of these cities are the best to stay in.

Dallas and Houston are among the top choices, not only for young professionals, but also for families and travelers. These beautiful cities are progressive, modern, and teeming with life and variety. 

Even then, we all know that these cities can get brutally hot during the summer. Traffic can be such a hassle and that the sprawl means it will take time for you to get from one place to another.

Weather and Seasons

In Dallas, we have three seasons; namely summer, fall, winter. Houston, on the other hand, pretty much has the start of summer and the end of summer.

While both cities get really hot, Houston is significantly more humid because of the surrounding water forms and nearness to the coast. Also, if you love being near beaches, Houston is the place to be.

Dallas has its fair share of tornadoes, but they don’t hit the urban areas as often. It also doesn’t help that Houston is the usual receiving end of hurricanes.

City planning

Many people moving into Houston and Dallas are not aware of this essential factor until they’ve settled in, and it’s important you take this into consideration: city planning.

Both cities are beautiful and modern, with enough utilities and infrastructures. But one thing that Dallas did better was put in place stricter zoning regulations.

While zoning regulations seem bothersome, it actually creates more organized urban areas, making transportation less time consuming. Houston has little to no zoning regulations, so their commercial areas blend in with the residential.


Houston is a sprawling city, but in spite of the large area, people can easily navigate the city given how the road networks are designed. There are not a lot of connecting roads, so transport is limited to the main roads and public transportation moves along primarily fixed routes.

Dallas is harder to navigate, especially to the unfamiliar, because the main roads lead to different directions. That means you need to know which road channel leads to your destination, or you find yourself in a different part of the city. 

Culture and Diversity

If you love the typical modern city life, Dallas may be the way to go. But, when it comes to culture and diversity, the big city of Houston has more to offer.

Not only does Houston have museum districts and nature parks, the city is also a melting pot. This also means you may encounter more diverse communities with varying ethnicities, religions, and socioeconomic standings.

Moreover, the cuisine in Houston is strongly influenced by Mexican and Hispanic culture, while Dallas is more on barbeque and steaks.

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