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Things You Need to Know about the Houston Tunnel System

Things You Need to Know about the Houston Tunnel System

Located in the Skyline district of downtown, the Houston Tunnel System is the only way you can travel around the city underground. This subterranean system is 20 feet below the ground and is 6 miles long with an impressive climate-controlled environment.

This tunnel system is designed, not just to transport from station to station, but also to link the basements of some key buildings in downtown Houston. That means, people in office buildings, hotels, and banks can easily go here without having to go out into the street.

Moreover, this system  is similar to other urbanized cities like Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Oklahoma, and Dallas.

So, if you just moved to Houston, we can help you figure out how to use this underground tunnel system efficiently.

A unique way to go around the city

Before it was developed into the system it is now, Houston’s underground tunnels used to be dark and unsafe. Now, it’s akin to a large shopping mall underneath the city. 

Some may even go as far as to say that there is nothing like that in the whole country.

This has made it easy for people to walk from one place to another without having to endure the city traffic and humidity. It’s amazingly connected to over 80 buildings in the Skyline district, and people can easily access it using escalators or elevators.

Some of these buildings include 1001 McKinney, JPMorgan Chase Tower, Commerce Towers, One Houston Center, and Wells Fargo Plaza. So, if you say you’re going out for lunch, all you have to do is go down.

The area is complete with utilities, commercial establishments, shops, and even restaurants. The best thing is that people don’t even feel that they are underground.

Somehow, it feels like you’re moving around a series of hallways and courts, and you can get everything done. The convenience it offers not only saves people time, but it also shields them from the elements.

Other things to take note of

One thing to note is that some areas in Houston are prone to flooding. The tunnel system, being underground, will naturally serve as a channel for the floodwater.

Good thing is that measures are now in place like flood gates to keep water down and to ensure no waters gush from flooded areas to basements of other buildings.

If you walk right under Main Street, which is a route that the Metro Rail passes by. It can be a surreal experience – having to walk under a well-lit air conditioned hallway under a train.

Some people still admit that they can easily lose their sense of direction if they don’t take note of signages. Still, this experience builds a stronger sense of community because people get to interact, instead of just passing by each other’s cars.

Taking everything into account, the underground tunnel is safer and more convenient. Rain or shine, it allows Houstonians to get through the day with less hassle, making the system an asset to the city.

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